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Pat Robertson: Boy Scouts Gay Ban Lift Could Mean Pedophiles As Scout Masters (video)

"700 Club" host Pat Robertson made some controversial comments about the future of the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday.

As the board of the Boy Scouts of America prepares to meet later this week to decide whether to drop its national ban on gay leaders and scouts, Robertson wondered aloud if doing so would open the door to "predators" and "pedophiles."

Speaking on the "700 Club," Robertson said:

"The question is, are there predators as boy scouts, pedophiles that would come in as scout masters? And if they are, then of course parents wouldn't want their sons being involved in the Boy Scouts, or their daughters in the Girl Scouts."

"Our prayers our with them that they will do what they feel is right for them, not what the political [sic] correct crowd thinks is right for them," he added.

The Girl Scouts of America actually upholds a nondiscrimination policy with regards to sexual orientation.

According to the organization:

Regarding sexual orientation, Girl Scouts of the USA holds fast to a commitment to embrace diversity and has in place a policy that prohibits discriminatory treatment of any kind, including on the basis of one's sexual orientation.

However, among Girls Scouts literature, an appendix concerning "special issues" goes on to state that "it is not appropriate to ask or assume what a girl's sexual orientation is." In 2011, a transgender girl was accepted into a Girl Scout troop after initially being rejected.

In 2012, an Indiana lawmaker accused the Girl Scouts of promoting communism, lesbianism and subverting "traditional American family values," according to NBC News.

A recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans think the Boy Scouts should allow gay members, and only 32 percent say the group should not.

Last year, Robertson, a longtime critic of gay and lesbian lifestyles, linked homosexuality with "demonic possession."

by Miareply 502/06/2013

They already have pedophiles in the scouts that they tried to hide info about.

by Miareply 102/06/2013

Yeah, those gays are all molesters!

by Miareply 202/06/2013

[quote]As the board of the Boy Scouts of America prepares to meet later this week to decide whether to drop its national ban on gay leaders and scouts,

News just out that they're putting this on the back burner. No decision this week.

by Miareply 302/06/2013

Pedophiles as scout masters!!! Heaven forbid! What's next? Pedophile college football coaches and pedophile Catholic priests?

by Miareply 402/06/2013

Looks like Pat Robertson intends to spend his final years on stuff like this.

by Miareply 502/06/2013
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