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Glee's Jonathan Groff To Lead HBO Comedy Pilot About Gay Friends

Broadway heartthrob and Glee star Jonathan Groff is stepping into the TV spotlight, having just landed the starring role in a new HBO comedy pilot from Bored to Death's Sarah Condon and Michael Lannan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Groff will star as Patrick, a successful video game developer with a not so successful personal life. The as-yet-untitled show follows a trio of thirtysomethings living in San Francisco who "grapple with all the options in contemporary life and the complexities of the modern gay experience." (Whatever that means!) The pilot will also star Frankie Alvarez and will be directed by Andrew Haigh.

The Spring Awakening and Hair star is fresh off the second season of the now-cancelled Starz drama Boss, on which he was a regular. His other notable film and TV credits include a recurring gig on Glee's earlier seasons and the upcoming Disney animated movie Frozen (in which he'll clash with an icy Idina Menzel).

by Miareply 1507/18/2013

Are he and Spock still together?

by Miareply 102/08/2013

He's cute

by Miareply 202/08/2013

Good for him. Glad to see a out actor landing this role and from accounts of people who have worked for him he is just a good guy. But more than anything else I hope the show is actually good and not just a silly ball of cliches. It is HBO though, that gives me hope.

by Miareply 302/08/2013

Nowhere in any of the materials does it say the character is gay - misleading headline, Mia.

In fact, it seems like Miss Groff is trying to avoid the fact that onscreen he comes off gayer than Chris Colfer....

by Miareply 402/08/2013

Please read R4 From the article: "Groff will play Patrick in the untitled Lannan vehicle about three thirty-something friends living in San Francisco who grapple with all the options in contemporary life and the complexities of the modern gay experience. Patrick is described as a gay man with a successful career as a video-game developer who is less successful in his personal life."

by Miareply 502/08/2013

They were still together at Christmas R1 so one assumes so. No doubt Jon will appear at a performance of The Glass Menagerie soon.

by Miareply 602/09/2013

Andrew Haigh did "Weekend", right?

by Miareply 702/09/2013

Yep R7, great movie.

by Miareply 802/09/2013

whats so great about it r8

by Miareply 902/09/2013

The pilot has started shooting in SF

by Miareply 1003/29/2013

Jonathan Groff hopes his new HBO series represents multiple aspects of gay life.

The dramedy, which stars Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez ("Smash") and Murray Bartlett ("Damages") as three friends living in San Francisco, hails from Michael Lannan, who will serve as executive producer alongside Sarah Condon and David Marshall Grant. Lannan wrote the pilot, which will be directed by Andrew Haigh.

According to SFGate, Groff will play a video game designer named Patrick, who's looking for love on OKCupid.

"The show hopefully will express all facets of gay life," he said. "We're all different types of people. There's lots of people who have anonymous sex. There's also people looking for love. There's people looking for an open relationship. There are also the queens. There are those you wouldn't know were gay. It's the gay experience."

HBO is targeting a 2014 premiere date with eight episodes planned for the new series. No title has been set yet.

by Miareply 1107/18/2013

guess Jonathan Groff won't be going to the Emmys with Zach

by Miareply 1207/18/2013

"In fact, it seems like Miss Groff is trying to avoid the fact that onscreen he comes off gayer than Chris Colfer...."


Groff did not come across as gay when he was on Broadway for a year in "Spring Awakening." He was not playing a gay character, perhaps that the difference.

by Miareply 1307/18/2013

I adore Jonathan. A good actor and a great guy.

by Miareply 1407/18/2013

I hope they're all white, with a white looking Latino for "diversity."

by Miareply 1507/18/2013
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