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"What a travesty!" Boozebag Amy Locane gets only 3 years in prison

[quote]A former "Melrose Place" actress who was drunk when her SUV plowed into a car and killed a woman was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison, infuriating the victim's relatives, who had hoped for the 10-year maximum. "What a travesty!" the victim's husband, Fred Seeman, yelled after the sentence was read. "This is not justice," the victim's 26-year-old son, Ford Seeman, told the judge before he stormed out of the courtroom.

Judge Robert Reed (!) imposed the light sentence because Amy's daughter has Crohn's disease: "I'm just glad her little girls will have their mother back soon," Locane-Bovenizer's mother, Helen Locane, said as she walked out of the courtroom.

[quote]The actress, in turn, apologized to Seeman's family and said she did take full responsibility. "I am truly sorry for all of the pain I have caused," she said, struggling to get through her statement, as she looked toward the family that packed one side of the courtroom while her friends and family packed the other. "My own suffering will never go away."

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 502/20/2013

Her fat fug husband is a total dick. While the trial was going on I was reading about it in their local news and he kept making up names and posting that it was the old man's fault and Amy was innocent. Of course everyone always knew it was him and called him out on it and then he would change his name and post the same shit.

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 102/14/2013

If Laura Linney deigned to do basic cable, she'd be great in PLEASE MR. JAILER: THE AMY LOCANE-BOVANIZER STORY.

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 202/15/2013

r2 ugh, that picture is scary. I'm sure it's makeup and not jaundice but her face is yellow and her neck is white. When you are pleading your case about how not drunk you normally are it's probably best to just go white face all the way. I think her hubby owns some liquor stores too so it's best she be away for a few years.

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 302/15/2013

The family is appealing the sentence:

[quote]A state prosecutor on Tuesday appealed the three-year prison sentence given to a former "Melrose Place" actress for a drunken driving death, saying the judge improperly focused on the personal circumstances of the defendant, who has a sick and disabled child. ...

[quote]In announcing his appeal, Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano said: "The sentence sends a bewildering message to our society about the consequences of driving while intoxicated, improperly places focus upon the defendant's personal circumstances and, quite frankly, re-victimizes the true victims in this case." The victim's relatives had reacted angrily to the reduced prison term, her husband yelling, "What a travesty!" after the sentence was read.

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 402/20/2013

She got off easy because her daughter's gassy? Now I've heard everything.

by Please! Mr. Jailer!reply 502/20/2013
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