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GAGA San Jose/ LA Venues FAIL To SellOut, Tickets Given Free At Gate; Monsters Threaten Life of Music Critic ( 1/19

On WGN Radio this morning, it was revealed that Lady Gaga fans are sending threats to Los Angeles Music critic Randall Roberts. Apparently, they don't want Mr. Roberts to reveal that tickets for both shows are undersold (the second one is more of a problem) and that they are going for very cheap prices at StubHub. They also don't want him to give the show a bad review.

View slideshow: Lady Gaga's weird fashion

Yesterday, Lady Gaga fans sent death threats to San Jose music critic for daring to do give Lady Gaga's show in San Jose a poor review. Apparently, Ma Monster's "Born Brave" anti-bullying message doesn't seem to be working.

LA Times music critic is bullied by Lady Gaga fans

Photo credit: . . We will be in Los Angeles tomorrow to cover Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball" tour, so stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, it is rumored that since the venues aren't filling up, free tickets are being given away at the actual shows. So if you are still a Lady Gaga fan after this past year, you may want to head out to Staples Center and get your free tickets.

by Chapter 11reply 001/27/2013
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