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Attn Royal Watchers, Please comment on the following from BlindGossip:

BlindGossip question of what fabulously rich&spoiled male was dependent on another, but not in a bromance, led to this anon. comment:

"Either Prince Charles and Fawcett or Prince William and his best friend and confidant Guy Pelly. Fawcett has a weird and strange hold on Charles, he is the one whom the British press named as the servant who was accused of raping John Smith a valet. Smith contacted Diana and told her all about that, she tried to investigate but she died before she finds out the truth. There are rumors for years that he and Charles are lovers too. Or William and Guy. Something the US press isn't reporting, is that William is been living separately from Kate, going on shooting and hunting trips with friends for weeks. That when she got sick, she was at her parents house and they were the ones who insisted they go to the hospital, and the palace had to fly William over so he wont be absent. Guy is rumored to be gay and always around William since their Eton days."

by Anonymousreply 601/31/2013

Well every male member of that family has been rumored to be homosexual, and that can't be true. In the 1950s, Phillip was absent from the palace for many months on a round-the-world tour with his male secretary, whose wife divorced him while he was gone. Even back then, it wasn't explicitly said out loud, but there were rumors in the press. One newspaper reported that they had inquired, and Buckingham had told them there was no rift between Elizabeth and Phillip, and the trip was a legitimate part of his royal duties. All of these rumors certainly seem to be credible, and knowing that actual homosexuality includes only about 10% of the population, then I am thinking that bisexual behavior has to be far more common than most people suspect. I know that in my own life's experience, as a closet queer in the rural South, most of the men that I have had sex with are considered to be straight, and obviously have sex with their wives and/or other women.

by Anonymousreply 101/31/2013

As I recall Fawcett wasn't 'fabulously rich and spoiled' but made his way up the royal service hierarchy from 'ordinary' beginnings.

He did though make himself indispensable to Charles as a PA. It was from that position that the bad publicity grew. There were numerous stories about his bullying: arrogance and high-handedness, taking on the airs of his boss. When the rape allegations appeared, respectable newspapers repeatedly printed the picture of Fawcett with Charles.

There was enough heat around for Charles to 'move' Fawcett from his household position; but he was so useful (or knew so much) that he was kept on in much the same role, perhaps on a private basis.

The widespread mocking gossip that Fawcett would put the toothpaste on Charles's toothbrush was seen as symbolic of other services provided. In other words, the press was saying - as it not infrequently does to the Royals - we're on to you. Don't push your luck.

by Anonymousreply 201/31/2013

I don't think the "fabulously rich and spoiled" description i meant to apply to the pal (i.e. Fawcett or Pelly), r2, but rather to the main character, i.e. Charles or William (or someone else entirely).

by Anonymousreply 301/31/2013

"That when she got sick, she was at her parents house and they were the ones who insisted they go to the hospital"

Her parents' house is over 50 miles away from the hospital she went to. Why would they insist on shifting her so far? She would have gone to hospital anyway, no one needed to insist, it's not like she just had a common cold.

Why would the palace have to fly William into central London? The fact Kate was in hospital wasn't even meant to be known to the public, so why did they need to stage a dramatic cover-up? She's pregnant with his child so of course he would be concerned what's happening to her, unless you're also going to try and claim the baby is someone else's.

William isn't on shooting and hunting trips (what farcical stereotypes you have) but works for the RAF Search and Rescue Force.

by Anonymousreply 401/31/2013

What a fun story!

by Anonymousreply 501/31/2013

William is too boring to be gay -- not only is there not a flamboyant bone in his body, and he wouldn't recognize flamboyance if it chucked him under the chin.

by Anonymousreply 601/31/2013
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