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So what does Barbara Walters REALLY have?

Chickenpox? hmmmmm

by Roy Cohenreply 2902/07/2013

The woman is eighty fricken' two, that she admits to! She's probably a lot older. I do wish her well but she needs to retire and live out her days in the comfort of her well monied life. Get well soon Barbara you old douche bag!

by Roy Cohenreply 102/06/2013

Barbara has always shaved a little off of her age; I believe she's really 84 or 85.

by Roy Cohenreply 202/06/2013

I'm quite certain she's had gender reassignment surgery and will now be known Walter Walters.

by Roy Cohenreply 302/06/2013

She is weak and frail from old addition to the chicken pox.

She also fell down, hit her head, had six stitches, and a concussion.

by Roy Cohenreply 402/06/2013

My late husband Michael, Barabara and I all share the same birthday. (i am 33 btw)

by Roy Cohenreply 502/06/2013

Yep I agree with R4. Doubt there is something else going on.

by Roy Cohenreply 602/06/2013

She was socializing with someone with Shingles, that's what happened.

by Roy Cohenreply 702/06/2013

Barbara had the chicken pox back during the first world war. I remember.

by Roy Cohenreply 802/06/2013

The herp.

by Roy Cohenreply 902/06/2013

She never had the chicken pox? Didn't her kid get the chicken pox? I could believe she has shingles but then I think...why wouldn't she get vaccinated for chicken pox or shingles? Her doctor must be a putz. Why the fuck doesn't she retire? Are all her friends already dead?

by Roy Cohenreply 1002/06/2013

yup, herp derp

by Roy Cohenreply 1102/06/2013


by Roy Cohenreply 1202/06/2013

Enough with the barebacking, Babs. Make your rentboys wear protection!

by Roy Cohenreply 1302/06/2013

When I read about this, I figured that she probably has shingles. We get chicken pox as kids and then shingles when we get old.

But it seems that when Barbara Waters was a kid, chicken pox hadn't been invented yet.

So Babs had better get the shingles vaccine or in 50 or 60 years when she hits 200, she's going to regret it.

by Roy Cohenreply 1402/06/2013

[quote] So what does Barbara Walters REALLY have?

Her father's gun and a SCORCHING case of herpes......

by Roy Cohenreply 1502/06/2013

I've never had the Chicken Pox, despite several outbreaks back in my school days.

by Roy Cohenreply 1602/06/2013

Tell them I have . . . liver cancer!

by Roy Cohenreply 1702/06/2013

EVERYONE used to get chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc. when I was a kid. Then they started having vaccines. When did the chickenpox vaccine become available? (BTW, I just turned 60 and got the shingles vaccine.)

by Roy Cohenreply 1802/06/2013

Liars get Chicken pox

by Roy Cohenreply 1902/06/2013

I didn't get chicken pox despite hanging out with my poxy siblings and later teaching little vessels of mucous and I'm pushing 50.

by Roy Cohenreply 2002/06/2013

Oh, it's the pox all right, but not the chicken pox.

Baba Wawa has the SMALLPOX.

She was too old to get the vaccine when they invented it, back in the 1790s.

by Roy Cohenreply 2102/06/2013

The View has been down to just two regular hosts the last few days: Whoopie, Joy and a couple of guest co-hosts. No more Babs, no more's been great and really demonstrates how good the show COULD be.

by Roy Cohenreply 2202/06/2013

I can tell you what I HOPE she has and that is to be struck dumb, as in speechless, for the rest of her twat life.

by Roy Cohenreply 2302/06/2013

Why the hatred?? I guess I'm not getting into the spirit of the thread.

by Roy Cohenreply 2402/06/2013

Vaginal rejuvenation

by Roy Cohenreply 2502/06/2013

R25 Is that something I should look into?

by Roy Cohenreply 2602/06/2013

I highly wecommend it.

by Roy Cohenreply 2702/06/2013

The earlier poster was correct in what he said about her shaving years off her age. Have a friend who worked closely with her and she did do that. But I think she finally couldn't get away with it anymore...let's face it, in this internet age, it's hard to get away with that.

(Looking at Hugh Jackman, I've always been sure he HAS to be older than he claims, but surely some of the people he knew growing up would have blown the whistle long ago. Just too damned much sun.)

by Roy Cohenreply 2802/07/2013

This thread is hysterical!

by Roy Cohenreply 2902/07/2013
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