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Standing Desk - My First Day

My feet are sore, but I definitely felt more energy throughout the day.

There's a lot of research about the negative impacts of sitting - including a huge increase of heart attack independent of smoking or diet.

Anyone else have one? What are your experiences?

Sorry if this is a doublepost - I didn't see my last thread pop-up.

by OPreply 1102/08/2013

Ok - I'll help this thread along...people who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to have heart attacks.

Independent of smoking, regular exercise or diet.

by OPreply 102/08/2013

Anyone remember those kneeling chairs that were a fad for a quick minute a while back? I guess they weren't all that.

by OPreply 202/08/2013

R2 - I think the problem with kneeling chairs is that you moved from one static position to another static position.

Standing will keep you more consistently in motion - shifting weight from one side to another.

by OPreply 302/08/2013

I loved those, R2. Most people didn't like the pose. I've seen a few people fall out of them trying to stand up. They were like a dare.

OP, do you have a rail to rest your foot upon? Most of the DIY blogs feature a foot rail so you can shift your weight.

by OPreply 402/08/2013

The kneeling chairs were the Earth shoes of office furniture.

by OPreply 502/08/2013

R4 - no - I haven't looked into a rail rod. I was going to purchase a gel cushion mat to help the feet.

Let me just say - I got stares all day long. I jury rigged a desk together at no expense to see what is what like.

I know it's the first day and all - but surprisingly, it was pretty good. It will take sometime for my body to get used to it - but I'm looking forward to the other benefits - more core strength, weight loss, increased productivity, etc.

by OPreply 602/08/2013

You could just place an oblong box in front of you for the rail.

by OPreply 702/08/2013

R4/R7 - do you have a standing desk? What's your experience?

Is it all they've been saying or is it difficult?

by OPreply 802/08/2013

I did the same as OP - improvised by placing an old reading stand on top of a service counter. I could greet customers and run around the shop without getting up from a desk every time.

When I started, the antique mall experienced a lot of shoplifting because dealers would hunker down at a table and ignore customers.

Greeting customers and walking around put an end to many of them. I caught a couple who used an empty covered baby stroller as well as an asshole who slipped things out a backdoor without tripping any alarms. Took pictures. They never returned.

by OPreply 902/08/2013

I know a lawyer who works at a standing desk. She loves working standing up.

by OPreply 1002/08/2013

OP = fat

by OPreply 1102/08/2013
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