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Garry Marshall's Memoir "My Happy Days in Hollywood."

Low on dish: his sister's book makes better reading. He describes the writing process on Laverne & Shirley as a headache, his sister & Cindy Williams being extremely difficult: "Penny & Cindy knew they were famous. What they did with that information and power became the problem."

13 year old Hayden Panetierre had a few diva moments on "Raising Helen." Kate Hudson loves paparazzi: "She was nice to them and looked forward to seeing them each day when she arrived."

He loves Anne Hathaway and let her choose her own love interest for "Valentine's Day." She chose Topher Grace because she had a crush on him.

Beaches: Barbara Hershey got her lips plumped because she was afraid Bette Midler would overpower her onscreen. Bette insulted Barbara's feet: "Barb, what gnarly toes you have! Have you been working in the garden with those toes?" Hershey walked off set crying & Marshall made Bette apologize. "But did you see those gnarly toes?!"

by Memoir Trollreply 002/12/2013
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