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Why are short and/or small guys perceived as gay?

Or at least bi? I'm guilty of it myself- and I AM short. When I see a Michael J. Fox or Seth Green-type, I think, "Mm hmm, bottom".

by GWMreply 202/12/2013

Being short is associated with a lack of "manliness" which is also associated with homosexuality. Pretty simple stereotyping.

You are also making the assumption there that just because a guy is short he wants to bottom.

by GWMreply 102/12/2013

We are perceived as gay because we like to have big, hot, hunky-assed guys all over us. Sometimes they turn out to be huge, sensitive, crying bottoms. We like that, too. Whatever makes us cum is all good.

Don't get me started on the micro-pocket guys who are shorter than me. I scoop them up from the bottom of my boxes of cereal and collect 'em. Little orgasm machines. Warning: the tiny guys breathe fire.

by GWMreply 202/12/2013
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