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What is your favorite Meryl bowel movement?

Since I eat them, I will refrain from giving my reply.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1603/20/2013

I've been waiting for a parody Meryl troll thread, but I don't think this one will take.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 102/13/2013

Heath Ledger

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 202/13/2013

Rabbit droppings

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 302/13/2013

Best thread evah!

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 402/13/2013


by The Streep troll (tm)reply 502/13/2013

Dark and saucy sausages

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 602/13/2013

I agree this thread sums up how I feel about the Meryl Troll's ridiculous polls.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 702/13/2013

I really hate the way you people have unloaded yourselves on me, just because I have the taste to love, respect and admire the greatest actress in modern history, and perhaps ever. You don't know it, but I have a very serious disease and can't go outside - it's something called pemphigus and it's very disfiguring. And so I sit in my room watching movies - Meryl movies - to be uplifted and forget - for a little while - that my body is covered with large black blisters and that I - like Sister Aloysius - will never be loved.

But I can take all that. What I can't take is the hateful and disrespectful way people take their hate for me out on Meryl. You see, I am a believer in the power of thought, and I just know that all the mean, nasty things you've said here have affected her life in a real way. She is such a magical person, and you have hurt her. I truly believe that you all are the reason she was not nominated for an Academy Award this year for her unbelievably brilliant performance in "Hope Springs." And when I cry about it, which I often do, the tears burn the scars on my face.

So, please. Stop. It wounds my wounds.

It is true, yes, that my condition originated from my nervous habit of ingesting dog doody as a child. Funny, huh? And, yes, I would - I would - welcome the communion of lifting Meryl's precious leavings, like ambrosia, to my lips and tasting the hints of chicken, arugula and glandular nectar she bestowed upon her meals. But you make it seem so foul, rather than spiritual.

I hope this has helped you all understand me just a little better. But if you still must despise me, for God's sake don't take it out on Meryl. I don't think I can take her waiting another decade to win her next Oscar because of the toxic force of your hate. I just can't. And neither, I fear, can she.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 802/13/2013

Now it all makes sense.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 902/13/2013

Of course, the Streep Troll (tm) would reply "all of the above" to the poll choices.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1002/13/2013

R8 is hysterical.

I am disappointed "fecal urgency" was not a choice!

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1102/13/2013

Corn galore is in the lead! How exciting!

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1202/13/2013

The hard painful impacted ones...

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1302/13/2013

the contaminated Silkwood shower and or urine sample??? Can't think of anything shitty except for Tommy Lee Jones's eternal bitchface.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1402/13/2013

I prefer the ones after she's had an extra helping of corn.

by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1502/13/2013


by The Streep troll (tm)reply 1603/20/2013
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