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I Invented a Girlfriend for Myself Because I’m Gay and Wanted to Play Football in College

This HAS to be a troll post - Gawker article with anonymous author. I think the DL's manly troll wrote it.

[quote] People would write "FAGGOT" on my door. I'd get them back by putting shitty used condoms on their doorknob. I knew who they were. I'd fuck tricks in the communal showers. I'd walk around the dorm in just a towel, waiting for someone to say something.

[quote] he tried to punch me and I laid him out in front of his wife and kids. I told him, "You just got your ass kicked by a faggot."

[quote] I remember some queen telling me that at the Roxy: "You can't ever let anyone see you crack in this town. If you're going to start crying, you're in the wrong city."


by Anonymousreply 001/31/2013
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