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Ok, I Am Vindicated! Drones Spy On Us

A few months after 9/11, we were crossing the second part of the Triborough Bridge out of Manhatten. I was sitting in the passenger seat and looked up in the sky -- it was a very clear night -- and I saw something hovering high above the East River. I thought it was a helicopter but t wasnt. I could see the shape of it and it looked like a small jet. I thought, "wTF? Only helicopters can hover like that that; not moving in the sky, not little jets." ( I should add that I've been a bird watcher for years and am used to looking skyward and identifying birds by their shapes, their wingspan, the type of flight -- chickadees, eg, have a bobbing flight)

I mentioned this to a few people. I was sure it was a surveillance aircraft watching the city in some way. Some people said it was probably a harrier jet. I had a feeling it was unmanned, like a satellite, even though it was vaguely jet-shaped and lower in the sky then a satellite.

Well, here it is -- a drone, of course. It can zoom in on a person waving 15,000 feet below it. Of course, it is being sold as something that protects us and solves crimes. If someone panted a bomb in a building and blew it up, the footage from the drone is computerized and stored for days. You can go back to the day of the bombing and watch everyone who came and went from the building.

Which, of course, means that political dissidents an be watched as well.

by Anonymousreply 002/03/2013
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