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Hotel Zaza in Dallas and Houston

Who owns these? Anyone been there? Any stories?

by Curious reply 902/12/2013

Not me, dahlink.

by Curious reply 102/12/2013

Seriously though, OP, Hoogle indicates the owners are Charles Givens and Jeff Records of Oklahoma City-based Givens Records Properties.

by Curious reply 202/12/2013

Ok. Just wondered. Sounds like a fun place

by Curious reply 302/12/2013

It's the language of the Alevi people.

by Curious reply 402/12/2013

Haven't been personally but a friend had their company Christmas party there and said it was very nice. They had a room too.

by Curious reply 502/12/2013

Oops, I meant Googke not Hoogle obviously.

by Curious reply 602/12/2013

I'm such a fuck up: Google.

by Curious reply 702/12/2013

I often stay at Zoso in Palm Springs. Does that count?

by Curious reply 802/12/2013

Have dined at the restaurant at the Dallas Zaza (Dragon fly). Very good. We sat near the window, overlooking the pool. Very nice crowd at the pool.

by Curious reply 902/12/2013
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