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I'm a fortune teller. Ask me a question.

Ask anything. I am very good.

by Madame Moofastareply 18005/26/2015

What will happen if I make the career change I am planning to make this year?

by Madame Moofastareply 102/01/2013

This is something you have been thinking about for a long time. If you decide to go for it, you need to put 100% of your energy and drive into it otherwise you may be disappointed. Having said that, you feel stuck where you are now and that is making you unhappy and affecting your relationships with others. I have a feeling your sex life is not what it should be either. I feel that you need to make this move. It won't be easy at first but the benefits will come in time.

by Madame Moofastareply 202/01/2013

should I relocate to another part of the country and if so where?

by Madame Moofastareply 302/01/2013

I would like any impressions you have about my career and where you think I might be heading.


by Madame Moofastareply 402/01/2013

R3 You cannot run away from your problems. They will follow you. I feel that you need to stay where you are and sort out the issues that are holding you back. If you simply *must* move then I would suggest Florida or somewhere warm. You don't like the cold and you need sunshine in your life.

by Madame Moofastareply 502/01/2013

OP - Will i find my soul mate?

by Madame Moofastareply 602/01/2013

R4 You are stuck in a rut. I think your boss is an asshole for lack of a better word. You are heading nowhere in that toxic environment. If you can, run as fast away as your feet can carry you. You need to be in creative surroundings with people that acknowledge you and what you have to offer.

by Madame Moofastareply 702/01/2013

am I in the right job right now or should I prepare to change directions?

anything else I should know? thx!!

by Madame Moofastareply 802/01/2013

R6 We all have many potential soulmates out there. I believe you are looking in all the wrong places for love. You were once in love with someone who treated you badly. The problem is that you are still in love with the image of that person and you are seeking out the same type of person, to your detriment. When you learn to change your "game" and expand your horizons, you will find a partner who will give you what you are looking for. It won't happen soon I'm afraid, but don't give up.

by Madame Moofastareply 902/01/2013

Will I ever get a full-time job? My age (I'm 49) seems to be a big issue for employers. Also, I'm going overseas in the spring for a family trip. How will that fare?

by Madame Moofastareply 1002/01/2013

R8 You are prone to changing your mind very often. There is nothing wrong with your current job situation but I sense that you may have issues in following through with things. Why not stay put for now?

One of your close friends is suffering in silence right now. They are ashamed to tell you something important they need to. When they do, you must support them as best you can. But don't become a doormat either. It will be a trying time for this friendship that could either make or break the bond between you.

by Madame Moofastareply 1102/01/2013

R10 I see something part time in your future or perhaps a combination of a few part time positions. Think outside the box. With age comes wisdom so use what you have learnt over the years. Don't be disappointed about your current situation, it will give you time to think about your options.

The overseas trip will be a much needed breath of fresh air. A certain family member will try to be condescending but don't pay them any attention. Use the time abroad to bond with your other family members and create treasured memories. And remember to pack some comfortable shoes with non-slip soles.

by Madame Moofastareply 1202/01/2013

Thank you for your insight, OP. It is actually spot on.

by Madame Moofastareply 1302/01/2013

Will my pussy EVER stop stinking?

by Madame Moofastareply 1402/01/2013

interesting OP thanks.

by Madame Moofastareply 1502/01/2013

R14 There is something that stinks about you, however I don't think it is your pussy.

by Madame Moofastareply 1602/01/2013

R13 you are most welcome.

by Madame Moofastareply 1702/01/2013

Will I ever have enough money to get out of the ghetto I live in?

by Madame Moofastareply 1802/01/2013

Hi OP, what do you see for me?

by Madame Moofastareply 1902/01/2013

Will I ever find a mentor who will help me actualize my potential?

If this happens, will I receive financial rewards?

Any thoughts about love life?

by Madame Moofastareply 2002/01/2013

We've been very lucky; are comfortable; my work's satisfying. My husband strongly wants us to quit and see the world. Should we?

by Madame Moofastareply 2102/01/2013

OP, I was laid off last summer and have had little, if any luck in my job search, and I am wondering if I will find anything soon or should I go pursue a certification in something different.

by Madame Moofastareply 2202/01/2013


Will I ever finish the project I'm working on?

Will I end up living in the place that starts with an "I" or the place that starts with an "E"?

Many thanks!

PS Any other insight would be appreciated.

by Madame Moofastareply 2302/01/2013

Tell me what I really need to know.

by Madame Moofastareply 2402/01/2013

Hello from London, OP.

Could you please help me by telling me what career I should be pursuing? I've been unemployed for four years and just don't know what to do.

Many thanks.

by Madame Moofastareply 2502/01/2013

Will I be sorry I moved to Brooklyn?

by Madame Moofastareply 2602/01/2013

Can you tell me if I'll be moving this year? Also. I have a job interview on Tuesday. How will that go? Thanks.

by Madame Moofastareply 2702/01/2013

Hi OP!

Is my dry spell about to come to an end?

by Madame Moofastareply 2802/01/2013

To the OP Fortune Teller:

That thread you start to answer inquiries from DLers will quickly overwhelm you and you will stop answering.

by Madame Moofastareply 2902/01/2013

Which STDs did I pick up from Lindsay? I'm a cowboy, if you know what I mean, and am a little worried now.

by Madame Moofastareply 3002/01/2013

Fortune Teller, will I see the guy I met back in April of 2012 again?

by Madame Moofastareply 3102/01/2013

How much longer will I be in my current job? Will I get that promotion?

by Madame Moofastareply 3202/01/2013

I am 52, I have never really had a career :( Will I find a career? Will I make some money before I die? Will it be in the field I am thinking about? Will it be successful?

by Madame Moofastareply 3302/01/2013

Has my partner cheated on me?

by Madame Moofastareply 3402/01/2013

OP, Thanks. You intuited correctly, but in a roundabout way. I'm a performer who is starting to find the whole process of hustling for menial gigs very toxic. And oh my have I worked for some assholes.

I have been thinking it is time to make a major career shift and try to get more intensely into teaching.

So thanks again.

by Madame Moofastareply 3502/01/2013

OP here, sorry for the backlog. I am having a busy day. I will answer your questions as soon as I can.

by Madame Moofastareply 3602/01/2013

R18 I'm not sure why you call your home a ghetto. Yes, it may be a poor neighbourhood but there are tons of interesting and good people living there. As far as earning more money, I do see a possibility BUT... and here's the kicker, you need to change your attitude about money. I hope that you can find something more attuned to your personality because currently you feel stuck in a dead end situation and it's not helping you any. Think about what you'd enjoy doing, not what could make you more money. The money will come if your passion about your increases.

by Madame Moofastareply 3702/01/2013

R19 I see that you carry around alot of pain from your childhood. I see that you don't really like yourself even though you are a good person. I would suggest you try and take some time to journalise your inner feelings on a daily basis. Do this when you wake up and feel fresh. Then read it after a month and try to get to the bottom of your negative feelings. I don't think you are going to find a solution overnight. I think you need to forgive some people who are close to you. It's the only way you are going to find a sense of happiness and fulfilment in this life.

by Madame Moofastareply 3802/01/2013

R20 A mentor is all good and well but the drive to achieve your potential must come from within. I don't see you finding one person who can give you all the answers. It will come from a myriad of people, but over time. Financial rewards will come but when they do, the emotional rewards will seem far more meaningful.

As far as your love life, I have a feeling you are currently in a very complicated relationship. You may be torn between two people, trying to weigh up their benefits. I don't think either of these people will make you happy in the long run unfortunately.

by Madame Moofastareply 3902/01/2013

R21 If you are comfortable enough to have this option then I can see enormous growth for both of in having this adventure. But be prepared for both of you to grow in your own ways, which might cause friction. Be prepared to see a side of your partner you never knew existed and it might take you a while to come to terms with this.

by Madame Moofastareply 4002/01/2013

R22 All I can say to you is keep going. Something is going to happen soon. Remember to relax in your interviews and you will get what you want.

by Madame Moofastareply 4102/01/2013

R23 This project is causing you much worry. In the grand scheme of things, it is really not that important. I don't want to tell you to walk away from it, but I don't think it is doing you any good.

As far as your destination, you will end up somewhere close to the ocean. I see lots of water.

That argument you recently had with a friend needs to be resolved soon. It's not worth losing the relationship over something like that.

by Madame Moofastareply 4202/01/2013

Thank you Guru Boo

by Madame Moofastareply 4302/01/2013


I've been in the same job for over 11 years. Recently, I've gotten more responsibilities (temporary) and am really enjoying the changes. This has started me to think of looking for jobs that would require me to use these skills as well as earn more money.

So, should I start to look for jobs now or wait for a better time to do this?

by Madame Moofastareply 4402/01/2013

R24 You already know that telling lies is not the right way to get what you want. It's time for you to face the facts and get that monkey off your back once and for all. Try being honest with yourself and then with a close friend or relative. You won't find inner peace until you do this. Sorry to sound harsh but I'm getting a very strong feeling you need to be genuine again, like you were before you got hurt.

by Madame Moofastareply 4502/01/2013

R25 Hello to you too. I see you helping people, in a nurturing sense. Working for a charity organisation or being a nurse would suit you ideally. You don't think you deserve to be loved and respected but you do. For some reason I picture you surrounded by lots of books but I'm not sure if that has to do with your career path. Your path is not an easy one but it will make sense later on.

by Madame Moofastareply 4602/01/2013

R26 I'm afraid it won't be an easy move or adjustment for you. You like to have everything in order and arranged perfectly and this transition will through you out a bit. It's not all bad news though, you are likely to meet someone who will inspire you, but you need to listen to them.

by Madame Moofastareply 4702/01/2013

Will my career opportunities improve?

by Madame Moofastareply 4802/01/2013

Wil my bf ever catch me cruising in parks and toilets?

by Madame Moofastareply 4902/01/2013

R27 I don't see a physical move for you this year. The job interview will go well, but be well prepared for it. Do some research, and be yourself in the interview. I'm a bit concerned that this might not be the perfect job for you though. But don't let that discourage you.

by Madame Moofastareply 5002/01/2013

R28 I assume you are referring to sex. I'm afraid to tell you that it won't end... at least not for a few more months. But don't let that dishearten you, sometimes a break is good.

by Madame Moofastareply 5102/01/2013

R29 I can't answer as quickly as I'd like to... but I will get around to it. ;)

by Madame Moofastareply 5202/01/2013

R30 Get yourself tested and quick.

by Madame Moofastareply 5302/01/2013

OP - I am stuck in a rut, same shit different day. Please tell me that this will get better.

Thanks for your time

by Madame Moofastareply 5402/01/2013

R31 I don't think he was right for you to begin with. Becareful what you wish for in the life. I would stay far away if I were you.

by Madame Moofastareply 5502/01/2013

R22 again...Thanks for the response OP. I hope it will be soon, because things are getting pretty tight financially...will it be in the same field? Or will it be something different? Will it pay more or less than my previous job?

by Madame Moofastareply 5602/01/2013


What are my romantic/love prospects? Lately I've been batting zero.

However a creative project I started a few months ago seems to be bearing fruit. Anything else you see for me in this area?

by Madame Moofastareply 5702/01/2013

Does OP's pussy stink?

by Madame Moofastareply 5802/01/2013

Where is my bike?

by Madame Moofastareply 5902/01/2013

A psychic told me James Franco was my soulmate.

Why?? I mean WHY ME????

by Madame Moofastareply 6002/01/2013

I was really hoping for some insight, OP.

I don't actually have any close friends to "confess" anything to. And the only part of me that's hidden from my closest family member... Well I've been hiding that long before I "got hurt," so being "genuine again" wouldn't make any sense.

by Madame Moofastareply 6102/01/2013


I am 28,have a secure job,am a loner with few friends,am in the closet(out to 3-4 friends,not family.I am from a country where being gay is a big taboo),am in a relationship with a guy which seems to be going nowhere(trust issues with my boyfriend as he lies about small things at times)and am tired of answering to my folks regarding girl friends and marriage plans.

I feel depressed at times thinking about my situation.Will everything turn out to be okay soon enough?

by Madame Moofastareply 6202/01/2013

hey OP,

I have a question for you. I have been in a couple of times for a job that I could easily do, working for people I like who really love me but for some reason the offer isn't coming in. Any thoughts? I must be holding it out but don't know why.


by Madame Moofastareply 6302/01/2013

Hey OP - do you see anything intersting happening to me this year?

by Madame Moofastareply 6402/01/2013

You are correct about my childhood,OP. You are very good. Thanks for the suggestion to start journaling.

by Madame Moofastareply 6502/01/2013


Thanks for your insights. I haven't had a problem getting part-time or freelance gigs because of my experience/credentials but full-time has been a major problem and I do blame it on my age, particularly when I work in an industry that has become a microcosm of the old movie "Logan's Run," in which everyone is killed once they turn 30.

You're right about the trip being a breath of fresh air and SO right about the shoes!!! I'm going to be walking a lot where I'll be going. Thanks!

by Madame Moofastareply 6602/01/2013

OP, Thanks in advance for any advice/direction that you can provide. So many have promised guidance in my chosen career. Is this A-lister serious in helping or is it another pipe dream? Any predictions for my "love life?"

by Madame Moofastareply 6702/01/2013

Will I find a job soon? If so, will it be something I enjoy or I will be settling yet again?

by Madame Moofastareply 6802/01/2013

Hi OP: First off, I think it is awesome for you to offer help to people. I guess I just want to know if I will get healthy again and get rid of this pain. Thanks again.

by Madame Moofastareply 6902/01/2013

Hi OP, basically same question as r69.. was laid off and am wondering about the future. not sure what direction I'm heading. Also, thank you for doing this.

by Madame Moofastareply 7002/01/2013

OK, OP, I'll give this a try. Is there anyway to get the last 15 years back? I squandered them. I need to find some meaning and purpose. Some extra money would be nice too, but it's almost secondary.

by Madame Moofastareply 7102/01/2013

Madame Moofasta, I've got a 2 part question. I've been unemployed for 7 months now and it looks like my old job is going to be rehiring me in the next month or so. Should I continue my job search, or will the job stick this time around?

Also because of my layoff, my boyfriend and I had to postpone our wedding so that we could live off of those savings while I searched for a new job. We've started planning again for late November, but I'm hesitant to get the process started again if my job prospects don't look good.

by Madame Moofastareply 7202/01/2013


I filed an EEOC complaint against my employer (the State of Arizona) back in August after years of abuse and harassment. The harassment ringleader (a manager) left in October, I believe my employer hoped I would cancel the EEOC mediation but I did not. The mediation didn't go well, I refused their offer and tension escalated on both sides, the damage was done to my professional reputation.

In December I was led to believe I had job offers and submitted my resignation, but attempted to retract it the next day but they refused to let me. The job offers were set-up. I filed for unemployment and they did not protest, but stated I voluntarily quit.

I still want to sue their ass off, I am justifiably angry. Should I or no?

by Madame Moofastareply 7302/01/2013

Do you have any insight to what happened to me two years ago?

by Madame Moofastareply 7402/01/2013

OP, looking at going back to school. Feel like this might be my last chance to get on the right path in my life. Is it?

by Madame Moofastareply 7502/01/2013

One more thing. R72, here. O am drawn to food. The most persistent ideas I have that are business related center around food. I am wondering about taking a class in cake decorating or pastry making. But it almost seems a waste of time. I think of other food related activities too.

Thanks, OP. Appreciate you doing this.

by Madame Moofastareply 7602/01/2013

OP, I'm stuck in life. What should I do?

by Madame Moofastareply 7702/01/2013

hi OP,

will i find work in 2013? i'm a freelancer (writer).


by Madame Moofastareply 7802/01/2013

If and when I stop being a bottom, will my hole tighten up? How much? (Its pretty banged out now)

by Madame Moofastareply 7902/01/2013

Why do my anal warts keep returning? Is it because I mow my lawn without wearing underwear, as I've been told?

by Madame Moofastareply 8002/01/2013

I've been crying a lot lately. So many of my most loved friends and family have died in a relatively short time.

When will I die and stop the crying?

by Madame Moofastareply 8102/01/2013

OP, 48 year old happily-single gay male with an MBA in Brooklyn unemployed For the last 15 months. Will I ever find a "normal" job with paid vacation and benefits in the financial services industry in NYC?

by Madame Moofastareply 8202/01/2013

Hi Op, I'm in the last semester of a very rigid program with excellent employment opportunities and should graduate in May. Many people fail these classes because they are so tough. Will I pass my classes and graduate? Will I find work easily after graduation and will I even be any good at the type of work? Last question will I sleep or get closer to my current professor with whom I share a chemistry with? Thanks

by Madame Moofastareply 8302/01/2013

Hello OP,

Woman in my thrities here. I have some cool business opportunities on the horizon, can you share any thoughts about my career forecast (I am being stingy with details because I don't want to lead you too much).

Also, I am fine with being single, not really looking but any impressions about my long term love life would be nice to hear.

by Madame Moofastareply 8402/01/2013

Madame Moofasta, I often have recurring dreams of winning lotto. Will this actually happen and, if so, when?

by Madame Moofastareply 8502/01/2013

Thanks OP (or should I say Thanks Obi-Wan ?)

You have wisdom.

by Madame Moofastareply 8602/02/2013

Very static, stale, hallow predictions.

by Madame Moofastareply 8702/02/2013

Thanks for the reply, OP

by Madame Moofastareply 8802/02/2013

I feel foolish now, and abandoned.

by Madame Moofastareply 8902/03/2013

Will Matt Bomer be portrayed as getting a spanking in any of his future movies?

by Madame Moofastareply 9002/03/2013

Will Matt Damon ever be portrayed as getting a spanking in any of his future movies and if so, who is going to be spanking him?

by Madame Moofastareply 9102/03/2013

I was Matt Damon's neck one summer as an extra job.

by Madame Moofastareply 9202/03/2013

Will this be the year I find love again?

by Madame Moofastareply 9302/03/2013

I made some really bad decisions over the last decade, and my life is in ruins. My career - such as it is - is so past being a dead-end, we're talking zombieland; my relationship has grown so distant that we actually live 500 miles apart; the only bright spot is the dog I adopted 5 years ago. I'm old, my skill set is outdated, and I have few prospects. What should I do?

by Madame Moofastareply 9402/03/2013

Will our husband divorce us and when?

by Madame Moofastareply 9502/03/2013

What will I ask you?

by Madame Moofastareply 9602/03/2013

should i get a name change, will it benefit my future? and will i be successful in my performances?

by Madame Moofastareply 9702/03/2013

Tell me about my BF

by Madame Moofastareply 9802/03/2013

OP, do you see me going back to Spain any time soon?

by Madame Moofastareply 9902/03/2013

R29 turned out to be the best fortune teller on this thread:

[quote]That thread you start to answer inquiries from DLers will quickly overwhelm you and you will stop answering.

by Madame Moofastareply 10002/04/2013

will connor go out with me if he splits up with charlotte but he likes chloe so will he ?

by Madame Moofastareply 10104/17/2013

Will my boyfriend propose?

by Madame Moofastareply 10204/17/2013

Will my friend Julie always be a real cunt?

by Madame Moofastareply 10304/17/2013

Do you know where you're going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Do you know?

by Madame Moofastareply 10404/17/2013

I prefer to get my information from a legitimate fortune teller, Madame Ethel Mertzola.

by Madame Moofastareply 10504/17/2013

R104, of course she will. She shares a problem with Cheryl...

by Madame Moofastareply 10604/17/2013

Will we get a president that cares about making the country better after this cunt leaves office?

by Madame Moofastareply 10704/17/2013

No, freeper-fuctard at r108

by Madame Moofastareply 10804/17/2013

Good, just making sure.

by Madame Moofastareply 10904/17/2013

Hi, OP What's in store for me?

by Madame Moofastareply 11004/17/2013

Will Gwynnie recover from the bad press?

by Madame Moofastareply 11104/17/2013

Hi OP,

I've had a crush on a married pal for years (since the early 90's.) He's very aware of my crush and desire for nude pics of him. Will he and I ever have sex? Does he secretly desire me sexually? What does he really think of me? Is he gay or bisexual?

I have a unique friendship with another guy I've known since 2008/2009. I've fondled him in the past. He said he wanted to take a break from the fondling, but, a bit of touching (with my touching him in certain areas when I see him still happens.) He seems to enjoy it. Will he and I ever have sex of any kind? Is he gay or bisexual? Will he and I ever be boyfriends? How does he really feel about me? I want to move to another city or state, but have stayed put since I want to see what will happen with he and I. Is this a wise thing to do? Thanks in advance :)

by Madame Moofastareply 11204/19/2013

I hope you see and answer my post, OP. Thanks, R 113

by Madame Moofastareply 11304/24/2013

Would I get divorced

by Madame Moofastareply 11405/29/2013

OP, why do I feel my life is about to open up in a really big way? I have no evidence this will happen but I feel so optimistic. TKU.

by Madame Moofastareply 11505/29/2013

So about that September 11 thing. You had no idea?

by Madame Moofastareply 11605/29/2013

So what is wrong with me? Been urinating blood, pain in my side and general discomfort off and on for over a year. Nothing is showing up in blood and urine test, x-rays, mri.

by Madame Moofastareply 11705/29/2013

Will I ever become fluent in Italian and Spanish, fluent enough to make it a career move? Would accounting be a better choice? Please answer this one, this is important and I can't afford to visit a local psychic.

A pal did a Tarot card reading that was eerily very, very accurate. Esp. one card. It haunts me.

A great, big thank you in advance!!

by Madame Moofastareply 11805/29/2013

OP I am feeling out of sorts and uneasy the last week or so. What's the weird vibe I am sensing?

by Madame Moofastareply 11905/29/2013


How much longer do I have to wait until my love life and career start working out? Am I ever going to be happy again?

Hope you come back to this thread!

by Madame Moofastareply 12005/29/2013

I'd like to know what's in store for me in the immediate future, personally and professionally. Am at a turning point.

by Madame Moofastareply 12105/29/2013

How long am I stuck here?

by Madame Moofastareply 12205/29/2013

Hi OP,

its r113. i could really use your help with my questions. thanks in advance :)

by Madame Moofastareply 12305/30/2013

When will I get fucked again?

by Madame Moofastareply 12405/30/2013

lol at R125!

by Madame Moofastareply 12506/01/2013

Madam, should I move to Africa?


by Madame Moofastareply 12606/01/2013

R117, The powerful elite were told very, very specific details well in advance, re 911, and chose to totally ignore the source.

by Madame Moofastareply 12706/01/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Madame Moofastareply 12806/01/2013

Will my wife ever wash her snatch again?

by Madame Moofastareply 12906/01/2013

Hi OP,

It's r113 again. Can you please help me with the questions I asked? It would help a great deal.

Thanks :)

by Madame Moofastareply 13006/26/2013


by Madame Moofastareply 13107/20/2013

Is your cunt cuntastic?

by Madame Moofastareply 13207/20/2013

I've been a freelance writer (copywriting and articles etc.) for over 8 years full time and now I've finally begun writing novels. I do feel strongly that sooner or later, this will pay off big time for me. Usually, I don't have much faith in things like this, but my belief in my future success is so strong this time that it's very empowering. Do you have any insights for me?

Thanks in advance

by Madame Moofastareply 13307/20/2013

Hi OP should I stay in the career I am presently in?

Also, will I ever find true love?


by Madame Moofastareply 13407/20/2013

Will I have my own home one day? Will my daughter be ok?

by Madame Moofastareply 13507/20/2013

Will I ever be hired again?

by Madame Moofastareply 13607/20/2013

Will the guy who's been flirting with me for 4 months turn out to be a really nice guy who actually asks me questions about myself? Or is he just an out-of-control egomaniac?

by Madame Moofastareply 13707/20/2013

My dad is thinking of moving to a bigger house and I want to move but I'm not sure if I'm gonna move before school starts. I really dont like this school and i want to move. I'm I going to move to a new house before school starts?

by Madame Moofastareply 13807/21/2013

I recently got a regular freelance job (I'm a reporter) with a very well known company and am wondering if that will develop into something full-time, complete with benefits and higher pay. Also, will I move?

by Madame Moofastareply 13907/21/2013

Can you give me the five fantasy 5 numbers for today Saturday 21, 2013?

The numbers range from 1-39.

by Madame Moofastareply 14007/21/2013

will i meet justin bieber soon?

by Madame Moofastareply 14107/22/2013

How is my career and love-life doing? What will it be like in a few months' time?

by Madame Moofastareply 14207/22/2013

Looking to chane my job! Should I

by Madame Moofastareply 14312/29/2013

So tired of my current landlord's bullshit. Want to move. When would be the best time and in what direction?

by Madame Moofastareply 14412/29/2013

Will my husband get the job he interviewed at the Sex Offender Program in Moose Lake, Mn. just today?! He is definitely qualified for the job and he is very excited about it! He Really wants it because he will be supervising staff like he use to at the airlines a few years ago. There are 6 people interviewing for this position. He felt they liked him and all we can do is wait. ­čś×

by Madame Moofastareply 14505/30/2014

will my relationship work out or am i getting used

by Madame Moofastareply 14608/10/2014

Hi r133, Not OP, but I am also a fortune teller. Your writing career will be fine. I feel very strongly that you have a connection in publishing. This is not a first person connection, but someone you are close with (I'm feeling banking for some reason) knows this person well and would gladly help you. So, to flush out this person you must tell EVERYONE in your circle that you need help launching this new career. Also, there is a writing class locally with a teacher who is a hidden gem. This person had success in self-publishing and would be able to guide you through that. Good luck!

by Madame Moofastareply 14708/10/2014

Will my semi-autobiographical coming of age manuscript be picked up? And will I ever find love?

by Madame Moofastareply 14808/10/2014

Why does it hurt when I pee?

by Madame Moofastareply 14908/11/2014

What did I have that I don't have? What did he like that I lost track of? What did I do that I don't do the way I did before?

What isn't there that once was there? What have I got a great big lack of?

Something in me that He could see that Beckons to him no more.

by Madame Moofastareply 15008/11/2014

Should I make a move on that straight guy who's flirting with me?

by Madame Moofastareply 15108/11/2014

I am working many hours at my new job. The pay is low, the hours long and the commute expensive and time consuming. is it worth it? Should I stick it out or work somewhere close to home? I work in the restaurant industry.

by Madame Moofastareply 15208/11/2014

My life sucks. Should I just give up or will things ever start to look up? I'm so lonely.

by Madame Moofastareply 15308/11/2014

I feel like I've spent my life running after one thing or another. I'm getting older now, and want to settle down and enjoy my grandkid. My husband is a type "a" personality, and he wants me to make a career change and go for the top slot. I'm conflicted. What should I do?

by Madame Moofastareply 15408/11/2014

I lost my dog for 3 months and I can not find him back. I've been really wondering that he is still alive or not? Please, kindly answer me this question.

by Madame Moofastareply 15510/21/2014

I've been trying to ignore a few DL Trolls, but they're still posting total lies about me. Any suggestions? Yes I know that most on DL are far more mature.

by Madame Moofastareply 15610/21/2014

will that girl fall in love with me?

by Madame Moofastareply 15711/29/2014

When will my very rare salivary duct carcinoma return and kill me?

by Madame Moofastareply 15811/29/2014

has my ex hooked up with another girl already ?

by Madame Moofastareply 15912/20/2014

Will I ever have another natural erection?

by Madame Moofastareply 16012/20/2014

Should I quit school

by Madame Moofastareply 16105/03/2015

When will you come back and answer all those questions?

by Madame Moofastareply 16205/03/2015


by Madame Moofastareply 16305/04/2015

Who'll stop the rain? mind.

by Madame Moofastareply 16405/04/2015

What's the next hobby I should pick up? Thank you

by Madame Moofastareply 16505/04/2015

Will I ever have a relationship again?

by Madame Moofastareply 16605/04/2015

I have the same question as most everyone here. My career has stalled and I'm struggling financially. I recently took on a second job. Do you see any good coming of it?

by Madame Moofastareply 16705/04/2015

What question was I going to ask?

by Madame Moofastareply 16805/04/2015

Will our husband return to us?

by Madame Moofastareply 16905/04/2015

Where's my fortune?

by Madame Moofastareply 17005/04/2015

What R170 asked.

by Madame Moofastareply 17105/04/2015

Will Bernie Sanders become president in 2016?

Now don't use your logic or knowledge of politics. Use what psychic power you have. I mean miracles do happen sometime.

by Madame Moofastareply 17205/04/2015

King Kong, r164.

I mean, DUH!!

by Madame Moofastareply 17305/04/2015

What will happen to the Insane Libertarian Troll in the next two years?

by Madame Moofastareply 17405/06/2015

Will I really catch HIV from a a younger homosexual man?

by Madame Moofastareply 17505/26/2015

Will I ever make a real private military medical exam video?

by Madame Moofastareply 17605/26/2015

Will we marry again?

by Madame Moofastareply 17705/26/2015

Will the US ever be restored?

by Madame Moofastareply 17805/26/2015

Madame Moofasta passed away this morning. I've tried to contact her but she was busy sucking cocks in hell.

by Madame Moofastareply 17905/26/2015
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