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Repulsive Recipe Revisions - Roll Those 'R's

Visit a recipe site and find a dish for which you have the ingredients. Sort the different versions of the recipe by rating.

Invariably, some users will rate a recipe five stars. Then, in the comments, they'll explain that they made substitutions.

"This recipe is so simple and delish! I didn't have eggs, pepper or salt, so I used macaroni. I replaced the beans with gummy bears. I also doubled the worcestershire sauce. DH came back for thirds!"

You made an entirely different dish, but promoted this one to the top. WTF? Have you no principles? Why do I know what 'DH' stands for?

It's disgusting.

by Harumpph!reply 102/11/2013

It's even worse when they make all those wack substitutions and then give the recipe two stars ... no shit, it sucked because you didn't follow the recipe, you twat!

by Harumpph!reply 102/11/2013
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