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IPad help...because Apple help is useless....

Every time I play a video up pops the request for Apple never end.


by End Times = Applereply 1002/18/2013

Never ends

by End Times = Applereply 102/14/2013

It's because it was downloaded from a different itunes account then the one your ipad is registered to and thus it is "protected" so you need the itunes account and password of the account that originally bought it.

by End Times = Applereply 202/14/2013

That isn't it...any ideas? Help!

by End Times = Applereply 302/17/2013

It's the user. When it's Apple it can NEVER be the product.

by End Times = Applereply 402/17/2013

Take it to the Apple Store, dimwit! Ask a Genius.

And if there's not one near you, then go to the Microsoft Store, dimwit. They ain't got no geniuses though, or else they wouldn't be working there.

by End Times = Applereply 502/17/2013

Fuck you bitch, I want you to ID your shady self before I'll agree to play any videos for you.

by End Times = Applereply 602/17/2013

What if you try to play a video you downloaded for free, r2? Does it shut off, start smoking, and self-destruct, like on Mission Impossible?

by End Times = Applereply 702/17/2013

Yes r7, but not before alerting the authorities.

by End Times = Applereply 802/17/2013

Here's an idea, Stop buying second hand iPads.

by End Times = Applereply 902/18/2013

You don't need to view videos on your old iPad, OP.

by End Times = Applereply 1002/18/2013
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