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Elvis Stojko

At this point, I'm guessing he'll never come out...

by Evan L.reply 1302/02/2013

He would if there were money in it.

by Evan L.reply 101/30/2013

He's the hottest figure skater ever.

by Evan L.reply 201/30/2013

I was shocked over the weekend to see Elvis Stojko with his WIFE OF TWO YEARS in a Pandora jewelry commerical that ran during the Pandora on Ice figure skating special.

Both he and his wife were in the commercial acting in love and affectionate. She was latino and spoke with a spanish accent.

She is good looking with very long straight dark hair.

He was interesting performing on the ice at this event. He does look to be just 5'3" or 5'4" at the most. He is aging well.

by Evan L.reply 301/30/2013

How much is he paying her to pretend to love him?

by Evan L.reply 401/30/2013

R3, Elvis Stojko is 5'6 or 5'7. I've met him in person.

And it's possible he may not actually be gay being that he is married to a woman.

Who knows.

by Evan L.reply 501/30/2013

Did you mean to say that you are him in person, R5? Gay Elvis is in the house, DLers!

by Evan L.reply 601/30/2013

Homely. But a great ass.

by Evan L.reply 701/31/2013

Nice ass but his face and hair were not attractive. He was pock marked. Any recent pics?

by Evan L.reply 802/01/2013

I was just always shocked to find out Kurt Browning was straight.

by Evan L.reply 902/01/2013

He's an athlete, not a model, R8

by Evan L.reply 1002/02/2013

He's not gay. That's why he is Skate Canada's darling.

by Evan L.reply 1102/02/2013

Let me guess, R11 - you're the Skate Canada Troll?

by Evan L.reply 1202/02/2013

He seems very conflicted to me. I'm sure he's still getting cock on the side.

by Evan L.reply 1302/02/2013
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