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GAGA Has Bored the Internet, Research Claims. (Digital Spy, 1/30/2013)

Lady GaGa has bored the internet, research claims

30 January 2013 11:29 PM, PST | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy - Movie News news »

Lady Gaga has apparently "bored" internet users, a new report has claimed. AccuraCast reports that the 'Born this Way' singer's online search popularity has fallen significantly since May 2011.

GaGa's latest album Born This Way has so far sold 4 million less copies than her debut The Fame, and her recent tour has reportedly experienced low ticket sales in some regions. The search engine marketing agency - citing data from Google Trends - has described the decline in the performer's internet presence as "astonishing".

The report claims that GaGa's recent internet popularity should be greater considering the launch of her 'Born This Way Ball' tour, starting up her own social network and launching a (more) »

- By Zeba Blay

by Melting Awayreply 402/02/2013

gayling thread

by Melting Awayreply 102/01/2013

She hasn't released an album in two years. If you look at google trends for celebrities searches usually decline over time. That is because people search for them early in their mainstream career to get to know them and once they know them they don't search for them as much.

by Melting Awayreply 202/01/2013

Yeah, and they don't buy their albums anymore, either.

by Melting Awayreply 302/01/2013

I hope she's made a bundle. She has lupus & that money is going to be needed for doctors. She tested positive for it, she's got it.

by Melting Awayreply 402/02/2013
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