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My Brother the Serial Killer killed Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman + 70 more people

Anyone see this? Fascinating story.

Glenn Rogers, the 6th of 7 children, from a very dysfunctional family in Kentucky became partners in crime with his middle brother, Clay, 4th of 7 children, when they were kids. Clay used Glenn to break in and steal stuff because he was the bolder of the two, and a juvenile, therefore wouldn't get punished as badly. Clay said when they were kids and got caught breaking the law, the police were very nice to was going home that they dreaded.

Glenn, who is kind of pretty in his own way, did end up in juvenile detention where he was sexually molested by guards, repeatedly. Glen gave Clay a note from a guard who told him to go back to his cell, get it up, and wait for him. Clay said when he came out, he was a different person....angrier.

But Glenn later discovered that if he informed for the police, he could pretty much do anything he wanted, ntm, he learned lots of insider secrets from law enforcement which helped him commit crimes.

Glenn and Clay joined some kind of Satanic religion where they ate things off of dead bodies and conjured up demons. Clay said he felt the demon clawing around in his mouth and claw down through his digestive system. He asked Glenn if he felt that, and Glenn said, "yeah, but I'm not worried because the demons already there would take care of it."

One day, Clay visited Glenn and a woman he was sleeping with. While this woman was sleeping Glenn was saying all sorts of terrible things about her, then went into the kitchen and came out with a butcher knife to kill her. Clay, who just got out of prison for stealing, told him to put it back and let's go. Glenn then told Clay, "ain't no big deal if I killed her...just add her to the 50 I already killed." Clay didn't believe him at the time, only later to discover, Glenn was telling the truth when he pulled up asking Clay to help him get rid of the dead girl in the trunk. That's when Clay decided to try and go straight, leaving behind the life of crime.

Fast forward a few years and Glenn's out in LA. He called Clay, telling him he met Nicole Simpson (He did not follow sports so didn't know who OJ was at the time). Glenn said she's rich, beautiful, and that he was going to take her down. He also said that he was going to try and get Faye Resnick and Nicole together so he could rob and kill them. Clay never mentioned OJ to his brother, however, the criminal profiler assigned to him said Glenn told him OJ hired him to steal earrings back from Nicole. This was a few days before Nicole and Ron were discovered.

Clay said LA police department ignored all of the evidence, including an angel pin that Glenn had stolen from Nicole and then sent to his mother who wore it on her coat, that linked his brother.

Finally, the police caught Glenn, charging him with six murders. The assigned criminal profiler started corresponding with him and discovered that while in jail, Glenn painted this INCREDIBLE mural illuminating all of the demons inside him and clues to many of his crimes. One of the things he included was the murder weapon that killed Nicole and Ron and a cross with Nicole and Ron's names. He confessed, to the t, how the murder went down.

Glenn said Ron entered the fray first, so he knocked him down and stabbed him, then Nicole entered, and he stabbed her, she fainted. He went back to Ron and finished him off, and then back to Nicole, pulled her head back by the hair and slit her throat. To this day, LA law enforcement have not investigated.

by Anonymousreply 302/08/2013

I recorded it this morning, along with a Dan Plato biography. I am watching Dana now and then the serial killer thing.

by Anonymousreply 102/08/2013

Oh but I don't think that he killed Nicole and Ron. I think Jason and OJ did it.

by Anonymousreply 202/08/2013

The one thing that left me wondering if this was for real was the mural, and the size of his cell. That thing was so professional looking, ntm, since when do prisoners get an unlimited supply of paint?

by Anonymousreply 302/08/2013
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