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Navy seal who killed Bin Laden gets rewarded with poverty!

Something is very wrong with how we treat our vets.

by For R392reply 4302/13/2013

He was wrong to kill Bin Laden in the first place.

by For R392reply 102/11/2013

I am deeply concerned.

by For R392reply 202/11/2013

Barack did all of the work and made the big decision.

This guy is just collateral damage

by For R392reply 302/11/2013

Would someone be kind enough to post the original link?

by For R392reply 402/11/2013

Bin Laden should have been captured alive - people forget that.

by For R392reply 502/11/2013

i read about this today, if he stayed had for 20yrs, he would have gotten the pension, benefits etc but he left before the 20yrs requirement.

by For R392reply 602/11/2013

Ah, thanks OP! My browser is still messing up, it took me three tries just to post the HP link on the other thread. Much appreciated!

I wanted to discuss this because I'm smelling a rat in this story, and I'm even wondering if this guy is really the sniper who killed Bin Laden. I thought that they agreed never to reveal who did it?

You can only get full retirement benefits if you do the full twenty years, and not a day less. This is repeated over and over and again throughout a service person's career, and it's not something he can claim ignorance to. He took a gamble and lost.

by For R392reply 702/11/2013

Original Esquire story for R4 at link.

by For R392reply 802/11/2013

r7 I thought the guy who killed Bin-Laden wrote a book about it? Was it not this guy? I assume the book sold many copies and he would have some money.

by For R392reply 902/11/2013

So Barack Obama is no better than Bush and Cheney. Sad for this guy.

by For R392reply 1002/11/2013

Big deal. He's applied for disability, and that always take a few months. Once he gets it, he gets it retroactive to the time he left the military.

He has this all planned.

by For R392reply 1102/11/2013

Aside from the honor of keeping an oath of silence, the real reason for the SEALs to remain anonymous is to prevent Al Qaida from hunting them down to seek revenge.

This won't end well.

by For R392reply 1202/11/2013

He should've stayed in for 4 more years and earned his retirement. Killing bin Laden was part of his job.

by For R392reply 1302/11/2013

Because Bin Laden was dead for years when Obama claimed death. If he wasn't you'd see proof in this age. Obama, cheap cheap cheap gov't trick. So cheap.

by For R392reply 1402/11/2013

Maybe he can get Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow to make a movie about that.

by For R392reply 1502/11/2013

R10 you're being ridiculous. How in the hell is this Obama's fault?

by For R392reply 1602/11/2013

It isn't really Obama's fault, I'm just an old fool.

by For R392reply 1702/11/2013

I can see how his close involvement in a major military operation could result in a need to get away. He probably intended to do the full 20, but after that event, couldn't go on. Hopefully he can get help from the V.A. but they're woefully understaffed and overworked.

by For R392reply 1802/11/2013

[quote]Even if the SEAL had served a full two decades, Bronstein told "Today" that he would have received just $2,197 per month. A Navy chorus member with that time of service is eligible for the same package.

Oh fuck that. They volunteer to be SEALs, so there's no reason their pension should be a nickel more than the guy peeling potatoes. It's the same military.

by For R392reply 1902/11/2013

Idiots. You too, OP. Why does this country owe absurd tribute to people who enlist in the military in order to get their bully rocks off, get a free education, earn benefits for life, obtain bucks for their brats, or fill their time because they don't have a life in the first place?

The fake hero-worship of military creatures in this country is sick. They took a job. In some cases a brutal, evil job. And they get paid in numerous ways? Why do we owe them our tongues up their asses?

by For R392reply 2002/11/2013

I think this story is fake. These units are tight enough not to let this happen.

by For R392reply 2102/11/2013

R21. Bullshit.

by For R392reply 2202/12/2013

Most SEALs wind up with dick jobs in law enforcement or private security, and that pension is just icing on the cake.

Notice he doesn't go into any detail about just what the disability is. Probably some bullshit undefined "bad back" or something.

by For R392reply 2302/12/2013

Turns out there were missing parts to the story that the author of the piece in ESQUIRE chose not to disclose-like the fact that this guy is indeed eligible for health care.

Not great access-only five years- but he has it.

by For R392reply 2402/12/2013

While I strongly agree that Veterans don't receive the care they deserve when they return to civilian life, this guy is wrong. He is the one who left after only 16 years of service knowing full well he wouldn't receive those benefits unless he was enlisted for 20 years. He's seeking special treatment.

by For R392reply 2502/12/2013

It's America, what did you expect? Why does anyone even go into military service? I understood when there was a draft but now...I figure you just want to kill people.

But do I feel sorry for this person? Yes. I guess I do.

Our country makes enemies of everyone, even it's own soldiers.

by For R392reply 2602/12/2013

[bold] MSM serves up big, steaming pile of BS about former Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden [/bold]

by For R392reply 2702/12/2013

...knew there was something stinky about this story...

by For R392reply 2802/12/2013

I agree with r20 and r26.

by For R392reply 2902/12/2013

[quote]The writer, Phil Bronstein, who heads up the Center for Investigative Reporting, stands by the story. He said the assertion that the government gave the SEAL "nothing" in terms of health care is both fair and accurate, because the SEAL didn't know the VA benefits existed.

What?! A Navy Seal in for 16 yrs. didn't know about VA benefits? That was the first red flag. Even civilians know about them.

by For R392reply 3002/12/2013


by For R392reply 3102/12/2013

He is a whiner, he already earned his GI bill and VA benefits. Why does he think he is the only war hero that gets to retire without serving 20+ years?

by For R392reply 3202/12/2013

I agree with all who are calling BS on this guy's story. Before you retire from the military, you are required to attend classes on retirement/separation that explain your benefits. Also, he is a fool for retiring four years shy of the twenty that would have earned him full retirement benefits. If he needed to have a desk job instead of engaging in combat, he could have done so, especially if he was truly the one who pulled the trigger on Bin Laden. The funny thing about Special Forces guys--they don't talk and brag about their exploits if they have truly been in the shit. It's the posers who tell tall tales.

by For R392reply 3302/12/2013

Remember when that komodo dragon bit Phil Bronstein's foot?

by For R392reply 3402/12/2013

I do. It was a pretty serious injury.

by For R392reply 3502/12/2013

1. He retired after 16 yrs in the military. The rules of the military are that you have to work 20 or 25 yrs. He knew this when he joined. He knew this when he retired.

2. You don't get continuing medical treatment when you retire early. He knew this when he retired

3. But he actually does have medical insurance. He can go to any Veterans Hospital in the country. But he doesn't want to. Why? Is he too good for a VA Hospital?

this guy is a bullshit liar.

by For R392reply 3602/12/2013

It's insane that military guys get to retire after just 20 years. Ludicrous. I work harder than they do and I will probably NEVER be able to retire.

If this fool left the military after 16 years, how on earth could he expect to retire? He must be dumb as a rock... or he's lying.

by For R392reply 3702/12/2013

he has plenty of time to get another job and retire from that with a pension.

by For R392reply 3802/12/2013

[quote]Before you retire from the military, you are required to attend classes on retirement/separation that explain your benefits.

Not true. It depends on your local command. Living near a military town, I know quite a few retired guys who never got classes or any info about benefits. There was a nice retirement ceremony and they left with their DD214, a salute, and a flag. Nothing more.

[quote]I figure you just want to kill people.

Small minds would figure that.

Two of my friends never touched a gun once they left basic training. They spent 20 years with cameras traveling all around the world, never involved in danger. A young guy down the street from where I live joined the military because they had a job he wanted. Thousands of people have heard him sing "The Star Spangled Banner" all around the world. He's a soloist with one of the military bands.

The military has people working computers, laundry machines, printing presses, barber equipment, kitchen equipment, plumbing tools, musical instruments, television stations, just like non-military people.

by For R392reply 3902/12/2013

R39 you must live in a tiny military town because most bases have monthly retirement/separation classes. Navy Seals are based in Coronado and they most definitely would have these classes.

by For R392reply 4002/13/2013

R39 is full of shit. Transition Assistance Programs are required by LAW.

by For R392reply 4102/13/2013


by For R392reply 4202/13/2013

You can't leave the military without a separation physical, which requires that you know about VA benefits. Believe me, every military person knows the VA means money. Not to mention they go to mandatory TAPS for weeks to learn about all their benefits and options in life. The GI bill pays E-5 with benefits for us to go to school, as well.

by For R392reply 4302/13/2013
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