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One-eyed boy jerking off

OMG! Hot!!! It's sweet he has so much confidence despite his disability. And it's a risk since he could be so easily identified.

by Argggh!!!reply 2902/20/2013

small world, I was just watching that.

by Argggh!!!reply 102/14/2013

Honey anyone with a face can be easily identified on these websites.

by Argggh!!!reply 202/14/2013

A really awesome hug

defn: verb

A hug where your penis accidentally enters a female vagina or male anus and you cum within five or less seconds.

by Argggh!!!reply 402/14/2013

He is not hot. And I can't believe that an aw-shucks guy would masturbate on a webcam but has only shared a chaste hug with a girl. I bet he just says that "only a hug" shit so people will think he is a sweet little virgin who needs the money and the praise. I bet he turns off the cam, rolls around on his pile of dough and then bangs his hot partner, laughing all the while.

by Argggh!!!reply 602/15/2013

[quote]He's a virgin who has never even kissed a girl. Only hugging.

There's nothing wrong with that.

by Argggh!!!reply 702/15/2013

Now he's playing some music. : )

by Argggh!!!reply 802/15/2013

Patch! Patch! Patch! Patch!

by Argggh!!!reply 1002/15/2013

He's jerking of fright now.

by Argggh!!!reply 1102/15/2013

All the camera shows (right now) is his lower body. While it sure is pretty it's not what OP advertized.

by Argggh!!!reply 1202/15/2013

Who is that oral_laura skank and why is (s)he throwing so many tokens at this guy like there ain't no tomorrow?

by Argggh!!!reply 1302/15/2013

He's hot! But I can't see the face. Pics of the eye please.

by Argggh!!!reply 1502/15/2013

r14, thanks and I apologize in case I insulted you.

by Argggh!!!reply 1702/15/2013

Laura does he have a nice ass?!?

See if you can get him to show his butt, seriously ;-)

by Argggh!!!reply 1802/15/2013

He's supposedly straight, so I guess pretending to be a woman is the way to get his attention.

by Argggh!!!reply 1902/15/2013


by Argggh!!!reply 2002/15/2013

Pix of what?

by Argggh!!!reply 2102/17/2013

Oh Jesus fuck, chatterbate has "tokens" too? I'm so fucking tired of these sites turning every man, woman and child into PROSTITUTION WHORES!!! Get jobs, losers.

by Argggh!!!reply 2202/17/2013

How do you know he's one-eyed?

by Argggh!!!reply 2302/17/2013

Wake me up when he's getting close.

by Argggh!!!reply 2402/17/2013

[quote]How do you know he's one-eyed?

OP's referring to his one-eyed monster, aka penis.

by Argggh!!!reply 2502/17/2013

He was showing face earlier...he only has one eye.

by Argggh!!!reply 2602/17/2013

"Pix of what?"

His glass eye, Rose!

by Argggh!!!reply 2702/17/2013

Did anyone happen to record the feed?

by Argggh!!!reply 2802/20/2013

They say you better stop or you'll go blind.

by Argggh!!!reply 2902/20/2013
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