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Control Freak 'Fashionista' Suicide ....

...left a list of five women who were not allowed to attend her funeral.

No doubt these were five women who had no plans to attend her funeral anyway.

by 1302/09/2013

Whoops, sorry.

by 102/08/2013

Sorry again ....stinky linky ....

Fashionista Penned List Of Women Banned From Funeral Before GWB Plunge

Budding designer from Paramus left "suicide diary," according to newspaper report.

February 7, 2013

A 22-year-old aspiring fashion designer originally from Paramus jumped off the George Washington Bridge Wednesday and left behind a list of five girls she did not want at her funeral, the New York Post reported.

Riders on a jitney bus saw Ashley A. Riggitano plunge from the New Jersey-bound lanes at around 4:40 p.m., the report said. She reportedly left a Louis Vuitton bag containing pages of notes in a "suicide diary" on the bridge walkway.

Riggitano was apparently bullied by friends in the fashion industry, according to the Post report. The girls banned from her funeral were reportedly from work and college.

“All my other ‘friends’ are in it for gossip,” she wrote in the letter, the Post reported. “Never there.”

Riggitano had attempted to commit suicide before, the newspaper reported.

The Laboratory Institute of Merchandising student interned with Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Miller and jewelry designer Alex Woo.

“The entire LIM College community is saddened by the loss of Ashley. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time," school spokeswoman Meredith Finnin said in a statement.

She founded a company called Missfits, where she designed jewelry. The company was part of efforts to raise money for a young Bergen County boy battling cancer.

Riggitano is the daughter of Roy Riggitano, the Chief Financial Officer of Elmwood Park, according to She graduated Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township, according to the report.

The George Washington Bridge saw a record number of suicides last year, with 18 people leaping to their deaths.

by 202/08/2013

1) Anna Wintour 2) Elsa Klensch 3) Miranda Priestly (ha ha)

Who else ??

by 302/08/2013


by 402/09/2013

She's channeling Rachel Zoe at the Daily Mail link.

I don't get it. She was blonde, knew her way around the fashion biz, and wasn't fat. So why the suicide?

by 502/09/2013

What is her family 'going public' with ? I'm betting they'll jump on the bullying bandwagon. What do you expect from a bunch of 'mean girls' ??

by 602/09/2013

She killed herself at rush hour?

by 702/09/2013

The GWB? The Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge would have been so much more chic and of-the-moment.

by 802/09/2013

I'm actually surprised a girl like her jumped. I would think she would fuss around with shallow cuts or take 20 xanax, then she can get the note to the girls but still be awake to see their reaction to it.

by 902/09/2013

[quote]Riggitano was apparently bullied by friends

Your "friends" do not "bully" you. If she was bullied, it was by enemies not friends.

by 1002/09/2013

"She killed herself at rush hour?"

A friend in Seattle told me once, if you're going to jump, be sure to jump off the Aurora or I-5 ship canal bridge at rush hour.

Fucks up traffic throughout the city for hours.

by 1102/09/2013

Actually, it sounds like she was the bully.

by 1202/09/2013

The woman sounds totally batshit.

by 1302/09/2013
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