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If you happen to remember me, I'm back for a little bit. It's currently the wee hours of the morning for me and I'm open to take one question tonight.

I'll address the three subsequent questions sometime tomorrow. After those, I can't promise I'll respond to too much for a little while.

by Psych101reply 11501/17/2014

Is there any conection between an absentee Father, a domineering Mother and being a gay man?

by Psych101reply 101/28/2013

R1, if you're asking my opinion as a psychologist, that's the wrong kind of "psych", I'm afraid. My apologies for the confusion.

by Psych101reply 201/28/2013

I would like more specific answers in terms of my career and love life; possibly they are related. I've had my hopes dashed so many times with apparently false promises. So is "Mr. Famous A-lister" really helping me, or am I being misled?

by Psych101reply 301/28/2013

hi psych 101,

glad that you've come back. i've re-edited my original post to reflect the changes.

i posted as sanguine (#173) on the old thread.

i've had to live through extreme stress for the past 6 years (death of my mother, death of beloved pets, loss of my home and severe financial stress).

my precious little rescue dog died in oct. he was 13. i've had messages that he wants to come back to me as another dog.

i hope that i can find him again.

i feel like i have lost myself -- who i was.

will i ever be able to resurrect my creative life?

do you see happiness and success in my life sometime soon?

i have a new BF who has moved from out of state to be near me. i'm not sure whether we'll make it as a couple. should we live together and where?

thank you. sanguine

by Psych101reply 401/28/2013

Hi Psych101,

Nice to see you back and thanks for opening a session.

I just want to know if life will ever change for me. If it will, where or what should I do to change it?

Thanks alot.

by Psych101reply 501/28/2013

Hi Psych! Welcome back. I'm a bit worried about how much I've been sleeping lately. No depression really. Are my vitamins off?

by Psych101reply 601/28/2013

R3, looks like you and I are going to have a go tonight. Thanks for posting.

My immediate response is to say that you are so driven it is hurting you. It's okay to want something. It's okay to work for something. Don't let what I'm about to say sway you from your goals, but . . . it's always best to find moments of contentment along the way. Pause, enjoy, breathe, plan, and forge ahead. The constant drive, the climb, the ambition . . . it will eat through you and leave you empty and unable to enjoy your success when you've achieved it. There are always higher heights, my darling.

Furthermore, the need for acceptance and approval comes through really strongly from you - although I feel like you would disagree, but it's there if you take an honest look. Being in charge means what you say just "IS" because you've got the credibility behind you. Being in charge doesn't mean you've got yes-people around you.

Regarding love and this A-lister, this is not the one and you are being used. You know you're being used. Why do I get that it's for something like a drug connection? Could be metaphorical . . . he's using you to fulfill a need to get high/escape his realities. Ultimately, he will leave you with unfulfilled promises and a shattered self-image. The signs are already there. How many times did you have to call/text about those plans you were trying to make with him?

I don't know why I keep seeing sports cars . . . and it's not becoming much clearer to me. I'll come back to it if it does.

As for your work life, you're good at what you do right now, but I'm seeing you more on the production side of things. You need to be making the decisions that impact the overall package, the vision and heart of it all.

You've got a strong soul. I'd be tempted to say you are an old soul with a troubled past. Your soul reads female - and it could very well be in a male body - but it reads female with a penchant for stilettos, tight skirts, and whiskey. There is a diva in you, and she's tired of being told "not right now".


- Look for two names to pop up in your future regarding a career move: Sarah and/or Sheffield. Just pay attention when they strike you and make sure you follow through (an area where you could use some work).

- Make a dental appointment for a checkup and a whitening. You'll be glad you did.

- Photography. Take pictures and document this portion of your life. You're going to want to remember this part for your book.

by Psych101reply 701/28/2013

Pysch do you see mass illness and the CDC disclosing the true nature of this flu? Or do you see the cure on the horizon?

by Psych101reply 801/28/2013

Wait, I thought Psych 101 is a psychologist, but she's giving someone a psychic reading? Wha????

by Psych101reply 901/28/2013

Glad you're back. I was hoping if you had any insights into how I could overcome the health challenges I face daily;

1) Is there something I haven't thought of that I could do, a medicine I could take, etc. That would help me reach a personal media/artistic goal.

2) Am I capable of achieving that media/artistic dream goal, and what benefits do you see it bringing me?

3) Is there anyway that I could earn back the friendship of two people I met online FB/Twitter, who blocked me and cut me off dead with no explanation or opportunity to make things right.

Last time you came so close to answering my questions. I think I was like number 57 and you got up to number 53 (taking 3 a night) but stopped. Please see if you can advise me this time. I need it. I need a lot of things, money included, and can use your advice greatly.

by Psych101reply 1001/28/2013

Hi Psych. Do you see any romance for me this year? Many thanks.

by Psych101reply 1101/28/2013

Hi Psych, Do you know anything about my guides and what info. they're trying to get through to me? Thanks.

by Psych101reply 1201/28/2013

Psych, what can you tell me about my career path? Welcome back!

by Psych101reply 1301/28/2013

hey psych 101-

i've been trying to get a business off the ground for 6 years now, but while i've raised my profile dramatically in my industry, the income isn't coming in yet. between that and my health, the stress is really adding up and i don't know how much longer i can hold on, or what my alternatives are.

oh, and for the first time in my life i'm kind of open to a relationship, any chance of that happening too?

by Psych101reply 1401/28/2013

My son and my mom died within two weeks of each other almost six months ago. I haven't been able to cry, grieve, anything. all my emotions are locked down tight. I feel sad all the time now, but it's not clinical depression, just bottled up sadness

I have no love life, and very few friends. I have been avoiding them because I don't know how to interact with them (normal people) anymore.

I have no job, no insurance. I don't know how to keep going anymore. I know things HAVE to get better but I don't know how to help myself.

I'm on pain management and every month have left over pills. I count out the left over pills just so I know that I can end it, but it's not what I really want, or rather I'm too afraid that he'll is real and even worse than this.

by Psych101reply 1501/28/2013

Meant hell, not he'll

by Psych101reply 1601/28/2013

Thank you for taking our questions. I recently retired from my job as a nurse. I have yet to receive my pension and recently found out that I won't be covered by health insurance. I feel so lost. I dont really like where I am living and am concerned that my savings and pension won't cover my expenses for the long term. I have become very depressed and am sleeping a lot. I think it would be a good idea for me to go back to school and persue another line of work. Possibly Para-legal. I think it would also do me good to move to another part of the country. What do you foresee for me for the next year or two?

by Psych101reply 1701/28/2013

Jeez, r15, hang in there, that's a lot to handle all at once. Do you have any pets? I know that caring for animals is one of the things that keeps me getting up everyday, even at my saddest, I know I have beings depending on me, and their love really gets me through. Just a thought.

by Psych101reply 1801/28/2013

Is the deep rooted psychosis of homosexuality caused by a weak father and over protective mother? Or is it a result of molestation by a chester?

by Psych101reply 1901/28/2013

Hey Psych,

So wonderful of you to come back. I hope things are improving on the homefront for you.

If you can manage to get a read on me, I'd appreciate it.

I've had a pretty awful 2012, and am feeling like 2013 might be my last chance to turn my life around for the better in any and every aspect, love life, creating a family, possibly changing professional fields?, finances, home, . . . the works, but I just don't know what direction to head or in what order I should place my priorities to best make it all happen. Additionally, I don't know who around me I can really count on for support.

I know your roster will be chalk full shortly, but if you have the time and the necessary "connection", any suggestions you can give me would be most appreciated.

by Psych101reply 2001/28/2013

Please just let me know what you see for me.

by Psych101reply 2101/28/2013

Ok. Here goes. Will the man I'm crazy over ever return the feelings? If not, when will I find someone who will?

by Psych101reply 2201/29/2013

Susie Lee here, Psych101.

Will DL ever love me again?

by Psych101reply 2301/29/2013


About 10 years ago I went to see a psychic and she told me I was stuck in limbo and she couldn't read me, she then handed me my money back! I'm still stuck no matter how hard I try to get out. Is there a way of of limbo or am I just stuck here for good?

by Psych101reply 2401/29/2013

Hello Psych 101: 1. Am I with my true love right now? 2. Is my creative vision my destiny? 3. Do I deserve this life?

Thank you so much.

by Psych101reply 2501/29/2013

Hi, Psych.

Last year I auditioned for a position (a trainer of a transformational program) that I have been working toward and longing to be able to do for about 5 years.

I made it to the final round and got cut. Will I ever get to do this thing that I love so much? Any advice for me?

by Psych101reply 2601/29/2013

Hi Psych 101,

I had a really bad date with this guy that I really like. Will he contact me again? Is he the one?

Thanks! S

by Psych101reply 2701/29/2013

Wondering if you have any insight to something that happened to me exactly two years ago..

by Psych101reply 2801/29/2013

I feel like I will never get over this bad time, I need to know that the person (s) who did this are feeling bad too and how to move on..I know that sounds bad but I am just paralyzed and can't imagine how someone could do this and just move on like nothing happened.

by Psych101reply 2901/29/2013

My sympathy, r15.

Your friends are probably worried about you. Most of them don't have the words to express how badly they feel for you.

Give them a chance.

And please don't think it's "wrong" to feel the way you do. Everybody grieves differently.

by Psych101reply 3001/29/2013

Psych 101, welcome back.

My conflict is work related.

There is a job opportunity that would keep me financially stable for the year, but it would be creatively unsatisfying, and it would move my career in a direction that does not interest me.

There are a couple of other much more interesting job possibilities, but those seem a bit out of my reach (one would take me overseas for half a year).

If I turn down the first job offer and the other ones do not pan out I may be out of work for a while. If I take the first job offer I may miss out on something better.

I am tired of compromise. I've done it for too long. I want to earn a living doing what I am truly good at.

All of this would be so much more bearable if I had someone to share it with. Will I meet that someone?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

by Psych101reply 3101/29/2013

dear Psych101,

what lies ahead for my love life this year?

by Psych101reply 3201/29/2013

Can the Psych helpers came back too to help with the readings?

I feel super stuck right now. I have things I want to accomplish but am stagnating. I vaguely very under confident because I'm overweight. I tried reaching out to help an organization but they didn't even return my email ( I meet them in person and they seemed positive towards me). Should I just get a job or strike out on my own? Should I get a mentor?

by Psych101reply 3301/29/2013

Didn't this happen last time? Psychic is here for a second then just disappears and never comes back?

by Psych101reply 3401/29/2013

Psych 101's back! Yay!

Will there be a career boost and my own place to live this year? Any and all directions as to where to look for that career boost will be greatly appreciated!


by Psych101reply 3501/29/2013

r15 you really should consider calling the local hospice or even the social work staff at the local hospital and ask about grief groups. It might really help. It certainly would help more than an OD.

Or, start a thread on DL and we will help. You'll have to deal with more crazies here, but on the upside, you wouldn't have to leave your house.

by Psych101reply 3601/29/2013

Sorry kids, I came down with the flu.

I promised I would respond to the first inquiry and the three that follow, so four total. I will address the next three this week.

But I want to talk to R15 now.

Please listen to me.

You HAVE to go on. The life your mother put into you, the life you put into your child, that life energy is with you, in you, and around you now. Please don't waste it.

I promise you . . . I PROMISE YOU . . . life is an act of balance, and a hit this hard means there can be extreme good in your life if you will find your strength and press on. It will be the hardest thing a human can be called to do, to recover from this kind of loss. Please don't think I'm being cold, I'm not - people have recovered from worse. You can go on.

I don't think of myself as a psychic who can commune with the dead, but I do have a friend I trust who has a connection I cannot understand. She told me she does not hear from either your mother or your child and that means they are at peace. They did not come to her. They did not send her a message. They are happy and at peace.

Now here's where I come in.

You have every right to be angry. You have every right to resent what has happened in your life. And - listen to me - you have every right to HAPPINESS and SUCCESS and PEACE. You DESERVE these things and when they begin to come to you, do not throw them aside thinking you don't deserve them.

I want to encourage you to add new experiences to your life. Start very small and make sure they involve other people. I see you taking a class at the community college. Learn to do something you've always thought you might want to do someday. Maybe an exercise class even!

Finally, specifically, you need to eat and nourish your body. Please. Fresh fruits and vegetables especially. There is an earth connection to you that has been cut off and you need to replenish for your sake and the sake of the legacies of your mother and child.

For what it's worth, as my fellow human on this planet . . . I love you. I care about you and I think you are worth keeping around. I want you to know that you will feel human again and you will be able to breathe full breaths again and . . . someday . . . you will even feel joy again, and when that moment comes, know that your mother and your child will be happy you are happy and they will be proud of your strength, as you should be.

Now then, I can say what I can say and that's it. However, I would really, really like you to follow the advice of some of the others here and reach out to someone for some personal care and comfort whether a support group, a trusted advisor or religious figure, or a professional therapist. People are the only real way to get through difficult times like these. I know personally how hard this can be. My mother was murdered when I was 21, and I was left homeless at the same time. Please don't give up. Please.

by Psych101reply 3701/30/2013

Psych, Your response to R15 was beautiful; frank, but nurturing, encouraging and practical. People who don't understand what seeking guidance from a psychic is like should read that answer to understand how the special insight people like you have and how you are able to put it to such positive and sustaining use.

I'm sorry you have the flu. If you're into natural treatments, and I've found many psychics are, I recommend colloidal silver. I use it so much I bought a machine to make my own at the 13 parts per million ratio. It is amazing at preventing and treating just about everything-especially bacteriological illnesses like the flu.

I'm R10. As soon as I saw your posting I asked my question, but I think I must the 5th or 6th. I probably missed the cut-off. But, I understand completely and I applaud your generosity; a willingness to help anyone can draw cynicism and ridicule these days.

Responding to R15 was absolutely the right thing to do. I'm sure she will come to find comfort in your words.

by Psych101reply 3801/30/2013

Psychhas some excellemt advice for you, r15. Were you paying artemtion?

by Psych101reply 3901/30/2013

[quote]Can the Psych helpers came back too to help with the readings?

Why am not surprised that most people bothering to ask questions of the "psychic" are too stupid to write a coherent sentence?

by Psych101reply 4001/30/2013

R34 is the new resident DL Psychic.

by Psych101reply 4102/01/2013

Hi, Psych101:

Good to have you back! A few questions--I have a job interview and I'm wondering what you see. Will my career prospects look up this year? How about my love life. Which has been pretty quiet lately?


by Psych101reply 4202/01/2013

Psych101, I've been trying to get out of here for at least 5 years and had one bad break after another. I work for a national organization, but my efforts to transfer elsewhere have been stymied despite my good performance. I really dislike the ignorance here, including the lack of good healthcare and lack of qualified professionals in all kinds of areas. I'm experiencing one household crisis after another with the so-called pros just causing more problems. Finally, forget relationships. I've completely given up on having one here. My pets have died and the vet care here is so bad, I won't have another one after my last one dies. I wonder what the future holds for me. Is there any chance of ending up with anything that would bring some joy back into my life?

by Psych101reply 4302/01/2013

Poor Psych, we ask so much of you. Just in case you get a massive burst of energy and answer 40 questions instead of four -- should I have any hope that things will work out with my long-distance relationship? He's great, but we're both a bit chary about expecting a happy ending because of the distance, time difference and other obstacles. I'm all-in if he is, but it's difficult. Thanks for taking our questions, and for your kindness to R15, to whom I wish love and light. x

by Psych101reply 4402/02/2013

Psych101, will I get a new job soon?

by Psych101reply 4502/02/2013

Hi Mike,

Will I see any changes in my current career or the one I really want to pursue this year?

Also, I've been having some health issues and memory problems and hope it's nothing too serious.


by Psych101reply 4602/02/2013

Thank you all for the advice. I've barely cried since my mom and son died and I haven't stoped crying since I read your responses. Sounds stupid, but it feels good to cry right now.

Again thank you all.

by Psych101reply 4702/02/2013

Hello psych is you could give my any insights is be very appreciative. . Am I On the right track career wise? And will I be alone for another few years? I really feel like I've grown and have a log to contribute to a relationship.

by Psych101reply 4802/02/2013

Sending out love to you r15. You've gotten great advice/ While you try to get through the days, even if you have no appetite, try to eat well and stay away from booze, coffee and junk food as they will deplete your neurotransmitters even more. take a multivitamin and some fish oil lots of fruits and vegies ad psych said. Your body needs all the help it can get to give yourself a shot at recovering. Get outside and walk. Good luck.

Pyych, I'm not depressed but am starting to make plans to end my life also. I have a debilitating illness that is not fatal but it is progressive. I have contacted an organization that helps people like me and once they review my medical records they will decide weather or not to help when thing get too bad.

Should I let my family who have been great and love me very much know before going ahead? They will not be surprised but they will be devastated. I don't want to involve them until the end but at least one of them has to let the organization that they will not make a fuss.

Should I let everyone know so they can say their goodbyes or should I leave them out of the mess and let them know in a letter that I know they love me? Legally, I believe as long as they don't help me and aren't there at the time they will be ok.


by Psych101reply 4902/02/2013

Dear Psych,

I'm so thrilled to see you postimg again. Last time I asked you about a woman who hurt me and if she would change her feelings towards me. Now I have a gf (another woman) and I just started an important internship. I wonder if you can tell me anything?

by Psych101reply 5002/02/2013

Hi Psych101! I was wondering if you saw anything career or school wise for me this year. Also if I will fall in love this year or the next? Thank you. :D

by Psych101reply 5102/03/2013

Cripes on a cracker, I was going to ask a silly question about my love life, but between r15 and r49 I don't know what to say. r15, I'm relieved that you cried. That sounds stupid as I write it but you've had too much trauma at one time.

R49, I really don't know what to say to you. Your post really has me disturbed and upset. I've written and deleted so many thoughts. But whatever you decide, your family and friends will be devastated no matter what. All I can do is send love and good thoughts. Amazingly DL was so supportive when I was having when my dad died a couple of years ago.

No, I do have a question for Psych 101. Is there something you can write to bring some kind of peace and comfort to r49? That's my question.

by Psych101reply 5202/03/2013

r52, I'm really sorry to have upset you. I know it's a disturbing subject and quite a downer but it's not the sort of thing one can talk about with anyone so here I am.

Don't feel bad for me, I have known for about ten years this would probably happen at some point and I'm at peace with it. Now it's just the details that are tricky. My family is already suffering having to watch me suffer so they will understand but I do realize how bad it will be for them but without going into the gory details I don't really have a choice to keep going for them either much longer.

I did enjoy a good chunk of time where I was able to find love, friendship, travel. My problems only made me love the world more, Even with all of life's trials, I hope reincarnation is real because I want to do it all again.

Psych, please give r52 some love life advice! It is important. What's more important than love? Hope you find it and thank you for your good thoughts.

by Psych101reply 5302/03/2013

Hurry! Who wins the super bowl??? I have to place my bet in 4 minutes!

by Psych101reply 5402/03/2013

Hi, Psych101! I just wanted to say thank you for your answering my relationship question last year--I met and fell in love with a wonderful guy about 6 months or so after your response. :)

by Psych101reply 5502/03/2013

R49 I don't know if this will help you, but I had a friend who went thru a lot of the same end of life issues that you are going thru. What helped him decide was when he looked at it from the perspective of the people who he'd leave behind and how he would want it to be if he were the loved one left behind. The family members that he knew would try to talk him out of it because of their beliefs he wrote letters to. The ones that he knew would understand even if they couldn't be suportive he talked with them but didn't let them know that he had decided to go forward. The people that he knew would be supportive he told what was going on and was able to spend some really good time with them. I think that he was able to feel good about the way he ended his life and his family and friends all knew that he loved them and he did it the way he did (not telling everyone) to spare their feelings and make sure that no one felt any guilt over the way he left.

by Psych101reply 5602/03/2013

Psych 101 Thank you for coming back and responding . I always read your post and seldom curse at you.

I am having a real problem getting past my breakup with my BF of four years. It was an equitable break up. I am ready to move on and find my own path without him he is ready to move on into becoming a bigger lieing cheating boy slut that he was before. Why do I feel so amazingly depressed when I think of him not being around any longer? What can I do about it?

by Psych101reply 5702/03/2013

R49, I think r56 has some good advice. Some people will understand and some will try to talk you out of it. You know who those people are.

You've got guts for even considering the option. Seriously, there are not many people who can/would contemplate their own mortality when faced with a progressive disease. I wish you the best and hope you find peace with whatever you decide.

As for r15 - no, it doesn't sound stupid at all. Sometimes you just need to know someone is out there listening before you feel safe enough to let it out.

You want to hear dumb? When I lost my job, I didn't cry about it for months (had another one) but one day, I was reading about CHICKENS in National Geographic and just burst into tears. I cried like a blithering idiot for an hour over fucking CHICKENS. That's stupid.

by Psych101reply 5802/03/2013

r56 Thanks, that does help. It's tricky knowing for sure how some will react and it's a hell of a lot to put on someone but I know I would want the chance to say my goodbyes if it were reversed. Thank you for sharing your friend's story.

r58 Thank you for your good wishes. Your chicken story made me laugh.

by Psych101reply 5902/03/2013

Responding to the poster who said this:

hi psych 101,

glad that you've come back. i've re-edited my original post to reflect the changes.

i posted as sanguine (#173) on the old thread.

i've had to live through extreme stress for the past 6 years (death of my mother, death of beloved pets, loss of my home and severe financial stress).

my precious little rescue dog died in oct. he was 13. i've had messages that he wants to come back to me as another dog.

i hope that i can find him again.

i feel like i have lost myself -- who i was.

will i ever be able to resurrect my creative life?

do you see happiness and success in my life sometime soon?

i have a new BF who has moved from out of state to be near me. i'm not sure whether we'll make it as a couple. should we live together and where?

thank you. sanguine --------------------------------------- Hi Sanguine,

Thanks for being patient. This flu is no joke, but I think I've seen the worst of it.

Let's get to it.

I want to start with the new BF. I feel like this is a connection for you that is about learning, not love. Don't get me wrong and don't do anything rash. This COULD be the one, or A one - something lasting. Definitely. However, it will ultimately be about the lessons you need to learn to get to a higher place in your life. Have fun, trust him. It's even okay to settle in and get comfortable. However, love and appreciate this relationship for what it is in the moment at all times, and when the time is right for it to end - let it go. You'll know, and you'll be prepared. But, enjoy the ride.

Let's talk about the dog. Here's the thing with dogs . . . when they're gone, they're gone. That energy goes back into the larger pool and goes on to wherever we go when we go. I don't want to give you false hope and make you feel better by lying to you. However, I will guarantee you there is another dog out there that will bring light and laughter and joy to your life. I'm seeing a fluffier dog . . . possibly a havanese, definitely from a rescue. The name Jinx is on my mind. Don't let the longing for what was preclude you from the love that could be.

About the loss in your life . . .

When did you lose yourself? I don't feel that you were that happy with the person you were or you would be fighting desperately to retain that person. I think you have allowed yourself to exist as a blank slate, letting the world write its story on you and not the other way round.

It's time.

You need to write your story on the world, babycakes. Snap. Out. Of. It. Become who you feel you were born to be - that person who you dream of being but tell yourself you could never be. Life is ending one second at a time, and how you choose to invest those seconds will either move you closer to becoming that person or keep you sitting exactly where you are right now.

So, if you need training - take classes. If you need a better body - hit the gym. If you want fun friends - put yourself out there.

You are going to struggle. You are going to take hits and get knocked down and ask yourself if it is worth it . . . and then I want you in those moments to remember who you are right now, who you have been the last year and ask yourself if you're prepared to do this again for the rest of your life. Then, my love, get back up on your feet and press onward.

You have this glorious gift of life and there is something substantive and powerful about you that you've kept locked up for fear of being rejected and mocked. It is time, and you know it's time. You don't need me or anybody else to tell you - the key is to decide you want it more than you want anything else.

I love ya. I want the best for ya, and I hope you get it.

by Psych101reply 6002/04/2013

Hi Psych101

What is my love life,finance and social life going to be like this year?

by Psych101reply 6102/04/2013

Do you have any insight into past lives Psych? Just curious.

by Psych101reply 6202/04/2013

Responding to R5 who said:

Hi Psych101,

Nice to see you back and thanks for opening a session.

I just want to know if life will ever change for me. If it will, where or what should I do to change it?

Thanks alot.


Hey there.

Of course life will change for you. Life is going to change for us all, always until the day we die. If we act in patterns and we never substantially shift our interests and activities, sure things will stay on a certain course for the most part with most people, but life always changes. That's why we are here - to experience, learn, create, grow, and change.

Now . . . that's the large answer. Let's talk about you and your question in relation to how it's important in your daily life.

The thing about you is that you are letting life carry you around like you're some sort of seagull floating along on top of the ocean just drifting around, maybe paddling here and there to the whatever looks shiny at the moment.

You've no plan . . . and you've forgotten you're a fuckin' bird and you can fly goddammit.

Take a look at yourself. Sit in front of the mirror and examine yourself. Confront YOU.

I want you to stare into your eyes and see yourself. Remember when you were a kid. Remember the dreams and the imagination and the sense of impending greatness. The energy the moves you through life came here into your body for a reason, my friend. That reason was not to sit around collecting a paycheck from a job that's just okay.

Find your inner leader and do something important with your mind. I don't get that you're the highest intellect or the sharpest wit, but your capacity for CARING is immense and you could SO be doing something to help the world. Why do I think community gardens - something about providing fresh foods to inner city areas that don't have quality access to food . . . check that out.

Anyhow . . . yes, your life will change. For the better or for the MEH depends entirely on how hard you are willing to work and how honest you are willing to be with yourself.

Also, I feel like I am supposed to tell you that your grandmother is proud of you for doing something she never was brave enough to do.

by Psych101reply 6302/04/2013

Been out of work for 9 months. Will I find a decent job soon? I worry because there are so few jobs and it seems like many employers are taking advantage of the broken economy to lowball people. I hated my last job and I settled. I was there 3 years and got laid off last year. I really want my next job to be meaningful and someplace that I at least find interesting but I, of course, cannot be picky. I'm on unemployment and am applying for all kinds of jobs---ones that sound interesting and ones that don't.

Any insight? Thanks to you!

by Psych101reply 6402/04/2013

Hi Psych101. Always happy to see you back here. You've given me two previous readings and both were accurate and moving. I have them both printed out and read them from time to time.

Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know you are appreciated.

by Psych101reply 6502/04/2013

Responding to R6 who said:

Hi Psych! Welcome back. I'm a bit worried about how much I've been sleeping lately. No depression really. Are my vitamins off?



I'm not so sure it's your vitamins, but you might make sure you're taking a multivitamin at least.

What I think you have going on is simple. You're close to a breakthrough idea and your brain needs you to quiet down long enough to let it work.

I feel like that's all I need to say and that you'd actually appreciate me not putting more details about you on here, but I'm going to say one last thing anyhow.

If it isn't resolved in 9 weeks, explore narcolepsy with your doctor.

by Psych101reply 6602/04/2013

That was me at 66. Apologies for not authenticating before posting.

by Psych101reply 6702/04/2013

Hi Psych,

I wrote on a previous thread about my relationship, which has since broken up. Should I stay in this country? I feel a bit lost. Any insight would be much appreciated!


by Psych101reply 6802/04/2013

R15, so sorry for your pain and I do know how you feel. I suffered 3 major losses within a year and felt like hell for a long time. I was numb for a period but bereavement counseling definitely helped me. Also, I made myself walk and do stuff like yoga. You need to push yourself. You're stronger than you realize.

Blessings to you.

by Psych101reply 6902/04/2013

Hi Psych 101. You're a good soul. Great compassion.

My partner and I are contemplating a move (similar careers) to another country (from Canada to U.S.). Is this going to be a good thing to consider and will we have a hell of a time dealing with immigration/visa issues?

We're both specialized in a related field. What do you think?

by Psych101reply 7002/04/2013


by Psych101reply 7102/04/2013

Hi Psych101,

Thank you for taking the time to reply despite having been unwell. Hope you are better. I myself had been sick the past few days too. Awful weather where I live.

I asked the question if life will change for me, ever, as I feel I am stuck and have been this way for years. I know life is always changing, always. But something in me is never going away I fear, and if it doesn't, I will never be able to see life differently. And you be right I am aimless and floating around without any plans or ambition.

Anyways, I never knew my grandparents and they died before I was born or when I was little. So it's surprising to read the last sentence of your reply.

Take care yo. Many people here do find your answers a comfort of sorts, which I do too.

Thanks again.

by Psych101reply 7202/04/2013

thank you so much for your message, psych 101.

what you said to me rings true.

like others, i feel so much empathy for R15 and R49. my troubles seem small in comparison.

i would like to tell them that i too have thought of taking my life when i was under extreme stress. what kept me from doing it were my pets and how my friends and family would suffer.

i know 5 people who have committed suicide in the past few years and their families have been destroyed. one was a man who feared he was getting parkinson's like what killed his mother.

the effect on his widow has been devastating. she is sad and also very angry with him.

i have read that some believe that if you commit suicide, your soul has to attend some sort of orientation class in the After Life. then, you are sent right back down to earth and have to do the whole thing over again but use the lessons that you have been taught.

who wants to come back here?!

please R15 and R49, think of all the people who love and would miss you, including people on DL.

by Psych101reply 7302/05/2013

You're welcome, Sanguine.

R62 - I've never tried past life analysis. I'm not sure I believe in it. I'm just an intuitive reader who says what I feel I am supposed to say. I don't really know how I feel about psychics who do past life analysis, etc. It's never really been something I give much credence to, if I'm being honest.

by Psych101reply 7402/06/2013

Sorry, but this is a lame thread...just like the last one Psych started. Offering readings and then never replying, taking a long time to reply, and only replying to 2 people??? Why bother

by Psych101reply 7502/07/2013

Put a cork in it, r75.

Psych had the flu and at the outset said s/he couldn't read more than 3 or 4 people.

It's draining to do reads.

by Psych101reply 7602/07/2013

That's true R75 it's got to be draining. I hope I get mine though. I was only R10 and about half of the posts ahead of me were snide comments or people not understanding what was going on.

I just hope I don't get skipped over. I might not have made my question seem serious enough, but I'm hoping Psych101 will pick up on how serious it is to me.

by Psych101reply 7702/07/2013


by Psych101reply 7802/08/2013

bump 2.0

by Psych101reply 7902/10/2013

save your breath r79, Psych has a hang nail. He won't be able to do any readings until May.

by Psych101reply 8002/10/2013

Psych101, If you ever come back, could you pick up where you stopped, instead of starting a new thread?


by Psych101reply 8102/18/2013

if he helps you, so be it. but the readings are very general. i would even say cold readings. i think you are being taken for a ride.

yes, i can do better, but too much on here and a lot of it not positive.

by Psych101reply 8202/18/2013

Thanks for chiming in, R82. A lot of questions and situations that are not positive, or readings that are not positive?

by Psych101reply 8302/18/2013

basically, negative people who have done negative things. it comes pouring in and is quite creepy.

drugging,kidnapping and sexual slavery for example the last time i was here. whoever you are...look up karma. no wonder your life sucks. no least not from me. well, kinda...

by Psych101reply 8402/18/2013

R84, Yikes. I hope you're not saying all the people who've asked questions of Psych 101 are as you've described. I'm certainly not. And I have to think quite a few of the others are not ill-intentioned people. At least one hopes.

by Psych101reply 8502/19/2013

Anything for me?

by Psych101reply 8602/20/2013

[quote]Anything for me?

No reading for you!!!

by Psych101reply 8702/20/2013

Wow, r84! I'd stay away, too, if I got that sort of vibe.

Is there any sort of positive vibes the rest of us can send to counter act? It sounds like a few people on here are lost and need some words of encouragement.

I can't help them personally but I'm willing to send some good vibes to someone who might be able to.

by Psych101reply 8802/20/2013

R84, get over yourself. And R88, quit being so naive. I posted on here and have never done anything even remotely like what R84 describes. And you can tell from most of the other posters that they haven't either. R84 is just looking for attention. You better watch it, R84, that karma you are talking about may bite you right in the ass.

by Psych101reply 8902/20/2013

R84 is right.

There are a lot of very, very intensely negative vibes that emanate from people on this board. Very unhappy people seem to gravitate toward Datalounge for various reasons.

I'm here. I'm around. It's just that it gets very overwhelming with the group as a whole.

I started this thread and rather specifically said I would do about four or five readings . . . and the requests just kept coming from people who ooze need and hurt and pain and loneliness.

I don't set out to help. I don't set out to make it better. I set out to say what I believe needs to be said, so I'm going to do so now:

People, don't rely on psychics, clairvoyants, reiki healers, preachers, priests, shamans, witches, etc. Talk to other people who like you, make friends, get a counselor, go exercise, eat better, accomplish something small and start on bigger goals, play with animals, laugh until it's real.

Be human, appreciate it for what it is, and enjoy the time you have because it's ending. It is ending for each of us at a different rate, but it IS ending. You're now closer to dying than you were when you began reading this. I hope it was worth the investment.

- I will continue to read for individuals here, but when I say I'll be doing four or five . . . I'll be doing four or five. And yes, I will restart the queue every time so as to keep the closest connections open. It's my free reading, and I'll perform it as I choose. Others who wish to provide a free service may do so in their own thread as they so choose.

by Psych101reply 9002/21/2013

Hugs, OP.

I'm finally pursuing my dreams, will they come true?


by Psych101reply 9102/21/2013

I really had no idea there was such a cesspool of negativity swirling around in this thread.

I'm probably choosing to ignore it.

Psych, some people need to hear it from a different source before they will believe it. Their friends and SO's have probably said the same thing but they can't/won't believe it until it comes from you or someone like you.

If I can offer my own advice to people - get outside in a park. Go somewhere where there are trees and get next to one.

by Psych101reply 9202/21/2013

Hi, Psych101!

Good to see you back!

I have two questions: One, will I ever get a full-time job--like with benefits again? (I've been freelancing/working many part-time gigs for two years now and am starting to feel very burnt out with the job hunting process. I'm 49 years old and have encountered widespread age discrimination in my industry).

Second, I've been doing a lot of creative nonfiction writing the past few months and have been getting very positive response. Do you see anything promising in this area?

Thanks! I so much appreciate whatever feedback you can give.

by Psych101reply 9302/21/2013

Well r84 you make it sound like there's a bunch of murderers in our midst!

The crowd on Datalounge does seems to have gotten sadder over the years, but the world as a whole seems to have done so too.

Also, this is the internet. Where else do you expect people to pour their deepest griefs and darkest secrets?

by Psych101reply 9402/21/2013

OK, Psych, I have a question that I'm hoping you can answer.

There, I sent it to you telepathically. What was the question? Thanks.

by Psych101reply 9502/21/2013

R95, in previous threads I have said I don't believe in that kind of "psychic" ability. That's telepathy, not what I do. I have even said I don't necessarily even believe that what I can do is "supernatural". I believe, if anything, I have good instincts about people. However, brush it off if you want, but I have been able to give people spot-on names, dates, places, and descriptions of things I'd never have a way to know. That freaks me out . . . doing readings here is part of my attempt to understand it.

I am working on a doctorate degree at this point and am a researcher. As such my nature is skepticism and my belief lies in verifiable data. However, I can't shake my intuitive connections to other human beings, and I've seen enough verified evidence that my hunches and nagging ideas are correct that I can't say I 100% don't believe that humans may be connected in ways we do not yet understand.

by Psych101reply 9602/21/2013

I think we are connected in ways we just haven't figured out yet, Psych. There is so much we don't know about the brain and how it works. Maybe one day we will but until then, who is to say what is or isn't possible?

H8ters gonna H8.

by Psych101reply 9702/21/2013

I feel like I should apologize for the downer vibe because I and another guy probably were two biggest downers but I am not a kidnapper I swear. lol

In my defense I really couldn't talk about my question with real life people for obvious reasons.

Regardless, I'm still glad I asked because I got some really useful advice from people and a lot of love. So thanks.

But I had to laugh at the irony in my case of Psych101's advice because question was about me dying.

"Be human, appreciate it for what it is, and enjoy the time you have because it's ending. It is ending for each of us at a different rate, but it IS ending. You're now closer to dying than you were when you began reading this."

I just have a warped sense of humor psych, I'm not trying to be a jerk. I like you a lot and think you give great advice. I completely understand your reasons for setting boundaries.

Cheers, r49

by Psych101reply 9802/22/2013

Psych101 seems to be only reading 2 people.

by Psych101reply 9902/22/2013

Hi psych101, I have no questions or needs at the moment. I was just hoping you might be able to read me.

Thank you. And I'll take your words of wisdom/advice to heart.

by Psych101reply 10002/22/2013

Psych101, I've found your posts very enlightening and interesting. For whatever reason I'm at a (good) crossroads in my life this month, but I'm not sure which direction to take. If you get any vibes of which I should follow, then I'd love to hear them.

by Psych101reply 10102/22/2013

"There, I sent it to you telepathically. What was the question? Thanks"

I won't reveal the question, r95, because I don't believe you understand how pathetic and humiliating it is. This is DL, after all. The answer to the first part of your question sadly, is yes. The answer to the second part of your question is, I regret to say, is no.

by Psych101reply 10202/22/2013

Brilliant, R102.

by Psych101reply 10302/22/2013

Hi Psych101,

I agree with you about the negativity here. I have, however, read so many interesting, funny and genuinely well-intentioned posts by people who seem to be positive, engaging, clever, etc. I think on any message board the "darkness" appears to swallow up the "light"; I try to reassure myself that it's just what happens when people are given the opportunity to vent anonymously in a public forum.

I'm not like that. I strive to be the opposite of that and I am often insulted, maligned and mocked because I try my best to offer opinions, perspective, advice and ask questions with good intentions and courtesy. I try to look at optimistically and tell myself that it's indeed better for them to "blow off steam" through snide, even vitriolic remarks than to let it build up inside them to the point they "act out" their hostility.

My point in saying this is admittedly self-serving, but it is no less honest a sentiment. I am R10. My questions probably seem unimportant compared to some of the others, but to me they are deeply concerning. I assumed it would be best to leave the emotion out of what I asked an get right to the questions. I thought it might make it easier for you.

Even though this thread has responses in the hundreds, rest assured I am still around and desperately hoping you can give me some guidance. I have come back here looking every few days-so I still do have a "close connection" to the the emotion I felt when I posted it.

Your post at R90 was excellent, practical and encouraging; we should take responsibility for our lives and draw strength and healing from the simple things in life. I do that. But, from time to time some perspective-like that which you offer-can be tremendously beneficial. Now is one of those times. I feel lost.

Please give my questions a try before you close the thread, or if you do close this thread please let us know what the new one will be called. I respect your gift and am grateful you are willing to use it to help others. I can't really offer you anything in return except a promise to "pay it forward" by being as positive a presence I can be and by treating others online and in the real world with a generous heart and an open mind.

If something comes to mind for me, please share it. Again I am R10, but among the first four or five who took your offer seriously and asked a question politely.

Be well Psych101. :)

by Psych101reply 10402/22/2013

R10, out of curiosity I went back and read your post. I'm not psych101, btw. You seem like a genuinely good person. I must ask, why do you want the Facebook friends back? We're they longtime close friends? People you really need in your life? If they are flakey, I say you find new friends or cultivate friendships with the more deserving of your time. If indeed you deem them worth it, pick up the phone and call them. Open the line of communication. Defriending you could have been accidental or done by someone who has access to their fb account. Who knows. Take the reigns on this one.

Good luck!

by Psych101reply 10502/23/2013

[quote] I have come back here looking every few days-so I still do have a "close connection" to the the emotion I felt when I posted it.

I feel the same, but I think Psych101 may need a break from us.

by Psych101reply 10602/23/2013

A break? Like he really spent any time on you people in the first place? Don't say you're only going to do a few readings when you know a bunch of people will make requests.

by Psych101reply 10702/23/2013

Martyr complex much, r90? Here's a reading for you, hon: you have no valid services to offer, so you needn't get so hinkty about it.

by Psych101reply 10802/23/2013

Thanks R105 I tried to take the first step and apologize, although I don't know what I did wrong, but it was ignored. There's a guy I was friends with on Twitter who I really need to talk to and really miss, he lives close by and I hoped someday we would be friends for real-but he's the one who blocked me with no warning. I miss his straight-forward common sense advice. He's a lot more mature and practical than I am and I miss him everyday.

I wish Psych101 would come back, I was counting on his advice; I'd do anything to win back this guy's friendship and respect.

by Psych101reply 10903/07/2013

Psych 101 are you ever going to return?

by Psych101reply 11004/08/2013

OP obviously didn't predict his own demise.

by Psych101reply 11104/08/2013

Cute, R111.

Yes, I'm here. I'm just not honestly in a great place to be working with others on their problems at the moment.

It has a lot to do with being in doctoral school and it being finals time, and some to do with a big family development. But, I should be back after things calm down.

Apologies and friendship.

by Psych101reply 11204/08/2013

Don't sweat it, dude.

We'll still be here, clutching our pearls, until you return!

by Psych101reply 11304/08/2013

Are your finals over?

What's in my future?

by Psych101reply 11405/20/2013

So are you still around Psych 101?

Just checking.

by Psych101reply 11501/17/2014
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