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SF's douchebag Culliver has been getting reamed all day!

I've been watching ESPN sports talk shows today and many hosts/commentators have pointed out how poorly Culliver played in the Superbowl and how it almost seemed as though his play was indicative of some form of karmic retribution for his backward comments.

It's pretty cool watching straight media sports types lambast a homophobe and openly root against him. Our "gay" world is far from perfect, but it is changing for the better, ever so slowly.

by That is all.reply 1302/05/2013

I laughed when he got torched on Baltimore's third TD.

by That is all.reply 102/04/2013

[quote]It's pretty cool watching straight media sports types lambast a homophobe and openly root against him.

Very cool.

by That is all.reply 202/04/2013

This is a good catch, OP.

Times, they are a'changing!

by That is all.reply 302/04/2013


by That is all.reply 402/04/2013

So when is the media going to start doing this to bigoted Republican politicians?

by That is all.reply 502/04/2013

[quote]I've been watching ESPN sports talk shows today

Are you sure you're gay?

by That is all.reply 602/04/2013

r6 is an idiot.

by That is all.reply 702/04/2013

based on comments for ESPN web site, most people support Culliver

by That is all.reply 802/04/2013

Yeah he hates gays because they think being a human toilet is equivalent to normal behavior.

by That is all.reply 902/04/2013

R8, comments on ESPN are always insane. Like IMBD comments. It's always a few crazy trolls ruining everything.

R6, I watch Pardon the Interruption and First Take most weekdays.

I also watch Project Runway if that makes you feel better.

by That is all.reply 1002/04/2013

who' clliver's father?

by That is all.reply 1102/04/2013

I hope everyone is supporting Brendon Ayanbadejo who is planning a media blitz in the wake of the Superbowl promoting marriage equality and human rights. He's a pretty incredible supporter of ours.

Like him on FB, follow him on Twitter, send him a tweet thanking him. He needs our support.

by That is all.reply 1202/05/2013

Brendon is fantastic

by That is all.reply 1302/05/2013
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