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Secret Eldergay Vin Diesel enters James Franco Territory

And sings strange version of Rhianna song by himself in the dark

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 602/15/2013

A little auto-tune and he'll have the biggest single dropping at all the clubs across Europe this summer. You know - Europe. Where he dates.

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 102/15/2013

Well well well...

He is slowly, but surely inching out of the closet.

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 202/15/2013

I'm waiting on my sister's response and I feel like one of cartoon maniacs gleefully rubbing my hands together. He's all I heard about when we were teenagers.

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 302/15/2013

He's been wanting to sing for years. I remember years ago around the time XXX came out he was wanting to do a remake of Guys & Dolls.

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 402/15/2013

I'm getting Lee Marvin vibes.

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 502/15/2013

He must be singing about his career 'cuz it SHORE ain't about no lady!

by Lemmy C. DePeenreply 602/15/2013
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