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Kate Gosselin Says She's a Victim Of Adult Bullying

The star of Kate Plus 8 says she's been the victim of hurtful comments on the Internet -- she's speaking out about the bullying.

by Jamesreply 802/08/2013

Fuck that shit, you don't make a public spectacle of your private life for profit and then expect to not be the topic of ridicule. Bully the bitch

by Jamesreply 102/08/2013

Good, she's a fucking bitch who treats people like shit. It couldn't have happened to a better person. I assume she is doing this to try and stay famous for a few more minutes but I think we are finally done. I am counting the years until Kara and Maddie can write their tell all.

by Jamesreply 202/08/2013

Sorry, Kate. For you it DOESN'T get better.

by Jamesreply 302/08/2013

[quote] Kate Gosselin Says She's a Victim Of Adult Bullying

No she isn't. Everyone in this country is a victim of this attention whore who will not go away. her 15 minutes of fame are up

by Jamesreply 402/08/2013

Shit, that douche will do anything to get her name in print. Kate darling, no one has mentioned you in ages. Your 15 minutes was up a few years ago. Go away you obnoxious breeder.

by Jamesreply 502/08/2013

She's a fucking bully to those poor kids so do fuck off, dear, you deserve so much worse.

by Jamesreply 602/08/2013

R6 I'd rather have her as my nurse than as my WET nurse.

by Jamesreply 702/08/2013

As far as I could tell, the entire audience for her stupid TV show was made up of haters.

She made a mint off people bitching about her, she has no right to complain.

by Jamesreply 802/08/2013
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