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Shirley Maclaine and The Rat Pack

Did she have to fuck them all to belong?

by Sachireply 602/10/2013

Maybe just Frank, but I think they denied it.

She wanted a large slice of Dean, though. He wasn't interested.

by Sachireply 102/10/2013

They were all notorious drunks. At the very least she was probably drunk right along with them.

She was rumored to have had sex with Sinatra; don't know about any of the rest. It's likely she got passed around to anyone who was interested because that was their m.o.

by Sachireply 202/10/2013

Excellent question. I have always wondered about her relationship with the Rat Pack. She was hot for Dean. Maybe the boys had a code- no one can bring his fuck into the circle. So Shirley was probably just a kid to them.

by Sachireply 302/10/2013

She says she didn't sleep with any although she would have with Dean martin. They treated like a little sister. She admitted all her other conquests, she would have come clean with this if it happened.

by Sachireply 402/10/2013

Sammy Davis Jr was our pass around bottom though

by Sachireply 502/10/2013

I tried to drink champagne out of her shoe once, but it was open-toed.

by Sachireply 602/10/2013
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