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Farting on aircraft: Smelly but better out than in, say gastroenterologists

The New Zealand Medical Journal has just published a study about farting in flight. The following are some bullet points that will no doubt get some DL tongues wagging:

•In-flight farts are inevitable because of change in pressure. •Windy passengers risk being ignored by cabin crew. •There is a safety risk for pilots if farts are kept in - or let out. •Women's farts smell worse than men's.

The study was inspired by a gastroenterologist's long-haul flight and these excerpts are from an article in today's issue of The Australian newspaper.

So, DL: have you, would you, should you ever fart in flight?

I know I have.

by Are they serving lunch already?reply 302/14/2013

Fart away, but please do so in the plane toilet. Uggh, sitting next to a swamp bucket for hours is just awful.

by Are they serving lunch already?reply 102/14/2013

Solid, liquid, or gas---a bowel movement needs to happen on the toilet.

by Are they serving lunch already?reply 202/14/2013

Turbulence and flatulence are a lethal combination: "Please remain seated with your seatbelt firmly fastened..."

by Are they serving lunch already?reply 302/14/2013
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