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Cooking disaster....Help!

I was making cornbread and accidentally poured the 1/3 cup of oil into my soup. Is it ruined? It was potato soup.

I was taking it to a sick, elderly friend.

by fuck!reply 901/31/2013

Does your friend need a laxative?

by fuck!reply 101/31/2013

Go to Balducchi's and pick up a quart there. Done.

by fuck!reply 201/31/2013

chill the soup.

the oil will rise, skim it off.

by fuck!reply 301/31/2013

Maybe if I refrigerate and then skim it off the top? Does vegetable oil act the same as meat fat and form a solid layer if cold?

by fuck!reply 401/31/2013

Yes...I already told you that in R3.

by fuck!reply 501/31/2013

Thank you R3/5. I think we were posting around the same time.

by fuck!reply 601/31/2013

R3 is a bitch.

You need to tell us how large a batch it is - although the cool-and-skim will work fine, 1/3 cup of oil in a cream-based potato soup of a sufficient sized batch isn't necessarily a terrible thing.

If you really need to de-fat, quicker methods (if you've let the soup sit quietly for a bit) are taking chilled lettuce leaves and running them across the surface of the soup - the fat clings to the leaves amazingly well. Also, a time-honore method is placing an ice cube in the soup, which chills and attracts fat for quicker removal. Finally, an old method also is place a slice of bread on the surface of the soup, which sponges-in the fat on the surface.

Meaning if you're rushed you don't need to bring the whole pot down to 40 degrees to work on it.

by fuck!reply 701/31/2013

I love R3 / R5 for his cuntiness.

by fuck!reply 801/31/2013

Thanks R7. It's a pretty big pot.

Learned my lesson about mixing other stuff to close to the stove.

by fuck!reply 901/31/2013
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