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Time for a how old is the DL poll

With all the jokes about eldergays and gaylings made me realize there hasnt been on of these in a couple years. Stand and be counted and lets see how old the DL is these days. All you straight female lurkers go ahead and vote also, we know a ton of you are out there.

by Census Bureaureply 4111/21/2013

And a bump back to front page

by Census Bureaureply 102/01/2013

More voting!

by Census Bureaureply 202/01/2013

So far most are middle age and late middle age. Surprising.

by Census Bureaureply 302/01/2013

So far 70.42% of DLers are 40 years old+. That about explains everything, really.

by Census Bureaureply 402/01/2013

Well time flies. I'm 32 and being technically middle aged hasn't really sunk in yet.

by Census Bureaureply 502/01/2013

A full 25 percent of DL is AARP eligible.

Seems low to me.

by Census Bureaureply 602/01/2013

There is no way that that is surprising, R3. The DL has always skewed ancient. Only now are we finally getting some new blood, someone to combat the eldergay stranglehold.

by Census Bureaureply 702/01/2013

Too many fortysomethings.

by Census Bureaureply 802/01/2013

I wish this site had a sale & trade section for walkers and scooter and potty frames. I bet the prices would save us beaucoup bucks.

by Census Bureaureply 902/01/2013

This isn't a fair poll. Many of us eldergays have died and there's no one to vote for us.

by Census Bureaureply 1002/01/2013

Speaking of how old DL is, hasn't it been longer than 16 years that it's been up?

(It always says 16 years of being more fabulous than last year...)

by Census Bureaureply 1102/01/2013

R4, It does NOT explain JANBOT.

by Census Bureaureply 1202/01/2013

R8, the 40 category actually contains 15 years not 10. That category should have the most response.

by Census Bureaureply 1302/01/2013

I didn't find DL until '99. I don't know when the site first hit the net. I believe DL was local bulletin board before going on the internet. I was already in the "waiting to die" category in 1999. I was 57 then and 71 now.

by Census Bureaureply 1402/01/2013

If you fucking 20 something assholes who think the God Damned world revolves around you hate it here so much, start your own fucking message board and get the fuck out.

by Census Bureaureply 1502/02/2013

Time to change your tampon, R15.

by Census Bureaureply 1602/02/2013

R15 is an eldergay pedo.

by Census Bureaureply 1702/02/2013

Not surprising that the smallest category are those under 20 though that is common for a lot of other internet boards. DL definitely does skew older than most internet communities.

by Census Bureaureply 1802/04/2013

"Too many fortysomethings"

You will be forty-something too one day... and it will arrive before you know it.

by Census Bureaureply 1902/04/2013

DataLounge, in one incarnation or another, has been around since 1995 on the Internet. It was originally hosted by They got rid of it about 1996 or 1997.

by Census Bureaureply 2002/04/2013

No one ever said otherwise, R19. You read into things way too much... There really are just too many fortysomethings here, and it's killing the DL (Lisa Whelchel? Golden Girls? Enough!).

by Census Bureaureply 2102/04/2013

This is a really poorly designed poll, OP.

by Census Bureaureply 2202/04/2013

Well, I'm sure many of the forty somethings aren't exactly over the moon about the justin bieber threads.

If you don't like Lisa Welchel, then scroll, bitch, scroll...

by Census Bureaureply 2302/04/2013

Curious what you think is bad about it R22?

by Census Bureaureply 2402/04/2013

I'm modal!

by Census Bureaureply 2502/04/2013

Well, for a start, OP.... "40-54" when all other options (except 65+) are in neat 10-year strata. That's bad design. Particularly when 40-54 is the leading category. You should have made it 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, etc.

by Census Bureaureply 2602/04/2013

Lots of twinkle-toes here!

by Census Bureaureply 2702/04/2013

Or the new generation will fight it, R23. Good luck living forever, turd... You can't post about Lisa Whelchel and her ilk forever.

by Census Bureaureply 2802/04/2013

The demographics here appear to mirror those of


by Census Bureaureply 2902/04/2013

Agree w r22 / r26. Not a useful poll.

by Census Bureaureply 3002/04/2013

[quote]it's killing the DL (Lisa Whelchel? Golden Girls? Enough!)

I truly do not understand people who say stuff like this. If I can skip the One Direction threads, then you can skip the Lisa Whelchel threads. It's incredibly easy.

Also: don't see threads that interest you? Start one, then. Start two or five!

Be an active participant in the threads you like and skip the ones you don't like.

by Census Bureaureply 3102/04/2013

I don't post about Lisa Welchell but I do chuckle occasionally when I read them, you little bitch.

"new generation"? Get real, cuntie. If this poll proves anything it's that you're a minority.

by Census Bureaureply 3202/04/2013

34 here (ok, 34 in March but practicing it now). lez. cheers.

by Census Bureaureply 3302/04/2013

Please, bitch. Not even a narcissist like you can escape irrelevance and death.

Do you even speak English? Learn how to spell and punctuate, you old fart.

by Census Bureaureply 3402/04/2013

There's nothing wrong with my grammar, you pea-brained little douche. I'm posting on a message board not producing a white paper. You're boring.

by Census Bureaureply 3502/04/2013

Is there anyth particular more useful demographic information about breaking it down by 40s,50s,60s, 70s that you lose by how I break it down?

40-54 is a common medical grouping for middle aged people in studies. 65+ is of course the designation for senior citizen.

Don't see what was the harm about grouping it as I did but obviously I understand if people disagree. Still an informative poll.

by Census Bureaureply 3602/04/2013

42 here and I have little interest in the Golden Girls, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford etc, but I love the campy quoting and bitching

by Census Bureaureply 3702/04/2013

"I'm posting on a message board not producing a white paper."

I really hope R35 is not attempting to represent the eldergays. All the errors he's making are embarrassing.

by Census Bureaureply 3802/04/2013

Embarrassing to whom? This is an anonymous forum.

That's the problem with the DL children---they take themselves way too seriously yet know nothing.

by Census Bureaureply 3902/04/2013

Yawn less, R39. Write better.

by Census Bureaureply 4002/04/2013

Bump because of the new thread.

by Census Bureaureply 4111/21/2013
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