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Bullshit Assertion Stated Strictly As An Ego Boost.

I may or may not believe the crap I'm spouting, but I REALLY want to get a lot of responses.

Also, I was on the debate team in high school. Well, I knew this girl on the debate team. She and I always argued and I always won. So really, I'm smarter than most of you because she went to a really good junior college.

Also, I have serious self-loathing issues, so I'm sure to use some kind or race-baiting or gay-baiting hypothesis because it means I'm above all of that. It's all of you who are trapped by that pair of dimes.

Also, if someone plainly states why I am full of shit, I will tag their post and follow them obsessively on every other thread to make fun of them. "Eldergay!" I will say.

Meanwhile, I am well past forty and definitely NOT an eldergay, or I am pushing forty and I'm definitely NOT an eldergay, or I am in my twenties and OF COURSE, I have re-invented the wheel. Or I could if I wanted to. I justt have more important things to do. Like being a devil's agitate.

by "Anonymous"reply 302/05/2013

Illiterate alcoholics should never drink and post on datalounge Go eat some creme brûlée.

by "Anonymous"reply 102/05/2013

OMG! Judy "Pills" is back from the dead.

Long live JPG.

by "Anonymous"reply 202/05/2013

Hello OP. I'll pretend to ask an innocent question about something that will really get the DLers going. "Is it OK not to tip waiters?" "Why do black people talk so loud?"

Sometimes I will ask an "I'm above it all" question. "What's American Idol?" "Why do people ride subways?" "Is Iowa part of Texas?"

Hey--Don't blame me. I'm just asking.

by "Anonymous"reply 302/05/2013
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