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DL registration query.

In the past couple of weeks, my contribution registration has needed to be re-entered about three times, resulting in me losing threads in Thread Watcher each time. I try seraching for them, but can only do so once before I simply get the 'back' button rather than a serach field. I have not changed any set-up on my laptop, and other passwords are remembered.

Please, does anyone know what causes this?

Thank you!

by OPreply 404/01/2013

All of a sudden, out of the blue, this is happening to me too...

by OPreply 104/01/2013

Are you clearing your cookies?

by OPreply 204/01/2013

No... doing nothing out of the ordinary with my cookies.

by OPreply 304/01/2013

Speaking of cookies, is it too late to buy Girl Scout cookies for the year?

by OPreply 404/01/2013
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