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Kim kardashian

Does anyone else hope she dies n labour?

by Muff puncherreply 2002/01/2013


by Muff puncherreply 101/31/2013

I keep wondering why she's still popular.

by Muff puncherreply 201/31/2013

me, I hope

by Muff puncherreply 301/31/2013

I'm in!

by Muff puncherreply 401/31/2013

No, but I hope she goes away forever.

by Muff puncherreply 501/31/2013


The thought of her shitting out yet another member of that whore family disgusts me.

by Muff puncherreply 601/31/2013

Maybe Kardashian can just sort of die if she and her family would just go away forever.

by Muff puncherreply 701/31/2013

She's having a demon spawn. A possessed baby. And it will look ugly. Look at a picture of her fuck boy. He's UGLY. The baby will be fatherless. He will leave Kim after a while, after he stretches her out and loose. He'll get tired of it then. He'll get some money from her and leave. Then she'll be a single mother with a fatherless kid, no role model, and it will all become a disaster when the kid becomes a teen and they give him access to guns. Maybe he'll massacre the whole family. Who knows, but I do know that baby is definitely Satan's child.

by Muff puncherreply 801/31/2013

She's a fame whore. The whole family needs to be lined up and shot

by Muff puncherreply 901/31/2013

Can't they all charter a jet , that will go down, and take them all at once ? Sweet merciful Lord - they need to all be gone !

by Muff puncherreply 1002/01/2013

I find her quite innocuous, I don't hate her because she isn't hurting anyone.

On the other hand I'm not a fan because I have no idea WTF she does! She's famous for her connections to uber skank Paris Hilton, her dad having been OJ Simpson's lawyer and her mom being married to Bruce Jenner.

I guess getting famous for doing nothing, is some sort of accomplishment during a time when people are fighting over getting a job at The Gap!

by Muff puncherreply 1102/01/2013

Pray for Rosemary's Baby!

by Muff puncherreply 1202/01/2013

[R11] give me my divorce so my baby won't be born a bastard. I agree the rst of my family meeting their doom on a plane would be great. Think of the money I could make!

by Muff puncherreply 1302/01/2013

I hope she survives just so she and her family can partake in my proposal for a special edition of 'Survivor'.

Only they leave them wherever.

by Muff puncherreply 1402/01/2013

R14 - good plan!

by Muff puncherreply 1502/01/2013

I find it interesting that people still have that response of "But what does she do?". Who gives a fuck what she does? Models don't do anything and people act as if they do. Letting someone take your picture, even if you are gorgeous does not qualify as doing anything. You don't get extra credit for being good looking cause if you did, no one should complain about Kim. Lots of people find her attractive and she gets paid for it, just like a model.

We give lots of people our money for doing nothing. Like athletes, I guess if you like sports then you think it's fine they get paid huge sums of money for playing a game that they probably started playing as a child. I think it's fucked up and stupid. So she gets paid huge sums of money for doing nothing but having fun, just like an athlete.

by Muff puncherreply 1602/01/2013

This made me LOL. I can think of a few choice quips to add, but won't.

by Muff puncherreply 1702/01/2013

It was revealing when Khloe was on Fashion Police the other night and she said her mother would never hit Kim as she was the moneymaker in the family. She refreshingly cast her Mom and sis as two major famewhores even though she is guilty of that too. That being said. I hope Kim dies in childbirth and that the demon spawn immediately devours Kanye's head while Guilliana narrates live on camera for E.

by Muff puncherreply 1802/01/2013

R18 I think I love you.

by Muff puncherreply 1902/01/2013

What should happen and what she deserves is to give birth to a 0 black male child that is very dark skinned and looks black and especially has dry textured afro hair. She does not deserve a beautiful mixed or bi racial or Armenian child with nice skin , face or long hair - this is what she wants and this is what she should get, serves her right

by Muff puncherreply 2002/01/2013
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