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People are freaking out up here, and we're used to snow. My local market is completely chaotic. Just went to the bigger supermarket up the street and the line is out the door; parking lot jammed. The news is touting it as a superblizzard, possibly even bigger than the famous blizzard of 1978. Boston has shut down all transportation for the day and declared a state of emergency. My partner and I have both been advised by our offices to work from home and stay off the roads.

I'm kind of freaked out yet excited. What are your snow day plans!?

by FROSTY!reply 6702/09/2013

All seniors are urged to stay off the roads during the inclement weather.

by FROSTY!reply 102/07/2013

I'm stocking up on tampons and panties.

by FROSTY!reply 202/07/2013

I have a big bottle of rum lots of pot and am making a batch of jambalaya. Planning to make soft pretzels & hot rum drinks tomorrow and sit by the fire.

by FROSTY!reply 302/07/2013

Where is Amy Boom Boom Bishop?

by FROSTY!reply 402/07/2013

Lots of booze, pot and ciggies. The only way to ride out a big storm.

by FROSTY!reply 502/07/2013

What a Wicked Pissah!

by FROSTY!reply 602/07/2013

A fleet?

by FROSTY!reply 702/07/2013

Making chili, drinking wine, watching TV.

by FROSTY!reply 802/07/2013

After seeing how those people were trapped in their cars...a couple of years ago in Chicago, I'd say, stay home until you see if the predictions are coming true.

by FROSTY!reply 902/07/2013

I can't believe you people still believe the weathermen.

by FROSTY!reply 1002/07/2013

I love to see the Weather Channel whip people into a's fun, unless you are stuck in it.

by FROSTY!reply 1102/07/2013

I'ma gonna kick that muthafucka blizzard right in it's muthafucka ass! Don't think I won't. Ain't nobody gonna fuck with Southie.

by FROSTY!reply 1202/07/2013

I grew up outside of Boston back in the late 70s.

the Blizzard 0f '78 was my first experience with the law of attraction.

I prayed and prayed for snow to keep from going to high school because it was so miserable.

I channeled the 'goddess' Ororo and kept chanting over and over again 'snow, snow snow, more, more, more.'

It felt like it was working. Hell, it did work.

by FROSTY!reply 1302/07/2013

um, r13?

by FROSTY!reply 1402/07/2013

Got some wine in the house, the liquor store literally less than 20 feet away. And two feet of snow isn't really enough to stop me.

by FROSTY!reply 1502/07/2013

Liquor stores are going to make a killing - they always do when a big storm is on the way.

by FROSTY!reply 1602/07/2013

Oh, I know, R13.

Cray-cray, sure.

by FROSTY!reply 1702/07/2013

Hey, fook Boston, it's snowing in Hartford too!

by FROSTY!reply 1802/07/2013

Here in South Florida a balmy 60 degrees!

by FROSTY!reply 1902/07/2013

We're on our way, R19!

by FROSTY!reply 2002/07/2013

How much will New York City be getting? We all know that in the end, that's all that really matters.

by FROSTY!reply 2102/07/2013

Filled the fridge, the gas tank, The oil delivery just came. The woodpile. And the bottles of wine. Just hoping we don't lose power, cause that would SUCK. Only predicting 2 feet here in CT.

by FROSTY!reply 2202/07/2013

Hate to gloat, but I'm in Chicago and headed to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow morning. Glad I'm not in Boston!

by FROSTY!reply 2302/07/2013

What a wicked pissah WHAT, R6? Your sentence needs an object.

by FROSTY!reply 2402/07/2013

Are Sam, Norm, and Cliff okay?

by FROSTY!reply 2502/07/2013

I'm so excited! I work in Philly-it's supposed to start snowing right as I'm leaving for work and supposed to stop right as I'm heading for home. Then-the winds!!!

by FROSTY!reply 2602/07/2013

I'm on the east end of LI and some reports claim we will get as much snow as New England.

by FROSTY!reply 2702/07/2013

My grandfather died in 1978. My grandmother flew north with his body from Florida. On the day of his burial, he couldn't be buried because of the blizzard. My grandmother was supposed to fly back to FL two days after the funeral but airports were still closed.

She rescheduled her flight home and said, "I hope it doesn't snow again." I said nah, it never snows like this more than once. Naturally, it snowed again and her rescheduled flight was cancelled.

This story reminds me of how different flying was in those days. Flights weren't nearly as frequent.

by FROSTY!reply 2802/07/2013

75 degrees and sunny here in Palm Springs today.

by FROSTY!reply 2902/07/2013

A toasty 84 in Austin. Take that Palm Springs. And to think, this is the time of year we usually have our worst winter weather with ice storms shutting down Central Texas.

by FROSTY!reply 3002/07/2013

Fond memories of big storms in Boston. I love the way everybody goes shopping when they predict a storm, like they don't keep a few days worth of food in the house. We hoped the power wouldn't go out, but had lots to drink so it wouldn't matter if it did. The best part, however, was the sex. Incredible, sweaty camping lodge fun.

by FROSTY!reply 3102/07/2013

My GAWD, this sounds bad! People are told to stock up on food and bottled water.

by FROSTY!reply 3202/07/2013

Is it snowing yet? I am FREAKING OUT right now!

by FROSTY!reply 3302/07/2013

Oh, they always tell people to stock up on food and bottled water. It adds to the DRAMA! It's going to be in the 40s next week. All that snow will be gone by next weekend.

by FROSTY!reply 3402/07/2013

Yeah, I'm in Palm Springs as well r29. And it's going to be in the 60's this weekend! Where's the Red Cross and a celebrity telethon for me, I ask you?

by FROSTY!reply 3502/07/2013

When I heard of the impending blizzard, I went straight out and bought 10 lbs of Henna rinse.

by FROSTY!reply 3602/07/2013

Lived through the Blizzard of 78 as a teenager in a Boston suburb. Was woken up by my father on the morning the storm stopped because he couldn't get the doors open. There was a five foot drift blocking both doors. He lowered me out a window so I could free up the door with a dust pan. Took me an hour to finally find the fricking shovel.

I worked at a drug store and was one of the few people who went to work in those first few days. I walked the three blocks. Me the stores assistant manager and the pharmacist. That was it. I filled prescriptions aided by the pharmacist. Saw a guy get a $500 fine for driving his Caddy and parking it in front of the store blocking the entire street. He blocked an ambulance from getting through and the cops nailed him for it.

We sold every single piece of food in that store. Every candy bar was gone. When a milk truck pulled up in front of the store they sold every blessed bottle in a half an hour.

My street wasn't cleared for 10 days. The snow was so packed down and thick it took them five passes. My parents who were raised during the depression had a supremely well stocked pantry and we did quite well.

by FROSTY!reply 3702/07/2013

As a resident of Northeast Ohio, I would like to extend a good-natured "Ha-ha!" to my friendsplus on the right coast, hoping their snow leads to excellent snowmen, snowforts, and snowholes. Snowholes? Perhaps I mean photographs.

by FROSTY!reply 3802/07/2013

Three feet of snow means something entirely different in Los Angeles.

by FROSTY!reply 3902/07/2013

Here in Detroit we're only going to get an inch or two. We haven't had a snow storm in about three years now. I miss the snow :(

by FROSTY!reply 4002/07/2013

I miss 9".

by FROSTY!reply 4102/07/2013

I'm back in CA, but I used to love the great cold silence that would settle after a great snowfall.

Still, be safe and happy.

by FROSTY!reply 4202/08/2013

Did the storm hit yet?

by FROSTY!reply 4302/08/2013

Just saw 'mumbles' Menino curtly telling residents to stay off the roads. He seems to have been mayor forever.

by FROSTY!reply 4402/08/2013

it's eerie quiet in boston now, hold me seymour...

by FROSTY!reply 4502/08/2013

[quote] Was woken up by my father on the morning the storm stopped because he couldn't get the doors open. There was a five foot drift blocking both doors

Was that the surprise snowstorm? I was in college in NY at the time, living at home. I had an early class and got up at 6AM. My parents always pulled the shades down at night and I always pulled my shades down when I went to bed. I woke up in darkness and did what I did every morning -- headed for the front porch to pick up the newspaper. I couldn't get the door to budge.

Being the morbid person that I am, I wondered if there was a dead body blocking the door. I pushed and pushed and finally got a sliver open and I saw white. That's when I pulled up the shades on the picture window and saw the snowdrifts.

There had been NO prediction of snow at all;not even a coating was predicted. I think this was the snowstorm that prompted the letter to the weatherman at a local tv station, "Dear Sir, I want you to know that I have just finished shoveling 18" of 'partly cloudy' from my front walkway..."

by FROSTY!reply 4602/08/2013

Eastern LI here -- it changes from rain to ice to snow. Currently, it's a rain-ish mixture. My dream is it will turn to all rain.

by FROSTY!reply 4702/08/2013

Can we have some please?

We dry as winter's bone out here.

by FROSTY!reply 4802/08/2013

[quote]I'm back in CA, but I used to love the great cold silence that would settle after a great snowfall.


The only sound might be a distant train and the wind whistling through the trees.


by FROSTY!reply 4902/08/2013

It's only going to be 2 feet, size queens.

by FROSTY!reply 5002/08/2013

I take it the power lines are buried in MA, not like 3rd world power driven MD, where we lose power with 3 raindrops.

by FROSTY!reply 5102/08/2013

it's not the only 2feet that will be the problem it's the DRIFTS..

I remember 1978 too - & no power for a while..

by FROSTY!reply 5202/08/2013

I'm due for a Jenny Craig shipment today. Wonder if that will happen.

by FROSTY!reply 5302/08/2013

dreary rain here

by FROSTY!reply 5402/08/2013

[quote]My grandfather died in 1978. My grandmother flew north with his body from Florida.

Wrong direction. All funerals should take place in Florida, even if the deceased is your cross-dressing brother who lived in New Jersey and whose wife was the chief make-over artist in cosmetics at Bamberger's.

by FROSTY!reply 5502/08/2013

There's going to be a lot of wind. Hope everyone has batteries, because I think power outages are definitely going to be an issue tomorrow. Make sure you have a battery powered radio. Don't use candles. They start fires. LED lights, battery operated, and flash lights.

Have a manual can opener, get some milk in the house for cereal, have bread, peanut butter & tuna fish stocked in along with some fruit, oranges, apples, bananas. Charge up you iphones and ipads.

If you have a gas hot water heater, your water will stay hot, use it sparingly. Run your cold water from time to time to make sure you don't get busted pipes, and remember if there's an outage, disconnect your appliances, TVs and computer. When the power comes back on the surge might blow them.

If you do lose power, and it gets unbearably cold with the wind, if you have a car, make sure you have gasoline in it. You can go out to the car and sit in it with the heater on to warm up. But make sure you crack a window so you don't die from carbon minoxide poisoning.

That is all. I live in Minnesota, so I know whereof I speak.

by FROSTY!reply 5602/08/2013

56 is our Rose Nylund. Only children should be warned about candles not grown ass adults! Candles can help heat a room, genius. You shouldn't have to go to your car to warm up. If your gas water heater is working, why should we use it sparingly again?

by FROSTY!reply 5702/08/2013

Oh, Blanche!

by FROSTY!reply 5802/08/2013

I saw Al Roker on the wet cold but snow-free Common

by FROSTY!reply 5902/08/2013

We've got about 3 inches of very slippery slush on the ground which is disguised as snow. Very clever, this storm.

My front yard is full of juncos, aka snowbirds. Where the hell do they go when there isn't any snow on the ground?

by FROSTY!reply 6002/08/2013

I just looked out at my bird feeder and the first of the redwing blackbirds are back from migration. Bad timing, dudes.

by FROSTY!reply 6102/08/2013

[quote]I saw Al Roker on the wet cold but snow-free Common

Don't eat the brown snow!

by FROSTY!reply 6202/08/2013

Through all the storms we've had here in RI, I've never lost power. You see, there's a 480V feed line that goes right by my house.

National Grid knows the main users of 480V service are commercial/industrial. So they tend to make sure those don't go down.

However stupid shit takes our power out. Last summer a fusible link went. A huge bang and then the power went out. No storm for that one.

by FROSTY!reply 6302/08/2013

The Governor has declared a state of emergency and ordered all vehicles off the roads statewide by 4 p.m.

by FROSTY!reply 6402/08/2013

I'm going to have to see this one, before I believe it. Snow is hard to predict.

by FROSTY!reply 6502/08/2013

Hey, East Coasties. Are you snowed in yet? This hissing eldergay wants to hear your stories.

by FROSTY!reply 6602/08/2013

This is like "Day After Tomorrow"...very scary!

by FROSTY!reply 6702/09/2013
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