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name the most memorable tv commercial you've seen lately...

by please?reply 3702/04/2013


by please?reply 102/02/2013

Mean Joe Green.

by please?reply 202/02/2013

I never watch commercials.

by please?reply 302/02/2013

That Redbull guy. His singing gets me every time.

by please?reply 402/02/2013

The Zaxby's one where the woman chops her tits off and slams her kid's head into the toilet!

by please?reply 502/02/2013

I'm eating Jenny!!!

by please?reply 602/02/2013

Commercials are all fucking stupid.

by please?reply 702/02/2013


by please?reply 802/02/2013

The commercial for the NY Lottery scratch-off ticket with the creepy guy who wins at thumb wrestling. [shudder]

by please?reply 902/02/2013

E-trade baby

by please?reply 1002/02/2013

The Cox cable commercials with the annoying dad I want to murder. DVR THIS, BITCH.

by please?reply 1102/02/2013

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

by please?reply 1202/03/2013

I only watch tv at the gym and don't recall any commercials, but I did see a memorable promo.

Anne Burrell: Kitchen Cunt

'What the fuck do you call that shit? I've seen better in my kitty litter box."

or something like that.

by please?reply 1302/03/2013

Restasis Commercials: That sexy woman with the long grey ponytail

Any Jamie Lee Curtis constipation/diarrhea yogurt commercial.

by please?reply 1402/03/2013

Liquid Plumber, hot guy on right at woman's front door.

by please?reply 1502/03/2013

There is a series of Walmart ads with a dark haired guy with a heart shaped face. He is helping customers get good deals. The guy is cute but looks like the average Joe next door. I am in love with him. I stopped shopping at Walmart about 5 years ago.

by please?reply 1602/03/2013

I honestly can't recall one. I DVR everything and fast forward through em.

by please?reply 1702/03/2013

[R11] I would have listed the Cox cable ads you speak of but I thought they were a local company. These ads are eye roll worthy. Had they made the dad out of touch or a little eccentric they might have been funny. Instead of giving him even a shred of charm they made him CREEPY. The black guy in the hedge trimming version is cute.

by please?reply 1802/03/2013

"Hey Rodgers! Discount Double-Check!"

Ugh, Career Day = Nightmare scenario.

by please?reply 1902/03/2013

R18, the black guy who plays the neighbor in those Cox commercials also plays POTUS in a syndicated sitcom called "First Family."

by please?reply 2002/03/2013

L. Ron Hubbard

by please?reply 2102/03/2013

One of my favorite commercials is Julia Louis-Dreyfus promoting Nice and Easy. She starts talking to brunette woman in front of her on the bus, changes her hair color to blonde, and when the woman leaves the bus she says, "She's gonna stop traffic!" Then, we hear a car crash as the woman presumably gets hit by a car. Very clever!

by please?reply 2202/03/2013

Internet: A woman is sitting next to a heart shaped pillow, that is alive and scouring the internet for possible people for her to date.

TV: Lean Cuisine Top Chef line...a woman says she fell into the no carb crew and became enraged, turns out...she was just hungry.

by please?reply 2302/03/2013

I think it is ATT -- the older Mexican gals are trying to keep their dad from snoring so they can hear the novella, but the younger all-American Mexican gals sniff condescendingly and take the TV into the patio after ordering more popcorn, as if the older gals are maids.

by please?reply 2402/03/2013

I hate that commercial, R23. The girl is named Liz, and the guy the heart pillow recommends is named Brad. The pillow claims that Brad is attractive - pan to Brad, who looks like the cubist rendition of Mephistopheles raping 10 babies.

by please?reply 2502/03/2013

gay bear/christmas sweater return for us postal service

by please?reply 2602/03/2013

[quote] pan to Brad, who looks like the cubist rendition of Mephistopheles raping 10 babies

Phrases like this are why I love Datalounge.

by please?reply 2702/03/2013

What's in your wallet?!

by please?reply 2802/03/2013

The Drano commercial

by please?reply 2902/03/2013

Whatever happened to the AmEx commercials with Molly Culver and David Starzyk? I used to love them.

by please?reply 3002/03/2013

The Subaru commercial with the guy and his chocolate lab. The dog ages throughout the commercial but the car looks fine.

by please?reply 3102/03/2013

Flo and the hot guy in the rain.

by please?reply 3202/03/2013

I like Flo, myself.

by please?reply 3302/03/2013

the subaru dad who follows alongside his daughter's first schoolbus ride. such a cutie and just schmaltzy enough

by please?reply 3402/03/2013

The Virgin commercial where David Tennant gives Richard Branson an accidental lap dance.

by please?reply 3502/03/2013

I'm in love with the little painting girl in the Express Yourself commercial, so I have to give her a shout out.

by please?reply 3602/03/2013

Flo and the guy caught with a flat in the rain

by please?reply 3702/04/2013
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