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Had he lived, would Heath Ledger be the spokesman for Heath Candy Bars?

People would instantly associate Heath Ledger with a slab of sweet sticky toffee-chocolate gooey goodness in their mouths - and vice versa. Sales would skyrocket.

Heath would be to Heath Bars what Ann Blyth was to Hostess Snack Cakes.

by Oh, Henry!reply 802/14/2013

Translation: Bring lube and condoms.

by Oh, Henry!reply 102/14/2013

Holy shit Op, I am crying right now..good one.

by Oh, Henry!reply 202/14/2013

He was on such a downward spiral towards the end of his life. Screwing lindsay lohan and the ugly olsen twin? Yuck. Can you imagine what depravity he would have sunk to if he would have lived? I don't think it gets worse than lilo

by Oh, Henry!reply 302/14/2013

So what are you? Hackers or something?

by Oh, Henry!reply 402/14/2013

"Can you imagine what depravity he would have sunk to if he would have lived?"

Heath Candy Bars would have saved his life. If only they had thought of doing so!! The ad tagline would be "Let Heath satisfy you orally."

by Oh, Henry!reply 502/14/2013

Is he the guy who was in that first Superman film? What is he doing now?

by Oh, Henry!reply 602/14/2013

lol OP! Yes I think so!

by Oh, Henry!reply 702/14/2013

That $18 would have fed me for a year.

by Oh, Henry!reply 802/14/2013
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