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JonBenét Ramsey Here.

Feeling much better after therapy and some reconstructive work, and eager to pursue my career plans again!!!

Any questions?

by JonBen%E9t Ramseyreply 301/31/2013

Are you going to stay with bangs or go another route, JBR?

by JonBen%E9t Ramseyreply 101/31/2013

We're you buried in the Pet Semetery?

by JonBen%E9t Ramseyreply 201/31/2013

R1, at first I didn't like getting banged because it was ouchy ouchy messy hurty, but then I got used to it and started feeling sneezy down there and tickle pink like when I rub a horsie. So I think I shall stick with bangs.

R2, I was not buried there. I was "stashed" in the Boulder Dumb Friends League back room in a pink crate until I was a good girl again and used the paper. Mommy Patsy pretended to be sickypoo and then she played sleepy until they carried her away my brother Burke said and the put rocks in the box in Georgie but I always stayed here in Boulder with the kitties.

Now that I'm 22 I know I missed school but I watch TV so I know all the latest fashions for competitions and lazer sequins with little lights.

Daddy says he can't believe I am so old but I'll always be his little girl and I am you know.

See you!

by JonBen%E9t Ramseyreply 301/31/2013
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