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WHET Brett Butler?

And what's the dirt on all that backstage shit that happened at Grace Under Fire?

I like Brett, though her current gig is on the new Charlie Sheen show and you can't pay me to watch that asshole anywhere.....sorry, Brett.

by Nadinereply 4602/03/2013

Thanks for starting this thread, it should be interesting. All I know about her recently is she was on douche Drew Pinksy's call in show talking about how she lost it all due to the fame and money of her show. She looks haggard these days.

by Nadinereply 102/02/2013

Ask Jeffery Self.

by Nadinereply 202/02/2013

I loved her and her show. I'm surprised at how hard she fell and how utterly she's been away.

by Nadinereply 302/02/2013

Early last year Rosie interviewed her on the short-lived "The Rosie Show" on OWN. She said she was clean yet she acted like she wasn't. She told a lot about what happened to her during and after "Grace Under Fire." She said the writers didn't like her because she would change what was written on the scripts when she acted it out. She said she was the only comedian not to have the rights to their own creation, that one of the executive producers took the rights early on. Months after this interview she was on Dr. Drew's HLN show and gave a PR answer. Brett said no one from the show talks to her now. She also got into her beliefs in ghosts and that she beieves she can communicate with them.

by Nadinereply 402/02/2013

OP, thanks for starting this thread! I used to love her show in the 90's (except the last season which sucked).

This article details what a nightmare it was working for her that last season.

by Nadinereply 502/02/2013

[quote]She looks haggard these days.

These days? When didn't she look haggard?

by Nadinereply 602/02/2013

R6 Yeah, even though she was in her 30's during GUF, she looked like she was in her 40's.

by Nadinereply 702/02/2013

I thought her show was OK. One of the things i found the funniest was how she constantly would describe and view herself as a tall hot leggy blonde.

by Nadinereply 802/02/2013

This is like the fourth weht thread on Brett.

by Nadinereply 902/02/2013

R9 Don't read if you don't like it.

by Nadinereply 1002/02/2013

She may not have owned her show, but when it went into syndication she was set for life. Celeb Net Worth says she has 15 million (yes I know other celebs have more, it's still plenty.) She hasn't had to work and no one really wants her anymore anyway.

by Nadinereply 1102/02/2013

Don't you judge me!

by Nadinereply 1202/02/2013

Look, she was a drug addict who never realized that she had to work much longer than she was willing to get to the point where she could call the shots. She was not important enough to the network to be able to demand control ala Roseanne. Her drug demons drove her crazy and she can't blame that on anyone else but herself. She acts like everyone else was against her. I'm quite sure working with her was no picnic.

by Nadinereply 1302/02/2013

Last I heard, she was back in Birmingham, AL doing stand-up comedy and some travel gigs (even at some gay prides, she turned out to be a vocal ally). She also speaks out about her addictions to alcohol and drugs.

by Nadinereply 1402/02/2013

She just completed a small arc on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. She played someone's nosy neighbor and she was awful.

by Nadinereply 1502/02/2013

I remember seeing her doing stand up before she got her tv show. She was hilarious. I was disappointed in her sitcom because it took away all her edge.

by Nadinereply 1602/02/2013

I agree r16, her stand-up was pretty good but I never really got into her show. "Roseanne" was quite a bit better.

by Nadinereply 1702/02/2013

R15 Making the transition to soaps is no walk in the park!

by Nadinereply 1802/02/2013

[quote] This is like the fourth weht thread on Brett.

Considering we have 4 threads an HOUR on the likes of Anne Hathaway, Anderson Cooper et al I don't think this will break Datalounge.

by Nadinereply 1902/02/2013

She got a job on Charlie Sheen's new sitcom, Anger Management, and she was quickly reduced to a 'recurring character' from a 'series regular'... She made the even more difficult Michael Arden seem a joy to work with

by Nadinereply 2002/02/2013

R19 Thank you!

R20 Wow, so did she piss off the people at her new show already??? How often is she on the show now (I won't watch anything with Charlie Sheen in it)?

by Nadinereply 2102/02/2013

Her show was always the poor man's "Roseanne".

by Nadinereply 2202/02/2013

R22 Maybe so, but I liked "Grace Under Fire" because she was a single mother trying to take care of a family, while "Roseanne" was married and had two incomes coming in.

by Nadinereply 2302/02/2013

Did you actually watch Roseanne, R22? Most of the time either Dan or Roseanne was out of work. It was rare that they had two incomes.

by Nadinereply 2402/02/2013

R24 I think you meant to address me (R23) and yes I did watch Roseanne. Yes Dan was out of work sometimes but not always. Besides they probably got unemployment when they were out of work, which helped them. Grace had to do it all on her own - the parenting, earning the money, etc.

by Nadinereply 2502/02/2013

To clarify my statement: I don't mind Brett Butler and other than her and Geoff Pierson, I found the cast pretty weak. Also, i didn't find nearly as funny or well written as "Roseanne" in its prime.

by Nadinereply 2602/02/2013

Roseanne had an influence on Grace Under Fire and the Margaret Cho show too...they were not as ha-ha funny as early Roseanne and were more pulling comedy from less than sunny situations.

I think Chuck Lorre is a big asshole, but I have to say, if he put up with Roseanne, Brett and Cybill Shepherd's worst behavior you can at least understand how he got to be such an asshole.

by Nadinereply 2702/02/2013

I wonder what went down that Julie White quit that bitch.

I remember the man who played Nadine's husband was kinda hot.

by Nadinereply 2802/03/2013

The gay cousin, Deforrest Kelly, was a sweetheart.

One of the Old First Gay characters.

by Nadinereply 2902/03/2013

I wanna know the Jeffrey Self story...

by Nadinereply 3002/03/2013


Roseanne, Brett and Cybill were all labelled monsters, yet their shows retained a quality that is largely missing in most of today's comedies. I'm sure they were no joy to work around, but a lot of their complaints proved to be right. Roseanne and Brett especially brought a realistic portrait of lower middle class families that was largely absent from the screen, with the exception of All in the Family of course. It should also be noted that all three were surrounded by top notch supporting casts.

Someone like Whitney Cummings might be a pleasure to work with, but that still doesn't erase the fact that she is a low grade hack who should be tending bar instead of having her own show. Ditto Chelsea Handler. Being nice isn't everything.

by Nadinereply 3102/03/2013

[quote]Roseanne, Brett and Cybill were all labelled monsters, yet their shows retained a quality that is largely missing in most of today's comedies.

Most comedies are written by teams of college graduates from top tier schools. They translate what they know into marketable stories that fit within a 20 to 43 minute frame.

You're not going to get many working class stories out of someone who is second, third, or fourth generation college alumni.

The funniest bit I've read came from Diablo Cody talking about creativity. As an outsider, she could craft stories about what she knew. As a paid writer, she can craft stories about writers in Hollywood (see "Young Adult").

by Nadinereply 3202/03/2013

I remember Brett guest starred on My Name Is Earl as Joy's mom. She was pretty good on there.

by Nadinereply 3302/03/2013

Jeffrey Self is to Brett Butler what Sandra Bernhard was to Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy.

The end.

by Nadinereply 3402/03/2013

[quote]I was disappointed in her sitcom because it took away all her edge.

Yeah, she was too sweet and family-friendly on [italic]Grace Under Fire.[/italic] The first time I saw her was on (I think) [italic]Solid Gold,[/italic] doing a stand-up routine. She was really funny, with a gay/camp sensibility. One particular bit I remember was her relating how she told her abusive asshole redneck ex that she polished off all the ice cream: "I ate all the Frusen Glädjé!" His response: "Uh, you hadn'ta orta done that."

by Nadinereply 3502/03/2013

[quote]I remember the man who played Nadine's husband was kinda hot.

Casey Sander (Rose's cousin Sven), now playing Bernadette's father on "Big Bang."

by Nadinereply 3602/03/2013

[quote] Casey Sander (Rose's cousin Sven), now playing Bernadette's father on "Big Bang."

He still looks hot.

I blew quite a few loads fantasizing I was sniffing on Wade's tighty whities.

by Nadinereply 3702/03/2013

Michael Arden has the balls to be difficult?!

by Nadinereply 3802/03/2013

Arden has a over exagerrated sense of self

by Nadinereply 3902/03/2013


The only time Dan was ever out of work is when the bike shop went under. For the majority of the time, both of the Connor's were employed at the same time.

by Nadinereply 4002/03/2013

r20 and r39, more details on Michael Arden being difficult.

I dated him a few times and thought he was extremely sweet and low-key.

by Nadinereply 4102/03/2013

I listened to her autobiography (on CASSETTE!) back in the day. It was really good..she had an interesting life, pre-fame.

Her show is in syndication? I've never seen it shown anywhere.

by Nadinereply 4202/03/2013


I remember Oxygen aired reruns in the early 2000s. It might have ran in syndication on broadcast affiliates in some places. I have noticed that there have been quite bit of 90s shows that are rarely or never run in syndication.

by Nadinereply 4302/03/2013

[quote]It might have ran

Oh, dear.

by Nadinereply 4402/03/2013

It's sad that she didn't know how to act like a professional and let her ego ruin everything for her because she really was a talented comedic actress.

by Nadinereply 4502/03/2013

I met her at a party last summer; she seemed like she was trying to be humble and regretted all the stupid crap that she did.

by Nadinereply 4602/03/2013
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