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Please buy my doll...

Hi, Beyonce here, please buy my doll.

by Beyoncereply 1302/01/2013

I wish Brits would stop making such a nuisance of themselves here.

by Beyoncereply 102/01/2013

Hey! It has EXACTLY the same hair as the real Beyonce, yarn and all!

by Beyoncereply 202/01/2013

I'm starting a black doll collection so I can stage black girl, ghetto fights.

by Beyoncereply 302/01/2013

*kisses doll*

by Beyoncereply 402/01/2013

Now the cries of racism will get them destroyed.

by Beyoncereply 502/01/2013

Oh well.

by Beyoncereply 602/01/2013

I seen Beyoncé at Burger King!

by Beyoncereply 702/01/2013

Singing Wig sold separately...

from Hasbeen! I mean, Hasbro....

by Beyoncereply 802/01/2013

Those are adorable, I want one!

by Beyoncereply 902/01/2013

I want the Lagerfeld doll so I can stick pins in it.

by Beyoncereply 1002/01/2013

It`s official:Anne Hathaway is totally 2012 on DataLounge.

by Beyoncereply 1102/01/2013

What's with this Whoreoncé overload lately? I am SO sick of seeing/reading about her EVERYWHERE the last several weeks, and it doesn't seem like it will end anytime soon.

by Beyoncereply 1202/01/2013


by Beyoncereply 1302/01/2013
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