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WHET Linda Davis?

Remember her?

That Reba duet?

If I remember correctly, Linda sang the fuck out of her part on stage at an awards ceremony and Reba gave her quite the icy reception for upstaging her...and no one's heard from the bitch again.

OK, not exactly, but what happened? Where is she now?

by Fancy Is My Namereply 302/07/2013

Two words; Lady Antebellum

by Fancy Is My Namereply 102/07/2013

A few years ago she did the annual Christmas show at Gaylord Opryland (joining the likes of Louise Mandrell and this year, Lorrie Morgan.) Haven't heard anything of her recently, but the previous poster is right, she's mostly known now as the mom of the female singer in Lady Antebellum.

by Fancy Is My Namereply 202/07/2013

Wow, I actually did not know that R1 and R2.

She should have been more famous in her own right! I just remember it being delicious gossip, that she had tried to outshine Reba and that was the last time that bitch was ever seen alive! LOL. so to speak...

by Fancy Is My Namereply 302/07/2013
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