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Dear PBS

Why isn't "Downton Abbey" on demand? Your streaming programs online sucks. Its taken me 35 minutes to watch 20 minutes of last night's episode.

by Mereply 901/28/2013

It is on Demand but free only to those that pay through the nose for their monthly bill. I get all movie channels and can see it for free on demand. My sister just gets Showtime and it would cost her $3.99 for every episode of season 1 and season 2.

by Mereply 101/28/2013

I was searching for DA but I should have been looking for Masterpiece. Its $4.99 for me.


by Mereply 201/28/2013

Forgot to mention its taken me almost 45 minutes to watch 33 minutes.

by Mereply 301/28/2013

Also PBS, show it the same time it airs in the UK. I'm sick of waiting for four months and when I watch it illegally, Russians steal my credit card data.

by Mereply 401/28/2013

An hour and 10 minutes to watch a 53 minute program.

by Mereply 501/28/2013

Go to fucking or and you can watch the whole damn season.

by Mereply 601/28/2013

Or you could throw 'em some support and purchase the DVD's . . .

by Mereply 701/28/2013

Try Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.

by Mereply 801/28/2013

Good news. Season 3 DVD comes out tomorrow at BB and Target. Costco has it the following day. Can hardly wait.

by Mereply 901/28/2013
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