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Recall Issued For Smoked Salmon And Bagels

Involves Whole Foods, Thomas', Sara Lee, Publix And Weight Watchers

Bagels and lox are a much-loved breakfast combo, which is why it's particularly odd -- and alarming -- that two separate recalls were recently initiated for Whole Foods smoked salmon and bagels from Thomas', Sara Lee, Publix and Weight Watchers in some states.

The cold smoked and sliced salmon, sold in four-ounce packages at a slew of Whole Foods stores, has been recalled for potential Listeria bacteria contamination. Affected states are Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Utah.

The FDA has more details about the product's packaging:

The recalled salmon is sold in black-and-gold, flat, rectangular vacuum-sealed packages; the lot code being recalled is 7425A2298B. The lot code is ink-jet printed on the back of the package, on the upper left side. The UPC code is 0 99482 40880 0. Signage is posted in Whole Foods Market stores to notify customers of this recall. Pictures of the product are enclosed. No illnesses have yet been reported with this particular smoked salmon recall, but the high number of smoked salmon recalls to surface in recent weeks and months is concerning. It's unclear what's to blame for the spike.

A separate recall involving bagels is also worrisome. Bimbo Bakeries, which operates Thomas', Sara Lee, Publix and Weight Watchers, recently initiated a voluntary recall because of the possibility of metal fragments in the product -- the result of a fault manufacturing part. Affected products are fresh bagels with "Best Buy" dates of "JAN 18" to and including "JAN 27." The date can be found printed on the lock tab bag closure. Bimbo Bakeries is the nation’s largest baking company.

The types of bagels recalled varies by state, but the FDA has a handy chart that's worth a close look over: See link

No injuries have been reported in the bagel recall.

by Anonymousreply 001/28/2013
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