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Fox News: ‘Deerrrrrrp, Did Hillary Clinton Get a Face-Lift?’ (video)

In what appears to be an effort to ensure that Hillary Clinton never gives an interview to the network again, Fox News suggested this morning that Hillary Clinton may have gotten a face-lift recently. The evidence: She looks more "glamorous" in the professional-looking portrait that graces her new website than she does while resting a cheek on her fist as she gets chastised at a Congressional hearing. Must be a face-lift, right?

Not that Steve Doocy's doociest remark in some time really deserves to be scientifically refuted, but Clinton only stepped down as secretary of State on Friday. The website went online Monday morning. If you assume the website photo is new — and who the hell knows if it is — then she had a maximum of about two days to recover from her face-lift.

by Miareply 1502/07/2013

I thought she looked pretty damned glamorous putting those senators in their place. Glasses and all.

by Miareply 102/06/2013

And that would be news why? Really? Have they seen that Gingrich woman or Palin? Now that is some plastic surgery there.

by Miareply 202/06/2013

It's called photo-shop.

by Miareply 302/06/2013

It's not called anything. She has a million wrinkles in it.

In other news, Fox News went down 9 points in the trusted news PPP poll.

by Miareply 402/06/2013

I was actually thinking the same thing, but when she was in and out of the hospital a few weeks back.

It may have been completely logically explained by the fact that after 4 years of nonstop work, she was well rested for a few weeks.

by Miareply 502/06/2013

Mitch McConnell's face looks like he could use a facelift desperately. The man looks like a character from Star Wars...

by Miareply 602/06/2013

Mitch needs reconstructive surgery. Maybe that snazzy Congressional insurance can buy his stank ass a real CHIN and lower face.

by Miareply 702/06/2013

I'm sure Hillary will get a makeover and some work done if she decides to run in 2016, but there's no way she's had time to get a facelift in between the time of her recent Senate committee appearance and her new website photo.

A facelift requires surgical incisions - do the folks at FOX even realize this? It then takes at least several weeks for those incisions to heal and for the marks to go away.

by Miareply 802/06/2013

No one talks about my fake tits anymore.They were supposed to win the election.

by Miareply 902/06/2013

No, no, I meant the WEBSITE got a facelift.

Why am I so persecuted by left wing bloggers???

by Miareply 1002/06/2013

I don't know if she's a candidate for surgery, given her blood clotting issues.

by Miareply 1102/06/2013

What is the "Derrrrrp" in the headline supposed to be? Are their headlines being written by a 12 year old?

by Miareply 1202/06/2013

Where on Earth does it look like she had a face lift? She's got wrinkles galore. You must be smoking crack.

by Miareply 1302/06/2013

Steve Doocey is the dumbest man in show business.

by Miareply 1402/07/2013

Remember years ago when Jeanne Cooper had a facelift on Y&R and let them show the actual results as part of Katharine Chancellor's storyline?

by Miareply 1502/07/2013
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