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Lately, I've been hyper-sensitive to people's emotions - like I can read them. I've always been good at understanding people's feelings and motives.

Am I. Just projecting my feelings on them or going nuts?

Several years ago, I would look at young people (in stores, etc) and I would visualize them as old people.

by Am I crazy?reply 802/07/2013

You are an Empath.

by Am I crazy?reply 102/06/2013

"You are an Empath."

I will have you ejected into space for claiming that!

by Am I crazy?reply 202/06/2013

you are a mess

by Am I crazy?reply 302/06/2013

Tell me what you get from this post.

by Am I crazy?reply 402/06/2013

Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

by Am I crazy?reply 502/06/2013

Are you one of the charmed ones?

by Am I crazy?reply 602/07/2013

No offense OP, I don't think your 'hyper-sensitive' maybe just good at reading people. Some are just better at it than others, though I'm still trying to wrap my head around what that has to do with picturing young people as old.

by Am I crazy?reply 702/07/2013

Actually, I understand exactly what you mean. My parents had an unhappy marriage (and an equally unhappy divorce) and I remember being really tuned in to my mom's feelings. Even to this day, I feel like I have more insight in to her feelings than my sister does though it wouldn't necessarily consider us closer. As an adult, I feel like I am hyper sensitive to people's attitudes & feelings, though I know that we are all acting our our personal neurosis that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with other people. That said, I can't help trying to read "what's going on with them."

I don't picture young people as old people, I do have this strange habit of worrying about complete strangers. There's this young guy that cleans our office and I find myself worrying about how much money he makes, why is a young guy in a job like this, what's he going to do when he's 60, etc. I know it's crazy - I know nothing about this kid but I find feeling this empathy for people that isn't connected to any real action (like actually trying to help them).

by Am I crazy?reply 802/07/2013
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