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Noel Coward

Anyone else love this fabulous queen?

by Stritchy reply 502/07/2013

I love Noel Coward. His recordings are great fun. No one performs his material better than he did.

by Stritchy reply 102/06/2013

I like the story I read about Noel and Jack Cassidy. Forget what book it was in but supposedly Noel would suck his cock. Jack was aggressive and treated Noel like a cocksucker which of course he seemed to like.

by Stritchy reply 202/06/2013

If love were all he would be lonely.

by Stritchy reply 302/06/2013

I always found girls to be fragrant ...

by Stritchy reply 402/06/2013

R2,The story you're thinking of is about Cole Porter and Jack Cassidy. Not Noel Coward.

by Stritchy reply 502/07/2013
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