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Lady Gaga UNABLE to WALK!

As a result she has had to cancel four shows.

What could she have done to render herself unable to walk?

by Debbie M.reply 16102/15/2013

When I heard this I decided I'd had enough. I'm weeping as I type this. I'm praying for her. I'll continue to pray for her.

by Debbie M.reply 102/12/2013

Low ticket sales.

by Debbie M.reply 202/12/2013

R2 what is the connection between Lady Gaga being paralyzed and low ticket sales?

by Debbie M.reply 302/12/2013

Fecal Impaction.

by Debbie M.reply 402/12/2013

Really? That's odd, she looks perfectly fine in this pic ( and she has slimmed down, haters). I wonder what's going on. Get well Mother Monster!

by Debbie M.reply 502/12/2013

When a Kennedy hands you a roofie colada, run!

by Debbie M.reply 602/12/2013

Back issues? They can be paralyzing.

by Debbie M.reply 702/12/2013

Odd that she "postponed" all those shows where ticket sales were the worst and seating was abundant.

by Debbie M.reply 802/12/2013

She has LUPUS!!!

by Debbie M.reply 902/12/2013

Is that like POTUS or FLOTUS, R9??

by Debbie M.reply 1002/12/2013

Meat shoes

by Debbie M.reply 1102/12/2013

[quote]Low ticket sales.

Her tour has been going for years. It's been a success. Enough with the meme. The show has been winding down for months. Her new album is coming out in the summer or fall.

by Debbie M.reply 1202/12/2013

[quote]Odd that she "postponed" all those shows where ticket sales were the worst and seating was abundant.

False. The tour has been going for years. The 'ticket sales' story was ridiculous. Go pull up the numbers.

by Debbie M.reply 1302/12/2013

r12 doesn't know what he's talking about. The North American leg of her tour just started a few weeks ago. And yes, she's having a hard time selling tickets. Hence the "injury" in select markets.

by Debbie M.reply 1402/12/2013

Combo of slow ticket sales and weight gain?

by Debbie M.reply 1502/12/2013

R14 is correct. She is unable to sell anything out, even with mass amounts of tickets being given away for free, and hugely discounted tickets. Sorry r12, your Mama is no longer The Queen.

by Debbie M.reply 1602/12/2013

$25 tickets were released in Chicago shortly before this announcement. Just sayin'

by Debbie M.reply 1702/12/2013

The sad truth about it that nobody gives a fuck about GaGa anymore. She went bad faster than a meat dress in the sun.

by Debbie M.reply 1802/12/2013

Those nasty infected pussy lips fell off and now the infection has entered her spinal column rendering her unable to walk. This time next week, the infection will have spread to her brain and killed her. And the world will be a better place. That vile heeb gash

by Debbie M.reply 1902/12/2013

I have no disrespect, but she is a drug addict.

The biggest gun, heroin. It is easy to tell.

by Debbie M.reply 2002/12/2013

[quote] $25 tickets were released in Chicago shortly before this announcement. Just sayin'

No one wants to see Lady CaCa....

by Debbie M.reply 2102/12/2013

Two years ago, we had to hear about her every single day.

by Debbie M.reply 2202/12/2013

[quote]$25 tickets were released in Chicago shortly before this announcement. Just sayin'

Yeah what a coincidence, huh?

[quote]The sad truth about it that nobody gives a fuck about GaGa anymore. She went bad faster than a meat dress in the sun.

Correct. She fell for her own hype and got overexposed and now people are sick of her and her ego.

by Debbie M.reply 2302/12/2013

Walk This Way!

by Debbie M.reply 2402/13/2013

I bet she took the antibiotic Cipro, Levaquin or Avelox. They're all crippling poisons.

by Debbie M.reply 2502/13/2013


Caused by either starving herself, or drugs

Something probs caused an imbalance. I've see this shit happen before. In Gagas case it's worst when there is "low ticket sale"- itis, and inflammation of the ego

by Debbie M.reply 2602/13/2013

Gaga, we love you, please get up

by Debbie M.reply 2702/13/2013

She's been touring for too fucking long. Even Madonna, who had always been in excellent shape, could not tour endlessly. Gaga needs to take a break and put out a new album, something more like her first ones and less like the last one.

by Debbie M.reply 2802/13/2013

She needs to go folk, or maybe put out something with yodeling.

by Debbie M.reply 2902/13/2013

She's STILL around? I thought she'd gone away finally.

by Debbie M.reply 3002/13/2013

Lol. I'm guessing all those fucked costumes and shoes fucked her body up pretty quickly. Ah well, at least genuine talent will see her stay relevant in the long term, right?

by Debbie M.reply 3102/13/2013

What she REALLY needs to do is give middle aged rock star Gwen Stefani a call.

Why doesn't Gwen have a problem with touring? She even adds a workout into her performance, just to prove she can. Take notes, young Gaga

by Debbie M.reply 3202/13/2013

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia ---> pelvic inflammatory disease ---> difficulty walking

"The PID Limp"

by Debbie M.reply 3302/13/2013

Heeb gash?

by Debbie M.reply 3402/13/2013

Dear Lourdes.

by Debbie M.reply 3502/13/2013

Hope she has one of those Lifealert pendants!

by Debbie M.reply 3602/13/2013

The media mentioned her as having something, but I didn't catch what it was

by Debbie M.reply 3702/13/2013

R37, they said "a big nose."

by Debbie M.reply 3802/13/2013

Let's Dance.

by Debbie M.reply 3902/13/2013

She has performed in my hometown three times in the past two years, that's why she's having a hard time selling tickets. I hope she takes time to write the songs on her next album because this last one kinda sucked. She needs to quit being so damned pretentious!

by Debbie M.reply 4002/13/2013

[quote]What could she have done to render herself unable to walk?

Borrowed Lena Dunham's shoes.

by Debbie M.reply 4102/13/2013

I heard DJ Bill Bennett say on the Frank DiCaro show, that she has been high for 8 months. Heroin apparently.

by Debbie M.reply 4202/13/2013

She must be getting ready for the 27 club

Doesn't she have a birthday soon?

by Debbie M.reply 4302/13/2013

Lady Gaga has fallen and she can't get up.

by Debbie M.reply 4402/13/2013

Not to mention this lawsuit from her former PA, where she's quoted as calling the PA a "hood rat" for insisting on fair pay (a woman who was a friend before The Fame Monster hit). To quote Ken Anger, "All those red hot headlines hurt".

"Edge of Glory" was her only hit from BTW that's still getting airplay and even I found it sleep-inducing. My theory is that she was obsessed with Luc Carl and tried to remake herself over into a metal queen so he'd want only her. She could have any guy she wants , but picks out this dumb musclehead from Nebraska who works in a shitty bar. Of course she has a handsome actor to take her arm in public, but I'm not sure she ever quit chasing Luc. She got Roger Mays and Clarence Clemons in his last performance on her last record. All for cred with this guy.

Even if that's not the case, all those non-sell outs are looking bad. She's been overindulged and given her way too much, and has driven it into the ground. She needs a long rest, detox and depression meds, but what will she do without a show? Funny too how they won't specify why she "can't walk".

by Debbie M.reply 4502/13/2013

[quote]She could have any guy she wants...

Uh... no.

by Debbie M.reply 4602/13/2013

Gaga loves her drugs too much to have Madonna's career longevity. That's a big reason why I never bought the "new Madonna" thing.

by Debbie M.reply 4702/13/2013

Even an energizer bunny keels ever when the battery is empty.

Bitch was going on and on for quite some time without any time to rest and time to recharge. But she fully knows that the day she takes a break is the day she's completely forgotten.

by Debbie M.reply 4802/13/2013

Typical flash in the pan, made-in-China, disposable Wal-Mart celebrity. Mass marketed crap for tacky young fagettes.

Eventually that shit breaks and has to be replaced by something cheaper. Her base, 21 year old tweaking twinks, have cultural ADD and they grew up quick and moved on to the next musical abortion act.

For goodness sake, Gaga, it's really not hard to predict an audience nowadays. You fucked up girl, by thinking you were something special. Pop music, pop anything, is lightening fast nowadays. What an ego to think she was anything better than the next temporary thing. Maybe if she invested in creativity instead of cheap theatrics, she'd have a decent career.

PS-I'm not an eldergay, I'm only in my early 30's and have observed and listened as pop music got sucked down into an abyss of garbage over the years.

by Debbie M.reply 4902/13/2013

[quote]For goodness sake, Gaga, it's really not hard to predict an audience nowadays. You fucked up girl, by thinking you were something special. Pop music, pop anything, is lightening fast nowadays. What an ego to think she was anything better than the next temporary thing. Maybe if she invested in creativity instead of cheap theatrics, she'd have a decent career.

Why do you think she's been on non-stop tour? She's snatchin' and grabbin' that money while she can!

by Debbie M.reply 5002/13/2013

What's new? She's always been lame.

by Debbie M.reply 5102/13/2013

Lindsay Lohan is almost 27 soon too [R43]!

by Debbie M.reply 5202/13/2013

I don't get it. I think she is a better artist than Beyonce, Rihanna and Katie Perry. They are all still around making crap music and haven't faded. Why did Lady Gaga crash and burn so quickly considering she had a much wider audience than them world wide?

by Debbie M.reply 5302/13/2013

It's time for her to write a children's book.

by Debbie M.reply 5402/13/2013

I don't think she is over. She has tons of fans and if she took a break and disappeared she would be in high demand in 6-12 months.

by Debbie M.reply 5502/13/2013

Too gimmicky.

by Debbie M.reply 5602/13/2013

Blah. Her and Gwen Stefani are ugly ginzo girls. Bad I-talian genes.

by Debbie M.reply 5702/13/2013

a back injury will lay you low.

by Debbie M.reply 5802/13/2013

She needs to dress up like a mermaid and perform in a wheelchair again.

by Debbie M.reply 5902/13/2013

r53, Beyonce, Rihanna and Katie Perry worked their way up to the top and have been around for years and accumulated a fan base. And they have a bigger, broader appeal, especially to hetero audiences.

Lady Gaga was dumped on your gayborhood's doorstep like a pound of crack in the ghetto. Cheap dance music sung by an outrageous androgynous chick who stole her whole act from other outrageous androgynous chicks from years past who did it better. It was envelope-pushing for a month or two, and then got stale when there was no more envelope to push and her lack of creativity dried up.

She was a niche artist who fancied herself as important as the gay answer to the Beatles.

by Debbie M.reply 6002/13/2013

Gaga peaked with her debut album, but I don't think that her carer will completely crash and burn.

Artpop will sell around 3-4 million worldwide, OK numbers but hardly blockbuster territory.

And every album she releases after as well as every tour she does will gross lesd than the previous.

She doesn't have that reinvention thing that Madonna does.

I think a few years back when everyone was praising gaga and saying she was replacing Madonna, were just people who hated Madonna and just latched on to Gaga for wishful thinking purposes

What most people fail to understand is YOU GOTTA WORK FOR THAT SUCCESS and Madonna whether you like her or not has always worked for her success and made her own modest talents into her own brand of performance art.

By having confidence and believing in herself and not caring what people think or getting involvrd in drugs Madonna became the biggest selling female artist in the history of the music industry.

by Debbie M.reply 6102/13/2013

Britney Spears has low self-esteem, does not do drugs, but is hands down better than Madonna or Gagoo.

She is and has been more radiant and charismatic than them all, for what they do.

It is BRITNEY who will reign as the QUEEN.

by Debbie M.reply 6202/13/2013

Britney is dead in the eyes. Any charisma she has is heavily damped by the schizophrenia medication she's taking. And she's still under her father's control. It's all very sad.

by Debbie M.reply 6302/13/2013

R62 this has to be a joke post? It's pretty obvious Britney is on some kind of medication

And Britney doesn't have the album sales, hit singles, tour grosses and definitely not critical acclaim that Madonna has had throughout her career.

I definitely can't see Britney going into thr Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, like Madonna did her first year eligible.

If deserving artists like Whitney ain't in there Britney will never be.

by Debbie M.reply 6402/13/2013

Honestly, R53, two are sex symbols and the other has a huge rack. In other words, they are much more attractive than Gaga. But also what R60 says is true.

I do think Gaga is over. She became way overexposed and gimmicky and she crashed and burned. People got tired of the gimmicks and Adele's success had a lot to do with people being over the Gaga gimmicks. When your fan base largely consists of teenagers you aren't going to have any kind of longevity.

by Debbie M.reply 6502/13/2013

r60, don't forget the music in all of this. Her producers deserve a lot of credit for making catchy music that gave her a wider profile in the mainstream press. I think her music was solid enough to push her past the "new weird artist" phase.

I think Gaga is also burning out because she toured so much it burned her out. That, and she is rumoured to be into booze and drugs big time, like a mini-Amy.

The others are popular because they are hot or have big tits and appeal to horny guys and tween/teen girls. That is a marketers dream.

by Debbie M.reply 6602/13/2013

"I think a few years back when everyone was praising gaga and saying she was replacing Madonna, were just people who hated Madonna and just latched on to Gaga for wishful thinking purposes"

Whatever do you mean?

by Debbie M.reply 6702/13/2013

[quote]When your fan base largely consists of teenagers you aren't going to have any kind of longevity.

Justin Bieber's been famous as long as Gaga and is still going strong.

by Debbie M.reply 6802/13/2013

She'll end up being another Cyndi Lauper - first album will be her best and each album afterwards will be more boring and sell less than the one before and she'll then start doing the gay pride circuit.

by Debbie M.reply 6902/13/2013

If you consider 3 or 4 years longevity then God help us all.

by Debbie M.reply 7002/13/2013

R70 Hey Madge! How's your latest rented boyfriend?

by Debbie M.reply 7102/13/2013

The ENTIRE tour has been cancelled now for "surgery".

by Debbie M.reply 7202/13/2013

I wouldn't say I'm a big fan, I've never bought any of her stuff, but I've definitely enjoyed it and looking at the last track listing I thought she had several good songs: You and I was really good, Marry The Night, Born This Way, and Edge of Glory.

by Debbie M.reply 7302/13/2013

Where's everybody going?

by Debbie M.reply 7402/13/2013

Gaga's been diagnosed with deteriorating ticket sales.

But seriously, Madonna's over twice her age and seems to endure the physical demands of a tour. Or are Gaga's bones brittle from all the drug use?

by Debbie M.reply 7502/13/2013


She has lupus.

by Debbie M.reply 7602/13/2013

From MTV:

Lady Gaga Cancels Born This Way Tour, Needs Surgery

Mother Monster cancels the rest of North American trek due to 'labral tear of the right hip.

By Emilee Lindner

After postponing four of her Born This Way Ball shows on Tuesday night, Lady Gaga has canceled the remainder of her tour dates due to a severe performance injury. A post on states the singer will need surgery for a "labral tear of the right hip."

Gaga went through additional tests Wednesday morning after making her joint pain public on Twitter following a performance in Montreal.

"I hid it from my staff, I didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans," Gaga wrote. "However after last nights performance I could not walk and still can't."

Gaga's Born This Way Ball kicked off January 14 in Tacoma, Washington, along with the debut of the Born Brave Bus. Gaga personally attended a pre-concert tailgate to christen the bus, which was covered in artwork by her Little Monsters, and is part of her Born This Way Foundation's larger campaign to build a sense of community and promote self-acceptance among her fans, including providing them with access to mental health services, school psychologists, volunteer opportunities and bullying and suicide prevention resources.

She will need "strict down time" to recover after an operation, but fans have been extremely supportive on her social media site, urging the star to put her health before her tour.

"Gaga hope you get well, i am very sad for you, not only more all u.s. fans that you love. You are our life was thank you have no shame that we do. You taught in a face our fears of front and fight them," Gabriela Guiao wrote.

And on Twitter, the concern was equally as evident. "We love you+want you to be healthy. Sometimes, you need to put yourself first. Your health is always a primary concern. @ladygaga," @MarcMonster wrote.

by Debbie M.reply 7702/13/2013

Wow,I thought Madge would be first in line for hip surgery!

by Debbie M.reply 7802/13/2013

Madge is completely bionic now. She will be around flashing her cooch for the cockroaches after the apocalypse.

by Debbie M.reply 7902/13/2013

Although I am sick of her, and she stopped being relevant years ago, Madonna was very focused and kept her shit together. For three decades. GaGa is already saturated and seems to not have any gameplan. That deposition she gave also made her seem either crazy or on drugs (or both). Maybe she has to go to serious rehab? But canceling a tour at her age for hip surgery is sad. I hope she gets better for herself, not her fans because they have moved on.

by Debbie M.reply 8002/13/2013

Isn't she very short? Short people have a hard time keeping the weight off as they age.

by Debbie M.reply 8102/13/2013

FFS, you bitches are cruel.

I have a friend with Lupus, this is no laughing matter! Criticize her later!

I'm not even her fan, but since I have a very very good BFF who has Lupus I've been following this Lupus/Gaga thing.

1. She tested pos for Lupus years ago then said she didn't really have it. I just think she was in denial.

2. Lupus can kill. It killed Lucy in 2009(of Lucy & The Sky With Diamonds - Beatles song fame), it killed Gaga's aunt in 1974. This shit is deadly.

3. It is debilitating, and my friend with Lupus, who has a sister who denied she had Lupus....the sister is now out of work, not even getting SSI. She was a VP of a big company, now nothing.

4. Gaga has been working way too hard, wearing those heels that probably did her no good. She's actually NOT going to recover from this, she will never be like she was again.

This is probably the first deadly horrible Lupus flare she's had.

I do not like or care about her but the Lupus thing is deadly & I hope she is out of denial that she has it.

She will never be able to tour like she did. I hope she made oodles of money because her money making days are behind her & she's going to need great health care.

by Debbie M.reply 8202/13/2013

I hope she will do an acoustic album now that she probably won't be dancing again. She's actually a very good singer and musician. There are some clips on youtube of her playing the piano and singing, no gimmicks, just singing and she sounds great.

The studios always force these artists to become something they are not just so more records can be sold. Britney used to belt out songs on the Mickey Mouse Club, better than Christina even. Then they changed her voice into that sexkitten baby-doll sound she has now.

by Debbie M.reply 8302/13/2013

I worked with a lady who had lupus. She died from it at age 38.

by Debbie M.reply 8402/13/2013

LONG LIVE GAGA! Get well soon!

by Debbie M.reply 8502/13/2013

She's just annoying and sad now. No one cares about her anymore.

by Debbie M.reply 8602/13/2013

R80 I always laugh when people say Madonna hasn't been relevant in years.

Her album sales since 2005 have been quite strong considering people stopped buying CD's around that time

Confessions on a Dancefloor sold 11 itmillion. Ww in 2005, the biggest selling album released that year

Hung Up the first single set a Guinness World Record by going to #1 in 43 countries it also sold more than 9 million copies the biggest selling single of Madonna's career.

Hard Candy sold 4 million copies in 2008 one of the top 10 biggest selling albums of the year

Lead single 4 minutes went to #1 in 37 countries, sold more than 6 million copies including over 3 million in the US making it her biggest selling single in the US at 50 years old!

Then she did her Superbowl halftime show which not only became the most watched halftime show ever but the most watched show in US TV HISTORY!

MDNA did set an iTunes record at first by going to #1 in over 50 countries, but then quickly fell off the charts due to lack of promotion, barely none, and ended up only selling 1.8 million.

However she is still selling more than any over 50 artist and even more than 40 something divas like Janet and Mariah did with their last albums

I don't even wanna bring up Madonna's record breaking touring numbers since 2004, let's just say since then her tours have grossed a combined box office office of over 1 BILLION DOLLARS with only 289 shows played.

by Debbie M.reply 8702/14/2013

R87, can we keep this thread about shitting on Gaga and not make it into another one of those unmourned Madonna-and-her-fans vs. The World threads that were the rage in 2012?

by Debbie M.reply 8802/14/2013

Let's have a look at Madonna's chart success in the 2000's

According to IFPI the international chart system Madonna was the 5th biggest selling artist worldwide during the 00s. The 4 artists that sold more than her were Eminem, Britney, Robbie Williams and Norah Jones

Madonna was the 3rd highest grossing touring act of the 00s and top female the 2 artists who's tours grossed more were US and the Rolling Stones. They however did WAY MORE SHOWS than Madonna

Madonna had 9 #1 singles on the United World Charts more than any artist during the 2000s, she has a career total of 22 #1 singles on the World charts more than any artist in history

Madonna sold more singles than any act during the 2000s and won Billboards Top Selling Singles act of the decade award. She sold more singles in both the US and Worlwide.

Where's this Madonna hasn't been relevant in years shit coming from?

by Debbie M.reply 8902/14/2013

I read that she tore her labia.

by Debbie M.reply 9002/14/2013

R88 sorry for going off topic, but I just hate when people talk out of their ass and you present them with FACTS and they have nothing to say.

by Debbie M.reply 9102/14/2013

Fuck who cares about this has-been.

Next 2 minute wonder please!

by Debbie M.reply 9202/14/2013

"Britney used to belt out songs on the Mickey Mouse Club, better than Christina even."

Oh, my sides!

by Debbie M.reply 9302/14/2013

Britney plus Christina don't even equal ONE Annette.

by Debbie M.reply 9402/14/2013

This is karmic retribution for the Little Ghouls making cracks about Madonna breaking a hip.

by Debbie M.reply 9502/14/2013

So true R95 Gaga fans are scary.

by Debbie M.reply 9602/14/2013


by Debbie M.reply 9702/14/2013

Except for Madonna, the successful Pop stars now are associated with Jay-Z: Beyone; Rihanna; Rita Ora; Timberlake; etc.

by Debbie M.reply 9802/14/2013

If she has lupus, it makes sense why she's "over touring". She knows her time is short.

by Debbie M.reply 9902/14/2013

[quote]But seriously, Madonna's over twice her age and seems to endure the physical demands of a tour.

Madonna is a fucking genius when it comes to performing.

She surrounds herself with high energy dancers in their 20s.

Most people never notice that she only does maybe 1 out of 10 of the dance moves and a whole lot of posing while singing.

She's got it down to a science.

by Debbie M.reply 10002/14/2013

Isn't Lupus one of those diseases that only women (and gay men) seem to get.

by Debbie M.reply 10102/14/2013

Since when does she have lupus?

by Debbie M.reply 10202/14/2013

W&W, R88.

Bitchy and witty, with self-reference to old DL. Classic.

by Debbie M.reply 10302/14/2013

r99 correct

r102 she tested positive for lupus, but in the linked article it didn't say her results. She tested positive, I read that elsewhere. Article is from 2010.

She never should have been smoking pot on stage or in her personal life with this disease. She was pictured smoking joints on stage. Oh well the ego is big, till now.

by Debbie M.reply 10402/14/2013

Here's where she says she has it "kind of" at the link in 2010.

There is no "kind of" when you test positive for Lupus, you have it (pos) or you don't (neg).

Now it seems to have kicked in.

BTW, it's a black mostly disease with a lot of Italians getting it and some others. The reason the Italians have it are that the and blacks & Romans/Italians mixed a lot more a long time ago. Also the Moors were black as well.

by Debbie M.reply 10502/14/2013

Gaga also feels that Lupus will end her career.

by Debbie M.reply 10602/14/2013

She burned herself out, I predicted this a few years ago. She's too intense all the time. Hope she gets better.

by Debbie M.reply 10702/14/2013

Lupus is more likely to occur among women of color in general. Does she have it or not? I'm confused. She's still over, though.

"Lupus is two to three times more prevalent among women of color -- African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders -- than among Caucasian women"

by Debbie M.reply 10802/14/2013

r108 yes she has it. She tested positive for it - she told her fans in 2010 that she tested positive for it via the LAT link. But she said she only had it "a little bit", which I've explained is bs. There is no little bit. She has it. It's kicking in.

by Debbie M.reply 10902/14/2013

"Lady Gaga ‏@ladygaga I hid it from my staff, I didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans. However after last nights performance I could not walk and still can't

12 Feb Lady Gaga ‏@ladygaga I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now,over the past month it has worsened. I've been praying it would heal

12 Feb Lady Gaga ‏@ladygaga There's an unfortunate announcement coming out right now, concerning myself and the Born This Ball. Im so sorry. I barely know what to say."

Chronic pain for a month. Unable to walk. Lupus has kicked in and it's horrible.

by Debbie M.reply 11002/14/2013

Lupus is a disease more common to women of color r101, not white women. Thus, there's no advantage in faking it for drama and sympathy. If you have it you get sick and eventually die--period.

by Debbie M.reply 11102/14/2013

I think your point about why an Italian woman would get it is proably right, R109. I wonder how prevelant it is among the Spanish. I guess you can die from it.

by Debbie M.reply 11202/14/2013

"This is karmic retribution for the Little Ghouls making cracks about Madonna breaking a hip."

But enjoying this news is the height of compassion.

by Debbie M.reply 11302/14/2013

So much ignorance here.

Lupus is actually highest among the Swedes.

An sorry... nope... Italians have no more black blood than other white folk:

by Debbie M.reply 11402/14/2013

r112 - I have no idea about Spanish women getting it. The only people I've known that have had it are real life black people that I've known, real life Ital-Amer, and celebs usually black that get it or Italian-Amer. But that doesn't mean that it's not mixed in with Spanish blood. I'm sure it is.

Lucy Vodden (Lucy in the Skies With Diamonds) was blonde/Irish/Brit & got it too.

The UK has the biggest best Lupus clinic - found out last night from googling. It's the Louise Coote Clinic at St. Joseph Hospital. However getting a referral from one's GP in the UK almost impossible. Many go to a private clinic to get the initial dx bc the UK's fucked up like that. You have to get referrals to specialists, and if your GP doesn't refer you you're kind of stuck.

by Debbie M.reply 11502/14/2013

"Lupus is a world-wide problem. As the diagnosis depends on a complex clinical and laboratory tests its frequency is only accurately known amongst some American groups and West European Caucasians. Its frequency has been estimated to be between 1:2,000 of the population in Sweden and 1:10,000 of the population in some southern European countries and parts of the United States. It is often thought that the relatively high frequency in Sweden is due to the close monitoring of the health service and that the frequency elsewhere may be higher if the patients were examined or monitored more carefully. Those who take this view generally support the idea that lupus may be equally common amongst Caucasian populations amounting to a frequency of approximately 1:2,000 which suggests that, as a serious disease, lupus ranks with other diseases such as multiple sclerosis and sickle cell anaemia as a serious world health problem. "

by Debbie M.reply 11602/14/2013

according to this .gov website

"African-American women are three times more likely to get lupus than white women. African-American women tend to develop lupus at a younger age and have more severe symptoms than white women."

by Debbie M.reply 11702/14/2013

How do you "test positive for lupus"? There is a universal blood test for lupus?

by Debbie M.reply 11802/14/2013

Black women - 1 in 250 have lupus - dx'd. That doesn't include the un-dx'd due to poor health care.

That is MUCH higher than Swedes which is 1:2000

by Debbie M.reply 11902/14/2013

& it's not just BW or IAW, it's black men. Seal has it, so does Nick Cannon.

by Debbie M.reply 12002/14/2013

r118 it's an Anti-Nuclear Antibody Test. If you test positive like Gaga did, you have it. More at the link.

by Debbie M.reply 12102/14/2013

Can we get back to Gaga being ova please!

by Debbie M.reply 12202/14/2013

The stats are really interesting in the UK vs the the USA. In the UK the stats for ethnicities with Lupus are this:

"in the UK: one in every 5,000 white women will develop SLE one in every 1,000 women of Chinese origin will develop SLE one in every 625 African Caribbean women will develop SLE"

Whereas in the USA, it is 1 in every 250 AAW.

by Debbie M.reply 12302/14/2013

Oh damn, I think I murdered this thread.

by Debbie M.reply 12402/14/2013

Um, she has hip problems.

Something about the ligaments in her hip.

Surgery and time off.

by Debbie M.reply 12502/14/2013

Actually, this fiasco is ideal for GaGa.

With a diagnosis like this, she can cancel her shows and remaining tours and her tour insurance will kick in and cancel any debts she would have incurred. Everyone's contract get's paid off, payments are made to the venues, and GaGa does not have to go through the utter humiliation of trying to fill seats in her tour with ticket giveaways, 2-4-1 specials, Groupon deals, etc.

by Debbie M.reply 12602/14/2013

r125 - it's called Synovitus and it's related to Lupus, in fact it's a Lupus symptom.

by Debbie M.reply 12702/14/2013

Surgery isn't going to fix the Lupus. She said she's had it "for over a month". Lupus is an immune disorder, yes it can mock Fibro, but you can actually test for it, and she's tested positive.

by Debbie M.reply 12802/14/2013

I know this is Snark Central, but there hasn't been any celebrity in the last 10-20 years who has tried to do as much for gay people and she isn't even gay.

by Debbie M.reply 12902/14/2013

Here you go, bitches. From today's Popbitch newsletter:

Which pop star is really starting to feel the affects from their monster cocaine habit?

by Debbie M.reply 13002/14/2013

If she can't walk, it's probably because of those fucked-up shoes.

by Debbie M.reply 13102/14/2013

The drugs (like coke, mj) would only exacerbate the Lupus symptoms. She's a full on idiot if she was messing with them. I only know she was smoking mj on stage about a month ago, now she's totally ill.

There could be a connection to her Lupus symptoms, pain and being on stage. She said she's been in chronic pain "for over a month", which could be why she gained weight, smoked on stage, etc.

by Debbie M.reply 13202/14/2013

"Although there was wide variation in the prevalence of lupus worldwide, the highest prevalences were reported in Italy, Spain, Martinique, and the UK Afro-Caribbean population."

Someone was asking about Spain & Lupus. I think this was just a UK study though.

by Debbie M.reply 13302/14/2013

[quote] Anti-Nuclear Antibody Test. If you test positive like Gaga did, You have it.

I had a positive ANA test and I had Lyme, not Lupus.

by Debbie M.reply 13402/14/2013

The stats for Italy & Lupus are one of the highest in Europe, percentage wise. There's only 58m people in Italy.

300,000 people (nearly) have Lupus out of 58m. Very high.

PS, ty WM for saving this thread. I hope we can get the msg out about Lupus.

by Debbie M.reply 13502/14/2013

[quote] She said she's been in chronic pain "for over a month

She's been in acute pain for over a month.

Chronic pain is long term. Much longer than just over one month.

by Debbie M.reply 13602/14/2013

Maybe she was smoking the marijuana to help the pain and nausea from lupus. Going from coke to pot might also explain why she gained weight.

by Debbie M.reply 13702/14/2013

Sorry CUNTS but she was epic at her Los Angeles show on Feb 20th.

And I'm an old bitch.

r129 speaks the truth!

by Debbie M.reply 13802/14/2013

Positive ANA tests are associated with other disorders besides lupus:

Sjögren syndrome


Lyme disease

Raynaud's syndrome

Rheumatoid arthritis

dermatomyositis or polymyositis

mixed connective tissue disease,


by Debbie M.reply 13902/14/2013

So...there is a chance she will die?

by Debbie M.reply 14002/14/2013

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

by Debbie M.reply 14102/14/2013

r140 - possibly she could. Lupus flares do kill & her aunt with Lupus died in 1974.

by Debbie M.reply 14202/14/2013

Ugh. McDonald's makes a lot of money, but no one confuses it with nutrition. Madonna is not making good music. Has not for a long time.

by Debbie M.reply 14302/14/2013

Madonna's last great album was Confessions on a Dancefloor it came out in November 2005 sold 11 milliin worldwide (without 99cent Amazon ) discounts. It has a 84% positive review rating on Metacritic and won her another Grammy.

It actually jumpstarted the whole EDM movement

by Debbie M.reply 14402/15/2013

Re: lupus

"Tests for the disease, though, are problematic; no single result cinches the diagnosis"

You don't "test positive for lupus." ANA testing can be positive in other disorders and it is positive in some perfectly healthy people. You don't automatically have lupus because you had a positive ANA.

by Debbie M.reply 14502/15/2013

Lupus is a syndrome--you're considered to have it if you have X out of Y symptoms. Blood tests are not definitive for it.

by Debbie M.reply 14602/15/2013

In total, 22 shows were cancelled, forcing the refund of roughly 200,000 tickets worth approximately $25 million in gross ticket sales, Billboard estimates.

Through Jan. 17, the “BTWB” tour had grossed $168.2 million and moved 1.6 million tickets to 85 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore, with Asia, Europe, and South American legs already completed in 2012. The North American leg, which was to wrap the tour and was almost completely sold out, would have likely put the tour at more than $200 million gross, easily in the top 20 tours of all time and probably in the top 15. As it stands, Gaga finished sixth among all touring artists in 2012, with a gross of $125 million and attendance of more than 1.1 million, according to Boxscore.

by Debbie M.reply 14702/15/2013

She better save her pennies from this tour then. She won't be dancing for awhile

by Debbie M.reply 14802/15/2013

R147 I wouldn't say her tour was an all out flop but it was nowhere near the hit her and her obnoxious monsters were predicting

By comparison Madonna did 88 dates on her MDNA tour, it grossed $305 million (years #1 tour) and had an attendance of over 2.2 mimillion

Her delusional monsters were running around saying Gaga would slaughter Madonna om tour, that Madonna is old, she should be dying soon and joking that she should be doing concerts in retirement homes.

It was not only disrespectful, considering without Madonna Gaga wouldn't even exist, buy delusional if they think this glorified drag/tribute act with a well known cocaine problem would ever topple the REAL Queen of Pop.

Madonna has been in the game for over 30 years, she's witnessed and outlastd all these pop bitches.

Shit in the late 80s people were saying more wholesome female artists like Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Paula Abdul would replace Madonna. Look what happened

Madonna's legacy is secure she's in the R&R HOF. She's the biggest selling female artist in music history and now the highest grossing solo touring artist of all time.

Gaga not so much she has too keep touring and releaseing albums because if she doesn't she's done and her deranged little monsters will move on to the next flavor of the moment

by Debbie M.reply 14902/15/2013

All this talk about cocaine has me craving something fierce!

by Debbie M.reply 15002/15/2013

I don't believe she can't walk. I think her problem is low ticket sales and too much coke.

by Debbie M.reply 15102/15/2013

r151, the truth is probably a combination.

If she does have lupus, or any kind of autoimmune syndrome disorder, I can't imagine that cocaine wouldn't exacerbate it.

The person who posted about the hip injury being related to lupus is correct.

I have a feeling Gaga is trying to walk a fine line between announcing it outright, which would seriously hinder her career, and not mentioning it, which would prompt rumours about other issues.

by Debbie M.reply 15202/15/2013

Thanks, R133. I was the one who asked about the prevalence of lupus among the Spanish. I had a feeling that it would be more prevalent among the Italians and the Spanish.

by Debbie M.reply 15302/15/2013

I once had the butterfly rash my face due to medication. I am white, male, and due not have any black ancestry.

I believe it is due to immunity issues.

by Debbie M.reply 15402/15/2013

I once had a butterfly smash into my face due to medication.

by Debbie M.reply 15502/15/2013

Synovitis is a serious fucking condition - but surprised she has it at her age - this doesn't bode well

by Debbie M.reply 15602/15/2013

Yeah OK, but let me get this straight...she still CAN die, right?

by Debbie M.reply 15702/15/2013

Knowing how Lupus works, I believe her 100%.

by Debbie M.reply 15802/15/2013

She burned herself out, I predicted this a few years ago. She's too intense all the time. Hope she gets better.

by: Anonymoustreply 107t02/14/2013 @ 05:27PM

Thats about it. Coke burns you out quick also all that traveling binging tweaking and pill popping plus low ticket sales.

by Debbie M.reply 15902/15/2013

She seemed to tour an inordinate amount of time for the amount of time she had been around and the number of albums she had released.

Is that simply because touring is where the money is?

I never really liked her music, but she seems to have had a very good run, albeit in a relatively condensed period of time. I wonder if she'll still be huge after this setback. I mean, she was already starting to get repetitive, so what can she do now?

by Debbie M.reply 16002/15/2013

Touring is where the money is. Record sales are nothing. It's why Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyawnce, etc always tour.

So for gaga, it's prob the end of the line for touring like that with Lupus rearing it's head.

I have no idea about the coke references in this thread, but if she used coke, and she was doing endless tours & she KNEW damn well she was pos for Lupus...she's an idiot. Still I feel sorry for her. Lupus is horrific & can kill.

by Debbie M.reply 16102/15/2013
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