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Do the cool kids in high school still maintain their "coolness" outside of high school?

For those who were the uber popular kids. Did you maintain your coolness outside of high school or was that it for you guys. What do you think of the cool kids in high school?

by Anonymousreply 102/08/2013

I suspect that repeated experience of social success conditions some sort of winning attitude - whether or not that is of any help in the real world is unknown. I was popular and it was its own privileged hell. I'm in college and not considered popular at all. Though I can coalesce easily with them, I don't make an effort to engage the party and social crowd. This is partly due to mild drug and alcohol dependency achieved in high school which makes me feel older and beyond the superficiality of a college social diary (and probably makes me sound like a cunt).

One facet of high school popularity was the amount of social climbing available. A handsome and sociable kid at my (maybe upper) middle class high school had entry to the next strata. Some dated very rich girls, I befriended the rich set of partiers who were like B-List popular at their schools. I had to look no further than their parents to surmise that at this level people grew up and didn't change. However, even the stud of a working class high school is going to have to achieve something to stay winning afterwards as it's hard to do this working at the hardware store.

Without deconstructing the OP, I think that cool is different from popularity and unlike ephemeral status, cool can be forever. Look at Bowie, look at Obama. A lot of kids at my school were very cool and very UNpopular.

by Anonymousreply 102/08/2013
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