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Which One Of You Didn't Go To College?

Why didn't you go?

How do you make a living?

Are you male or female?

How old are you?

This is for those in the US only.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1502/14/2013

Poor background. My parents never made it to High School themselves, so it wasn't a given. They must have thought I'd get a factory job, like them.

That said, I had no interest in any specific profession like teacher, lawyer, "business".

I did manage to graduate from h.s. and escape my homophobic town, avoiding the fate of my gay uncle (a sometime dishwasher, now on welfare).

I'm a male, 40's, clerical worker.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 102/13/2013

I have a college degree, but my brother does not. He works as a longshoreman, and makes 110k a year (which is much more than myself). He barely made it through high school. My mother didn't graduate from high school, and my father has a high school education. They are very proud of my education, and brag about it quite often. So embarrassing.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 202/13/2013

I dropped out after 3 years to be a writer out in LA.

Eventually ended up in advertising as a creative director. I make 300k a year and hate every second of it.

I'm a guy. 41 in NYC.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 302/13/2013

My step-father was a VP at ABC Radio and never went to college. He wouldn't get a job interview today.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 402/13/2013

Same as R3. Could not drop out fast enough.

Was temping to make a living. Eventually temp went to perm and I worked my way up the ladder. I'm now a Director in fortune 500 company, making 6 figures a year.

My job description requires a college degree but they waived that part because I have direct experience in this biz.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 502/13/2013

I went, but I didn't finish. Mostly because I'm a loser and lazy.

I got a job through a friend and the company HR (huge media corp) never bothered to check. I've transferred jobs and been promoted and still nobody's ever checked.

Female, mid-30s.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 602/13/2013

My mother committed suicide when I was 16. I couldn't stand living at home after that, so I left, and never finished high school.

I pursued a career in the arts, so my lack of education never mattered. I have a happy, successful life. If I had gone to college, I probably would have ended up a high school band teacher.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 702/13/2013

[quote]If I had gone to college, I probably would have ended up a high school band teacher.

I'm confused. Do you mean that would have precluded living a happy, productive life?

I have a friend who is a high school band teacher--he seems very happy and productive.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 802/13/2013

Grew up poor. Mother died when I was 14. Our alcoholic father couldn't take care of my sisters and I so we bounced around living with relatives until I graduated high school. I never really applied myself in school--I was super smart but just didn't care. I went to community college for music (voice) and even got a scholarship to a University but didn't even bother going. Been working bullshit office jobs all my life.

Oh well it is what it is.

Female, 40

by Pencils down, asses upreply 902/13/2013

I am in my late 40s, college graduate, and work for the evil enterprise known as the government. I have seen people with just a high school education get promoted over people with degrees and/or experience. It's all who you know.

Looking back I wished I would have gone to trade school and got a skill.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1002/13/2013

Did AnnE go to college?

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1102/13/2013

My husband is the same as R3 and R5. Similar earnings as a VP in technology for a large company. Most of the people who work for him have advanced degrees. He's smart, a work-a-holic, very astute politically and polished. People just assume he has a degree (or several). He is well aware that he hit the lottery and often says he would't even get a toe in the door these days.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1202/13/2013

I know a lot of people making a lot more money then I do who never went or finished college.

For the most part, college trains you go be a good employee not a think outside of the box person.

People who don't go to college sometimes succeed because they don't know what they don't know. And just do it anyway.

Sometimes people with the degrees never succeed because they are paralyzed by not knowing a specific skill, and faking it is akin to being a fraud.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1302/13/2013

I also went for a few years, but it was all parties and a waste of time. The classes felt incredibly redundant. I did not go to a very academic college. I got out, started working in the fashion industry and I'm at 175k. But I always avoid the conversation at work, with oblique "after college" or "when I was done with school" people just assume, but I've never lied.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1402/13/2013

How often do companies even check degrees? I say this because a friend used to work for HSBC for years, and lied about having a business degree. He had a lot of previous experience. He was hired in the early 90s, so technology is better now.

by Pencils down, asses upreply 1502/14/2013
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