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‘Gays Will Burn Christians at the Stake’ Says Pastor

Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio has decided to take a stand against the supposed evils of Colorado’s civil unions bill, warning that it will lead to legalized man/boy love and will result in gays burning Christians at the stake.

Frothed Swanson on his show this week (h/t Right Wing Watch which has the audio):

You need to understand the agenda here. What’s happening is they want homosexuals to be able to be involved in adoption and foster care as much anybody else. So picture a nice little homeschool family, just trying to do the right thing. An anonymous tip comes in, social services swoops in, they grab the kids in the year 2022 and the kids get remanded into a home with homosexuals and these particular homosexuals happen to be tied into NAMBLA and other things. You know what’s going to happen. There will be proper indoctrination into a certain kind of worldview, shall we say.


Yeah. It’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy. And I think there are a lot of concerned parents. There are concerned Catholic parents. There are concerned homeschool parents. And especially when you get a Regnerus study that comes out and says they’re ten times more likely to be touched sexually by a parent in a homosexual home than, you know, the normal American secular home. Wow. That’s frightening.

You’ll note Pastor Swanson also took time to cite the widely discredited propagandist Regnerus study which claimed to show having gay parents is bad for children; the faults with the methodology of the study have already been shown in great detail, but needless to say these claims are not supported by creditable research — yet the Religious Right continues to cite the study anyway, as they do their concerns over NAMBLA, the fringe association that for one brief moment at the conception of America’s gay rights movement tried to push for pederasty to be legalized.

NAMBLA today is little more than a few people and a postal address. Yet, apparently, this is the start of the revolution.

Swanson goes on to disgrace himself by butchering history: that gays felled the Roman Empire — apparently Pastor Swanson knows something history scholars don’t — and that a hundred years ago there were apparently only three homosexuals in existence (but what homosexuals they were!):

Just remember about 100 years ago, you had three homosexuals in the world as far as anybody really knew. There was a Canadian named Robert Ross, an Englishman named Oscar Wilde, an American named Walt Whitman. They led the charge in the early 1900′s and wound up in and out of the prison system and in court and so forth for a period of time. And again, there was only about three that anybody knew of and it was hardly anything that was mentioned among the established world at that time, that is in Europe, Canada and America. But you did have those three men, as far as history bears out, Robert Ross, Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman were well-known for some level of homosexual activity, although they could not call themselves homosexuals at that time.

Swanson proceeds to blather that now the problem is “10,000 times if not 100,000 times worse.” Then he goes for the jugular of all those soft Christians out there who are, shock, accepting the reality of civil same-sex marriage:

Today, it might be a little different because you have a lot of quote-unquote apostate Christian churches that have adopted homosexuality and they will do their best to burn Christians at the stake or do what Nero did, I’m sure, in the years to come, because that’s sort of the history of homosexuals and what they have done ever since they were banging on the doors outside of Lot’s house.

Perhaps Swanson’s adducing of Lot in his little morality tale isn’t all that wise given how quick Lot was to offer up his virgin daughters to the rowdy mob at his door or, for that matter, how said daughters finally lost their virginity.

You may be forgiven for thinking this kind of ridiculous bleating means that the Colorado civil unions bill is in trouble, but there is actually reason to be very optimistic.

by If only!reply 5402/06/2013


Colorado’s Senate Appropriations Committee this week passed the bill by a vote of 4-3. It now heads to a full floor vote where it is believed there is support enough to pass the legislation.

The real test will be the House where, as in previous years, opposition forces are already carping the bill that will lead to the persecution of Christians — that’s not in the text, though, in case you were wondering.

However, while in 2012 Republicans were able to mount an unprecedented procedural move that saw them close down the chamber so they didn’t have to debate the bill, this year’s reformed House sees Republican power heavily curtailed by a Democratic majority.

Governor John W. Hickenlooper has openly backed the bill and therefore it could become law as early as May of this year.

A 2006 voter approved constitutional amendment, known as Amendment 43, bans the recognition of same-sex marriage, however the text of the amendment did not prevent substantially similar institutions like civil unions.

There’s also the positive news that 17-year-old Zoe Mandelski filed on January 28 a proposal with the nonpartisan Legislative Council to begin the process of a referendum on legalizing marriage equality. The Legislative Council will hear the proposal on Monday, February 11.

by If only!reply 102/05/2013

Not your everyday Xtian, but I'm okay with burning batshit crazy fundies at the stake.

Since there aren't enough lions, you know.

by If only!reply 202/05/2013

Love it. He may be on to something. I love a good bonfire!

by If only!reply 302/05/2013

He's right, it's in the Gay Bible--

"If man or woman be a Christian, they have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

--Madonnacus 20:13

by If only!reply 402/05/2013

Who leaked the memo?!

by If only!reply 502/05/2013

"...and will result in gays burning Christians at the stake."

Well, I do love a good BBQ...

by If only!reply 602/05/2013

Yes but they wouldn't make good BBQ, R6. Christians, like clergy, are really too coarse and too mealy.

by If only!reply 702/05/2013

Well, can't top R4.

Would like to, though.

Like the Pasolini scene, Christers have been griddling gays (but only the poor, bribeless ones) fah-evah.

Since faith seems to be a womby kind of feeling, it my experience most devout males I have encountered have been gay, closeted if in institutional positions, or out if it doesn't matter in the faith.

by If only!reply 802/05/2013

Cutting off their tongues will suffice.

by If only!reply 902/05/2013

Tell this to the Uganda.

by If only!reply 1002/05/2013


by If only!reply 1102/05/2013

From you mouth to Spaghetti Monster's ear.

by If only!reply 1202/05/2013

Fear the Gays, because they will do to us what we did to them in the past when the table is turned! No, no! Don't change your attitude towards Gays, because what's done is done. Fear the Gays, fear them!

Now, if you would like to donate money to hear more stuff like this, my bank details are ...

by If only!reply 1302/05/2013

Man. That greasy black smoke will be seen for miles and miles.

by If only!reply 1402/05/2013

Christian get thee to a gym!

by If only!reply 1502/05/2013

I would love to burn a christian at the stake.

by If only!reply 1602/05/2013

You know what? Spring is around the corner. How about some spring cleaning bonfires? You know, out with the old in with the new.

by If only!reply 1702/05/2013

Maybe, there is a way to do one better. We should shackle them to a tree with only a gas can and a lighter in their reach. Then either put on a live sex show for them or blast them with hardcore gay porn. The ones that self-immolate are true to their beliefs. The others are confirmed hypocrites that get to live out there days with Treasure Island videos burned into their brains.

by If only!reply 1802/05/2013

[quote]Yes but they wouldn't make good BBQ, [R6]. Christians, like clergy, are really too coarse and too mealy.

It's hog boilin' time!

by If only!reply 1902/05/2013

Religion comes begging when it can no longer burn us.

by If only!reply 2002/05/2013

Heavens no my dear, we don't want to burn you at the stake, we just want to scold you slightly with our semen.

by If only!reply 2102/05/2013

Burning would get old so quickly. Can we go full Roman with a few and feed them to the lions?

by If only!reply 2202/05/2013

When will the religious right realize that just because THEY want to burn GAYS at the stake, that doesn't mean WE want to burn THEM at the stake.

Seriously, this pathological projection that all conservatives seem to suffer from is getting ridiculous. It's almost laughable how blatant it is. They're ALWAYS loudly accusing others of what is actually true of themselves.

by If only!reply 2302/05/2013

[quote]scold you slightly with our semen

This has all the hallmarks of a new DL catchphrase

by If only!reply 2402/05/2013

Oh! Those poooooor Christians! It's not as if they haven't been burning their enemies at the stake for fucking CENTURIES. Or raping. Or torturing. Or ransacking. All in the name of God.

Fucking victims. Fucking martyrs. Fucking villains.

by If only!reply 2502/05/2013

Where does this extremism come from?

by If only!reply 2602/05/2013

[italic]Thinking[/italic] it and [italic]doing[/italic] it are completely different things.

by If only!reply 2702/05/2013

Pure projection on his part. He'd really like to do that to gays.

by If only!reply 2802/05/2013

We need to burn them at the stake, because we need the torches to finish...creme brulee!

I don't care if Christians are burning, get me a creme brulee NOW!

by If only!reply 2902/05/2013

OK, but we're gonna need a LOT of marshmallows.

by If only!reply 3002/05/2013

xtians have tortured and killed us for centuries. Maybe it IS time to strike back.

by If only!reply 3102/05/2013

Save your wood scraps

by If only!reply 3202/05/2013

Burn them on a pile of faggots (= bundle of sticks)! Now that's what I call poetic justice.

... or ironic.

by If only!reply 3302/05/2013

[quote] ‘Gays Will Burn Christians at the Stake’ Says Pastor

Projecting much, mother (daughter/sister) fucker?

by If only!reply 3402/05/2013

What a drama queen he is!

by If only!reply 3502/05/2013

Gays never intentionally burn anything!

by If only!reply 3602/05/2013

This is not fair. Year after year after year I do not receive my copy of "The Homosexual Agenda" in the mail. Why? I have been gay for all of my 45 years and have never received a single copy of it. Who do I talk to? How do I ensure that I am current on the gay agenda? LOL.

by If only!reply 3702/05/2013

Can't we just banish them to the places no one else wants to live? Oh, wait...

by If only!reply 3802/05/2013

This guy should be a comedian. Ridiculous. We would never burn them at the stake. If we could capture them then we would bathe them all properly, manscape them, teach them aestheticism and set them free.

by If only!reply 3902/05/2013

CLASSIC projection, as someone already pointed out.

by If only!reply 4002/05/2013

Mark, Rick, or Steve don't burn no chicken.

by If only!reply 4102/05/2013

"Just remember about 100 years ago, you had three homosexuals in the world as far as anybody really knew. There was a Canadian named Robert Ross, an Englishman named Oscar Wilde, an American named Walt Whitman."

Who's Robert Ross?

by If only!reply 4202/05/2013

[quote]Just remember about 100 years ago, you had three homosexuals in the world as far as anybody really knew.

OMFG! Does he really believe that? What an ignorant douchebag.

by If only!reply 4302/05/2013

Oldie, but goodie...

Lewis Black on "The Queers"

by If only!reply 4402/05/2013

R42 - Wilde's literary executor and lover...

Played by Michael Sheen in the film "Wilde"

by If only!reply 4502/05/2013

Now where did I put my lighter fluid ...

by If only!reply 4602/05/2013

Girl, the wiccans will burn Christians at the stake, as payback. Gays will just roast marshmallows and critique their fashion and hair.

by If only!reply 4702/05/2013

The only thing I want to burn is toast the top of a creme brulee.

by If only!reply 4802/05/2013

I favor tying them to rocks and letting the vultures eat them.

by If only!reply 4902/05/2013

If only.

by If only!reply 5002/05/2013

[quote] Gays Will Burn Christians at the Stake’ Says Pastor

I hope these stake burning gays start with Pastor kevin swanson first. Every day more and more lunatic repugs are coming out of the woodwork. It really seems like they are all mentally ill

by If only!reply 5102/05/2013

Not sure about the whole burning at the stake thing. However, an arena with some lions sounds awfully appealing.

by If only!reply 5202/05/2013 that kind of like The good old Christian KKK, lynching African Americans?

by If only!reply 5302/05/2013

Burning Christians at the stake is so 15th-century. I think the new thing will to be to bury the Christians in a hole lined with hot rocks and covered with taro leaves. The best kind of Christian is Luau-style.

by If only!reply 5402/06/2013
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