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Duncan Golestani

He's a BBC reporter or something. NBC News talked to him about that Russian meteor story.

I don't think I've ever seen creepier eyes in my life.

by Hoda Kotbreply 502/15/2013

You're right, OP. Kind of disturbing - wish I hadn't looked.

by Hoda Kotbreply 102/15/2013

Super Sanpaku eyes.

by Hoda Kotbreply 202/15/2013

They look like those fake eyeball glasses.

by Hoda Kotbreply 302/15/2013

And the female has a hairdo from 1976.

by Hoda Kotbreply 402/15/2013

He looks like a stunned mullet

by Hoda Kotbreply 502/15/2013
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